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  1. As for me it seams my tank is always on empty which ain't to smart if I had bug out were I live if you don't get out of the city limits fast you could stuck in traffic for days LOL now that i'm preparing to bug out Im trying to keep at least a half a tank in my vehicle and got a 5gal Jerry can in the shed just in case I procrastinate with keeping enough fuel in car thought I would put this up to make you think about it
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    A Brick of 22lr ammo. What does it cost these days.

    Im north NJ at Dicks they sell ammo no rise in price but they get very little in and it go s fast 223s 8.00 a box limit 3 boxes and they only get about 20 30 boxes in 22s i'm told they get the Winchester 22s in a plastic ammo boxes 1000 rounds for 83.00 and im told they only get about 6 of those
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    I guess our tanks can fire "nuclear bombs"

    The US Army use to have the M454 155 atomic projectile and the new 8 inch atomic proj M753 and old 8 inch M422 atomic proj
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    and then there were none

    dont know what happen to that reply
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    and then there were none

    Got my AR about 2 months ago SW MP15 for 600.00 smartest purchase I'd ever made. pQUOTE=Kountry Boy;54948]Guys I figured I would preach to the choir and just say that alot of firearms particularly pistols are completely out of stock both online and off. Hopefully yaw had the foresight to buy up early.(rhetorical statement). Just waiting on the politicians to figure out exactly when they will regret certain decisions.
  6. Cabela's Inc., the North American hunting and fishing retailer, announced Saturday that it will not participate in the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show to be held Feb. 2-10 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. This comes on the heels of smaller retailers boycotting because of the decision by event organizer Reed Exhibitions to ban the display and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. The ban was imposed following the deadly school shooting in Newtown, Conn., that claimed the lives of 20 children and six women and reignited the gun- Read more:
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    dooms day prepers tonight

    nat geo tonight 9:00 2/7/12
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    dooms day prepers tonight

    Watching it tonight like what the guy said in the Deadwood compound episode Dont laugh at me then come knocking on my door when shtf YEP
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    favorite AR accessories

    and a EOTECH sight little out of my price range but there very very nice though
  10. inkspotdw

    favorite AR accessories

    MAGPUL bad lever
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    Doller store are nice BUT

    like dollar stores because don't see paying top price for things I can get much cheaper but have to be careful got a 3 pack of Bic lighters put 1 in BOB 1 in bag in car and 1 in Rubbermaid tot for spare stuff lucky I practices my out door skills well the lighters didn't work 1 had no flint for the spark checked the 2 others 1 worked 1 had no fuel/presser guess that's why I Carry 3 ways to start a fire just sum things you dont want to cheep out on certain things.. (lesson learned)
  12. didn't we kick the Brits out of the county sometime back for trying to pull the same nonsense.
  13. Here's a thought i have a small can of shaving cream (foam not gel) in my main BOB bag for cleaning wounds its just foam able soap with a antistatic in it. and the red jello (not sugar free) besides having sugar for quick energy it has gelatin helps absorb toxin in tummy and intestines been told can be used to clot blood to and in snow can be used as marking dye I Know there's produces for these purpose but in a pinch it nice to know
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    American Prepper's Network

    They want a world full of SHEEP!!
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    Medical Skills

    Just got my Doom n Bloom book today one way i try to keep up on med knowledge. Also have FM med Manuals for my Army days i know hands on is the best trainging. And keep up on my red cross CPR training
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    bob costas shows his ineptness

    remember Hank Williams JR got fired for making a political statement
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    Military Thread

    82 92 US Army Colo NJ Al 70th ord turkey 619 ord Germany 69th ord Italy 55 Gulf Nuclear weapons maint spc
  18. (meant to say DOESN'T go for the user as well)
  19. The funny thing is there called SMART phones (guess that go for the user as well)
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    Doomsday Preppers

    One thing I noted when watching these shows is the extreme prepping and the money these people spend but the one thing that don't cost nothing is physical conditioning and some of these people are in look to be in poor shape all that stuff they have will do them no good when they cant walk a mile if they had to.
  21. inkspotdw

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    I have the WAVE so far like it had it about 1 yr like the locking features on all the blades & tools gotten out of a jam more then once.
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    Family photos: essential to BOB

    Good post barbie d something I never thought of
  23. inkspotdw

    The wild wild mid west.

    Damm they beat NYC had 24 shooting in 24 hrs with some of the strictest gun laws around don't see how it could possibly happen what do the politicians do blame the gun shops in the southern states
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    Barack Obama suports same-sex marraige.

    Oregonchick just remember Catholics are no different then the Taliban If they think they could get away with it they would cut off the heads of us non believers