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  1. exit

    Sawyer Water Filter Review

    I purchased it as a result of this review. Thanks! My water preps were pathetic (as in I had none).
  2. exit

    Dual Band Radios

    Are you guys talking about the baofeng radios?
  3. exit

    Anarchy in the USA

    I'm more worried about the cops confiscating my weapons than anything else. How do we avoid that???
  4. exit

    Some data analysis on gun laws and crime

    Thanks Matt. Hopefully other people can get this info out to those who do not understand the issues.
  5. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jan/24/states-crime-rates-show-scant-linkage-to-gun-laws/ I wrote up my own analyses which can be found here: http://noaxioms.blogspot.com/
  6. exit

    Home Security

    I bet! I was thinking of installing a hidden camera in front of the door, which would render the peephole unnecessary.
  7. exit

    Home Security

    Great so far. No new ideas for me yet though. I'd love to hear someone chime in who lives in an apartment/condo. Also, SIG, how much did the camera set up cost you?? (Roughly) I'd like to get a set up outside (front and back) but I'd like the camera's to be hidden.
  8. exit

    Home Security

    What are some preps you've made when it comes to home security? What are some preps you still plan to make? I'm looking for ideas that function in terms of: 1. Deter 2. Delay 3. Defend For example, Deter = Home security sign which basically states your home is protected. Delay = security film for windows (should delay a robber from getting in your home) Defend = A Shotgun in my hands
  9. exit

    Economics 101

    Its could play out two ways. Gradually we start to see inflation over the next 4-5 years or we will get slammed with hyperinflation in about 4-5 years. At least thats what I was told by another forum member who has been researching it. I haven't seen that timeline specifically stated by anyone except by 1 guy who was interviewed by Infowars.com Supposedly, Peter Schiff and some others are saying 4-5 years is about all we got left. Buy things to barter with while you still got a buck thats "worth" something. That's pretty crazy. How credible is that source???
  10. exit

    Can we rejoice???

  11. exit

    Pre-Assault Indicators

    great vid... learned a lot.. thanks for sharing wolf!
  12. I was looking at this product... thanks for the review Matt... I'll probably get one.
  13. exit

    Multi use items

    Can't believe noone mentioned shemagh
  14. it seems to me that us preppers could benefit from bigger gardens
  15. exit

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    thx for the vote lol