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  1. hi 101

    sorry i don't reply quicker,i'm not high tec.some things i know,and some i don't.i don't think of looking at the top.i went airborne for the extra money.but then i enjoyed the jumping.what was bad ,i didn't know it was at the time...was all the running.fully packed,up to 15 miles.i couldn't figure out why my legs wouldn't fit in my civilian pants.da.but now i have no cartlidge in my was all removed.but anyhow when you said 82nd i decited to make sure.have a good one matt

  2. hi all in the nam era,we were rations K C you have mre's.the liver has the job of cleaning the toxins we eat.i never noticed vets having liver problems from the nam days.but there seems to be a very high percentage of vets with this problem from the recent far as fda puppets,check out how many are receiving consulting pay after they retire.i wish i could make that much.and its from the people they are keeping a eye on.wink wink i was told if you have a label to read , it's bad.thats why i tind to stick with nature items.check with indian foods,dehydraded fruits ,vegies,chia seeds.lite weight very good.
  3. blacjac

    Predators in the City

    hi all you may get your chance,at eating tiger, ect.what will they do with all the zoo animals?i know what they should do.but will they?they're not use to hunting,so children will be first on there list!!
  4. No, I almost went airborn but a DI talked me out of it.. lol

  5. blacjac

    My Paracord Adventures

    hi all will be looking forward to 1 myself.
  6. hi all mmmmmmmmmmm,hummmmmmmmmmm what language is this.pleeaassee don't say romanian.hehehe
  7. blacjac

    best friend for survival?

    hi all i don't know dogs very well.but jack russels and weiner dogs were breed for going into dens and tunnels. for groundhogs ect.
  8. hi all blackberries are good,the roots made into a tea stops the squats,or squirts.they also if placed right helps secure an area because most people can't move threw it,or hide in planing on planting can be a security plus.raspberries are also good.some people can't tell the my area (in)blue berries, pawpaws,mulberries,cherries,there are many weeds that are also benifical.lambquarters,dandalions, horseradish,just to name a few.these are all self planting.cattails are one of the best.
  9. blacjac

    First Time Gun Owner - Kel Tec Sub2k Advice

    hi all the 40 is a good round,i've shot 6in targets at 225 has 80 to 90% kill ability as the 45,depends on the round you use.the 45 i was able to hit targets at 75 yds before they dropped to much.
  10. hi all i also like the way they keep out water,sticks,leaves,ect when put on the end of the barrel of a rifle or shot gun.which would be best,lubed or plain,ribbed or smooth?
  11. hi all whats with all the russian and eastern block truck drivers,being brought over via tax dollars.all i've seen are military age.the ones i've seen walking walk military.when talking to one , asked where he was from.thinking russian.he said he was from romania , i told him ,iwas more romanian than he was,and as far as i knew none of my relatives were ever there.i told him russian or ukranian.he said russian aint so bad.i said, then why lie. no answer.and i'm not just talking about seeing a few.are they here learning our roadways.remember the retake of the cheks in the late 70's.what was 48 hrs was 3 weeks.because changing signs,or removing them.why are all these tactical markers on the backs of road signs?quess i better quit.
  12. blacjac

    Is PETA really that retarded?

    hi all sorry capt didn't mean to step on your toes.hope i didn't bruise them.hehehe
  13. blacjac

    World Population Control

    hi all sorry navy i'm lowtec and don't go into utubes.but one way to test this iiiissss look at the chemicals in the canned food you research those chemicals.oh they don't have anything to do with flavor,preserving ! look at the same types of canned goods in th ethnic notice the difference.why is that? maybe they don't like the taste of chemicals , like we do..:(lot of the shots they keep tring to make everyone take kidds to , have sterilizing affects.but not all of them.what of the stories of cell phones.the list gets bigger,and the pot thickens.
  14. blacjac

    When did 'they' become the enemy?

    hi all i have no proof,since i'm not that old (almost).but i believe they only said certain words.contitution ect , where used to get the population acting with was always a scam.biteadick arnold got nothin for treason ,while lowly soldiers were shot for falling asleep on guard duty after fighting all day.the officers made sure they got there sleep,after all the had to watch it all day.the were tuckered out after making all those decissions.or was it the war of 1812,when the got the pirates to help fight england,then afterwards they captured and hung them.well guess i better quit thinking out loud,before i get in trouble.
  15. blacjac


    hi all wardog yes the popularity the 308 is more popular.but that doesn't make it better.yes the us soldiers were very good shots at that period of time.but i know your taking the word of others.cause if you actually tested them we wouldn't be having this far as false stories , your wrong again.1 of the men asking the questions , was my 8mm is 8x57.test in wet sand , dry sand BIG oak tree.when you test it you'll know better.that's like comparing a 357 to a 38 spl.but when using the 06 don't use the 150 grain bullet.