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  1. Low_Speed

    First Pistol

    Go to your local firing range and rent a Walther PPQ in 9mm. Best striker fire pistol going!!! It has replaced my Glock 19 as my daily carry weapon.
  2. Low_Speed

    Best EDC knife?

    I carry a Benchmade Stryker and a 275 Adamas plus a SOG PowerAssist. Great tools one and all.
  3. Low_Speed

    Thinking of getting a Beretta PX4

    It's pretty damn close.
  4. Low_Speed

    Thinking of getting a Beretta PX4

    I've had a Storm G in .40 for years. I qualified with it and love it. It shoots like 9mm. The 9mm shoots like a .22. It's full size and too big to conceal but the compact is great. I think that it shoots better than my Glock 19.
  5. Low_Speed

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    I have... 1 Exotec nanoStriker 1 Strikeforce Firesteel 1 Mag Bar Storm and Windproof matches 2 Bics 1 Zippo Not sure if I should get some more.
  6. Low_Speed

    tv survivalist.

    Actually, none of these guys go without a backup team. I do like that Les can start a fire with just about anything. I just got into Dual Suvival. Great show! Wish Netflix would put out the latest episodes though. Man, Woman, Wild is ok but I can see the future name of the show is gonna be Man, Woman, Divorce. I do feel like I learn something from each of the shows.
  7. Low_Speed

    water filters.

    None of Katadyn's site says anything about their filters doing salt filtration. They do have desalinators but they look like they were made to be installed on boats.
  8. Low_Speed

    water filters.

    Damn, if that's true then I bought the wrong filter.
  9. Low_Speed

    water filters.

    If you will be using it a lot, the Miniworks filters are suppose to last around 4000 liters. How often do you think you'll use it?
  10. Low_Speed

    water filters.

    Get the MSR Miniworks. It's got great reviews on Amazon (almost as good as the Katadyn Pocket). It cost a little bit more than you were going to pay for a used one and the replacement filter are reasonable.
  11. Low_Speed

    Battery Standardization

    All lithium batteries are expensive whether they are CR123s, AA or AAAs. CR123s will last as long as any other type batteries. It the devices that you put them in that is usually the problem. I have Surefire lights that eat up CR123s. But my 4 Sevens and Fenix light that have 2 to 3 times the output regulate power drain better. Plus, lithium batteries shelf life is better. I just wish I could find CR123s that are rechargeable. C and D size batteries can be a lot of weight in a pack.
  12. Low_Speed

    water filters.

    I have the Katadyn pocket microfilter. After doing exhaustive research I bought it in November. I have been happy with it so far. I have tried it in places in and around Austin. It works pretty well. Haven't gotten sick yet. They say you can get 13,000 liters out of it. I was looking at the Lifesaver 4000 & 6000. Great concept. The positive reviews weren't as strong for them as the pocket. And if you have to dunk it in suspect water, unless you completely wipe it down with Lysol or something how you can prevent accidental contamination. I've heard complaints about the mouth piece cover not always sealing properly on it. Plus the Katadyn pockets filter doesn't need to be replaced as often.