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    I work in Law Enforcement and have been since 1997. Attended SLU until hurricane Katrina derailed those plans.
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    Live in the tropical south, below sea level, and was flooded by hurricane Katrina.
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    Guns, knives, reading, building model planes, martial arts, survival
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    Law Enforcement
  1. Bill


    I'm Bill. I live in the southern part of the US where its a sub-tropical climate. Which basically means 6 months of hurricane weather and 6 months of "who knows until you wake up" weather!
  2. Bill

    Glock Talk

    For years I carried a Glock model 22 and recently, due to departmental changes, switch to a Glock 21SF. Really good gun, still doesn't fit my hand as well as the Springfield XD .45 does. Still, love the ease and reliability of the Glocks. In 14 years I've never had a malfuction due to the weapon. I've seen them due to poor shooting grip or ammo, but not due to the weapon.
  3. I carry on me either a Spyderco Tenacious or Byrd Cara Cara2 and either the Streamlight Stylus Pro or the 4sevens Quark mini AA2. On duty I add the leatherman Charge ALX and the Fenix TK11.
  4. Bill

    Four Tools for Survival

    My 4 choices would be: 1. Emerson Commander 2. Leatherman. Either Charge TTi or Supertool 300 3. Becker Bk2 Companion 4. Either my 19" hatchet or folding saw. Probably hatchet.