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    Gun Cleaning without Gun Cleaning Supplies

    Hahahehe, it's liable to remove your tongue and tonsils also. Try a can of Brakleen. Yup Brakleen, dissolves the powder deposits lead and brass and copper. I used it for years. Better than paying top dollar for gun solvent at a couple of dollars per can. Your going to oil it down anyway. I use it specifically on the bolts, bolt carrier and bores. I'll spray every thing down with it, but I do have a air compressor and blow everything out also and run the boresnake through the barrel. Ooops bout forgot, just make sure to get the non-chlorine in the CRC. The CLP break free cost twice as much. I believe the Ballistol would be if you bought as much as you get in one can of Brakleen. I think 4ozs. of Ballistol is 7.99. A can of CRC Brakleen is about $5.00 I won't even mention Froglube. Some say carb cleaner works as well but I personally haven't tried carb cleaner. I can vouche for the Brakleen though.
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    If You Like Chicken,Take a Look.

    Yup, saw that this morning. That's why around here it has to say Organic. I know, I know, just because it says it is doesn't mean so. But think of the ramifications if it isn't and says it is. Besides, if it makes the family feel better, I'm game!
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    Gun Cleaning without Gun Cleaning Supplies

    Back years ago when I'd attend turkey shoots. I watched the older gentlemen take out a 12 or 16 penny nail, wrapped around it was a short piece of #18 nylon masonary twine with a piece of rag tied on one end and the nail on the other. They'd drop the nail through the barrel of the shotgun and draw the rag/cloth through it. At best all it would do is clean the barrel. I think we now know these as a barrel snake. lol If I'd just thought or had the insight that'd catch on like it did...sheesh! Field cleaning them as best you can. You'd also be suprised just how much oil will accumilate on and around your nose, cheeks and forehead...Not enough for pouring but enough for wipeing.. If my life, or those around me lives are going to depend on it, I promise you, I won't be without a cleaning kit. I've got a couple of the Otis tactical cleaning kits, small, compact and will clean everything from a .17 cal. to a .50 cal. Good question though.
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    DIY Lawnmower Generator

    This quote was taken from an entirely different thread: If I'm going through the scenario of having to bug out and be mobile, I've already made the preps with a military grade foldable solar panels for recharging batteries. Also have a couple of small panels and inverters for other options if needed. I do not plan on bugging out unless disaster is iminent at home........ I don't like the idea of giving up my position. I also won't be wanting to carry or find fuel for a noise maker to attract unwanted attention. If by some chance the power grid goes down, my generator I'd use to power the house is noisey enough. So if I can find a way such as in the above pdf. it would certainly be a quite way to provide whole house power and not have attention drawn to my loved ones or self. I think outside the box sir and I try and consider and expand on all my options. That's the purpose I was drawn to this site and the reason I post some of my ideas as well as use others ideas. "Generally", if say someone is out hunting, whatever or wherever they are or whatever they're hunting, one tends to hear something first then it attracts your vision/attention and you investigate. I don't want to be the one with a generator running if the power grid goes down you can hear a 1/2 mile away if I can do something about it. Granted some walk through life with eyes wide shut but it doesn't necessarily mean they're not listening. A roving band of idiots, thugs or muderers is not what I want to know my whereabouts if it were to ever happen God forbid. I pray that I've prepared well and never have to use anything.
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    DIY Lawnmower Generator

    Wonder how one would fair adding an inverter to that? Not that I have need for anything like that at the moment, I'm well prepared but you just never know. That's very practical and reasonable to build. I've been studying a way to convert a 3 phase induction motor to a generator. Seeing as to how there is a swift part of a river very close by. A paddle wheel on the shaft of it would be a tremendous plus for electricity. No fuel needed for my generator and no noise! I just haven't figured how tall a paddle wheel would need to be to reach the rpm on the FLA plate of the motor. Note the nodes on the Y transformer in the schematic.
  6. desert rat

    Progress in the Garden..??

    Dang Matt!!! Son you got green thumbs dude! I didn't do a garden this year. Kinda put seeds back for what may come though. Coons and crows broke down some of my corn last year. I shot a crow and hung him at the edge of the garden. Didn't see no more of them in there either. The coons are another story. Hope it all comes back nicely for you pal.
  7. desert rat

    G'day, from NZ, down under!

    Willie sounds like a real "Audie Murphy". I guess in America you'd call a "bush dog" around here a "Mountainman, Countryboy or a Hillbilly". Myself, being native of and growing up in the Appalachian Mountains we were hunting, fishing, trapping and cleaning game by age 10. I could gut and skin a tree rat (squirell) in 3 min. or less. I assure you, it'd take longer now. We didn't have a fancy pocket knife with a gut hook for quail, turkey, grouse or doves, we used a carefully picked branch to remove their inards. Soaking Birch tree limbs to make birch tee over a fire when mending fences on the farm. Butchering livestock in the fall, "heifers (before maturity) and hogs". Making apple butter. A tedious but rewarding adventure. A coin was always placed in the bottom of the pot. A silver dollar! Whoever stirred the longest got the dollar. My grandfather would always take out his railroad pocket watch and said he timed everybody. However, he always gave all of us a silver dollar. I still have mine, about 14 of them. You had to keep that coin moving on the bottom of that big cooper pot to keep the applebutter from sticking and burning. I had a flood of memories and could go on but I won't. The concrete jungle is not a place for me! I hate going into the city. Bocephus said it best: As for critique on your videos, only one! I need to be having one of those cold beers with you!!! Welcome Lyon.....
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    Hi from AUS

    Hmmm, that paste sounds like oyster sauce. No yeast though. Welcome...
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    New guy from Cleveland Ohio

    Fine looking leather working right there. Welcome.
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    hello all!

    Welcome to the site.
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    Good Morning

    As did I! Welcome GAP.
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    Welcome to the site Big Easy! Look forward to your input.
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    Hello from Arkansas

    Welcome ya Razorback! Have a great time with your branching! lol
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    Hello from California

    Welcome Sleeper. Good to know your aware of your situation. Enjoy.... dr
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    Mylar Question

    Femvet, I kinda sneak the little womans iron out and use a 2' level to for a surface to seal the bag. I wasn't going to pay a hunerd dollas for an clamp iron. I heat the iron up on high, after filling the mylar bag while in the BPA free bucket, I drop in some O2 absorbers and a hand warmer and squeeze what air I can out then lay the aluminum level across the bucket top and fold the mylar bag over the level and iron it shut. A person can go and buy a 10 dollar iron and a 6 dollar 1 or 2 foot level and come out much better than buying one of the sealers, and the way I described works! We use the vacuum sealer for jerky and meats that would freezer burn also used the sealer to put away hard candy. Suck out the air and droped the vacuum bags in the mylar bags and stored that in the BPA containers. I know that's NOT what you asked but just offering some insight.
  16. desert rat

    is there something in the wind?

    Nope Bob, I'd just say that they're in on the times. People "are" finding that stocking up on things isn't as silly as they once thought. "They"(we) are buying long term items more and more. They know it and provide a way for us to obtain it. It's like a fad outa the 70's. There's money to be made. We want it, they got it. Sams Club has carried Augason Farms long term for a while online only. It's just now showing up in WallyWorld. Hmmm, I haven't seen it yet though, not here anyway. Soon there will be a shelf life on ammo. Six months and it's no good. Of course, I have no weapons. Heard on the news this afternoon that unemployment is down. LOL Go figure! I think it's just that the unemployed have ran out of benefits and can't file again. (JMO) Sure they can tell us it's down. But is it? Or at least people that are eligible to file for it is down. Think on it.
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    Yup, the best way to rid them is a trap. Agreed. However, "some" women tend to see a mouse and low and behold it's a rat the size of king kong. Never had rats or mice, well, a hundred yds away in the wood pile I'd seen traces. But never in the house(s). Of course it doesn't matter, if it has hair and isn't the Lab, it's going to die, or I will. Growing up as a kid in the 60's I trapped mushrats on the river and sold there hides for $7-$10. You could actually buy a double bubble for a penny back then and a popcicle was .07cents. Get a bag of peanuts and a small bottle of Coke for a quarter. Not bad when I had the time to run my longsprings and check them. Dunno what pelt brings now if anything. It would be wise to have some Longspring traps on hand, I do! Especially if one is in a rural area. You could get a meal without ever firing a shot by trapping and for me, I'd rather be a ghost. Here's a link if anyone is interested. Oh, one other thing. I have no diseases. Thanks to Uncle Sam I've probably had 8000 shots (inoculations) over 22 yrs. But I have left turds in approx. 12 countries!
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    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    LOL!!! Looks like there's a rat problem...
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    WHats your SHTF Tradeable Skill?

    I know a "community organizer"!
  20. desert rat

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    I was beginning to worry about you Junior! However, I've been here all along, even before you. Two Leatherman Fuses here. dr
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    know your advasary

    23 hrs ago this was top story on the AP B&G... This is why Holder will probably not suffer the criminal contempt charge. Being named in such "papers" being deemed as an Executive Privilege will (1) exempt him from anything or (2) be a sacrificial lamb of sorts to remove focus from other issues. This is a most interesting read by the way.
  22. desert rat

    know your advasary

    B&G, is it the executive order you're reffering to or the executive privilege? The latter is the hush pass.
  23. desert rat

    jojan flechters

    Nice wolf! I used an old bitzenburger straight fletch. Course I've not used it in a long while. I got it if I need it though.
  24. desert rat

    zombie victim oic

    Well, the CDC is certainly trying to get a point across.....
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    Good topic here. It's funny if you pay attention how much you can learn from nature itself. Through my hunting experiences rustling leaves are generally smaller game. They don't break sticks or twigs when walking as will a larger animal(or human). Turkey and Grouse when foraging will usually leave triangle looking mark pointed in the direction they travel. Looks like someone has taken a rake to the ground and pulled the leaves back where they scratch. Bear and Boar are different when looking for food also, the boar will root and push old rotten logs around foraging, a bear will pull the log apart. Tracks from deer in the dirt have reveled things to me also. A smooth hoof print in sand, mud, or dirt generally indicates a deer that travels and feeds in soft surroundings, i.e. wooded areas, farmland. Find a track that has chips taken out of it and usually the deer has been traveling in rocky areas. I'd employed this knowledge on a deer hunt and was lucky enough to have taken one of my nicest 8 points ever after analyzing the tracks and scrapes and determining his travel. I to have had the priviledge of being young and growing up in the mountains and on several rivers with some of the most knowledgable old curmudgeons you'd ever know existed. LOL God love'em all. I was blessed to have them in my life then and educate me in the world of the great outdoors.