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    Welcome! I'm not asking.....:confused:
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    Greetings from Illinois!

    Welcome. Nice to see some of the younger generation interested! Very nice. dr
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    Here to learn and help

    Welcome Sir. Look forward to your input. Enjoy. dr
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    Review: Yoders Canned Bacon

    Think I paid about $144 for a case of Yoders Bacon earlier this year. Also got a case of Banner canned sausage. Haven't tried either one. Just got them to put them away for a rainy day, know whutImean? Just thinking of what could happen, and it would be nice to have some comfort foods. Although, I much like yourself don't eat much bacon either. I did make a big pan of beef/gravy the other morning (S.O.S.) Thanks for the trial run Rivet.
  5. LOL Nope Nana, we sure don't. I had to take my neighbor down the road to a phlebotomist or Hemotologist one year during a snow storm. Had the same problem I guess, and they couldn't get out in their car. Just thought I'd do a neighborly thing. Ever get wind of bacon sizzling in a cast iron pan while camping? You can smell it a mile away. Used to crack eggs and fill a jar full with them so they wouldn't bust. Put them on ice in a cooler with the bacon and other stuff. Nice to have a good breakfest outdoors like that. Nowdays, it's Mountain House single serve packs. Boil water pour it in the bag, let it set for 5 or 10 minutes and eat. Some day I need to treat the grandson to the above method of making breakfest.
  6. God Lord! Cornbread outa Pyrex! That's Blasphemy! She can't use a cake pan either? I've also got a cast iron stomach. Since my ETS it's also managed to get a little rounder too. I can get a bellie ache and I hurt all over nowadays.
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    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    Good one tinder. I usually leave'em laying in the yard or send the grandson on police call. Just ordered another batch of long term storables. Powdered eggs 2-#10 cans freeze dried green peeppers 2-#10 cans freeze dried onions 2-#10 cans 5 gal. pale of freeze dried shreded taters Freeze dried vegatable stew 2-#10 cans freeze dried southwest chiii 2-#10 cans freeze dried creamy tater soup 2-#10 cans Wally world 2-5 packs of Bics 2 more packs of tent stakes (they come in handy with tarps and camo netting) 2 more gals. of coleman 2 more 2 packs of propane 2 spare pumps for the colemans AA and AAA rechargeable batteries 4-2 packs of CR123s 2 gals of citronella lamp oil 8-48"lenghts of rebar Did I say I hated going to the city?
  8. Cast iron is the thing! Had to put mine away. Stored them. Not supposed to be used on a glass top stove. So says mine anyway. Got some old Griswolds, 8", 10", 12" and a Copco deep 12" Dutch Oven. Only time they get used is on camping trips.
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    STAY CALM!! Move slowly to the Exit

    Thanks for the link Snake. I'd used be emer. essentials before but, it never crossed my mind to send them things back then. The dinner I'd went to with him was quite a few years ago. I wouldn't even know how to contact him now. It was practically another life ago.
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    Hi from north Texas

    Contimplation is one thing, procrastination is another! Good luck with your preps and welcome to SC. drat
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    Howdy. :)

    You'll find lots more than just BOVs Rivet. Welcome! dr
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    NEARLY time to say goodbye

    I've often considerd doing the same Kev! As we prepare, I've learned quite a bit here and added to some ideas that have been posted and improvised on others. As far as being "Monitored", I believe in a way we all will be. It's no longer being gray if you're interneting or have anything technologically linked. I don't think anyone can totally dissappear unless they're totally self sufficient. Your posts will missed. Take care dude! drat
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    STAY CALM!! Move slowly to the Exit

    A short story on from the other side of the world. A dear friend of mine Pavel, who preffered to be called Paul told me that in that place you could not buy bread, sugar and other things we shop for regularly. In short, there wasn't any to buy! I attended a dinner along with him. Raisa, a lovely woman made a fine dinner. Noodles, beef(I think), gravy of some sort. No salt, it couldn't be found along with other things. She'd baked a cake, it was called a 13 layer cake. God it was beautiful! I couldn't wait to give my taste buds a treat! I just knew it would be wonderful. You could tell she (Raisa) took great care in preparing it. My first bite of the cake was washed down with a sip of coffee. I noticed it wasn't sweet at all. It had iceing on it, but I thought how could this be? In not saying anything to offend, I continued eating it slowly and sipping my coffee. Afterwards I'd asked Paul about it. He told me things don't seem to be what they really are, do they? What I thought was iceing was made from lard and flour. I.E., the grass isn't always greener on the other side! Pavel, Я надеюсь, вы хорошо друг мой
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    weather changes

    Ooops, almost forgot. This might be of interest. Weather manipulation, geo-engineering. It's been going on at least since the 90's at least. Con-trails/Chemtrails. I remember a friend asking me what I thought about it then. What are they spraying? Just to add to the video if you decide to watch it, a plumber friend of mine recently told me that the private wells he has tested the last few years have increasing levels of acidity in them. Acid rain? The video is very long but informative and well worth the watch, at least listen to it while you work, or loaf. It's the first video from the top of the linked page. [ATTACH=CONFIG]0[/ATTACH]
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    weather changes

    Well, lets see if I can make this thread a little crazier. I was informed by a doctor friend about people who used to get stung with bees and just shook it off are now having terribly allergic reactions to them. Mind you, my grandfather had a cure for the stings. I remember he actually had a little glass Bayer Asprin bottle (years ago) with a metal lid on it. Inside the bottle was turpintine, if he or I got stung he'd uncap the bottle and turn it upside down on the sting and you could actually watch the poison along with the stinger draw into the bottle.I keep some handy for the very same reason. Bees seem to be more agressive this year than in previous years. Believe me! I got stung 3 times over the weekend while trimming around the property. Anyone else notice their agressive behavior? And the mosquitos! Jeesh! I believe a Thermacell and Deet act like an atractant to them, and with the West Nile Virus being transmitted by them, you'd best wear some kind of bug juice!
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    Need some prayers and positive vibes ya'll

    Prayers on the way for your daughter and family sir.
  17. Okay, so I've put this here basically for use as a guideline. My defense layering will be quite a bit more in depth than what's contained in the link above. The measures already exists now and can be expanded on at my choosing.
  18. Whataburger!! Now there's a memory! Haven't had one of those since I was stationed at Hood. Wish they could make those in long term storage items. LOL All I got now is "five guys burgers and fries", which isn't bad. But it isn't a Whataburger. Kinda like wanting to go to the cattlemans steakhouse and settling for a longhorn steakhouse.
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    Security and safety Consultant

    Hmmm, Well Matt, I think maybe we're supposed to send cash, check or credit card # then enlist again. To think we around here at SC just give our knowledge up for nothing. Course I never do much but stir the air.
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    Security and safety Consultant

    Maybe we could a free sample of advice on defensive layering, or better yet M.O.U.T. or CQB or IADs. Nice mission statement! Welcome armorbear1.
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    emp questions

    You're welcome U Wolf. Here is a couple of more links for space weather and alerts that one can actually sign up for the alerts and be notified when a CME happens. Many R2 alerts have happened and it only creates minor disruptions but a high X class flare could create one heck of a problem. It seems as of late the sun has been spitting those flares out regularly. According to a NASA scientist we're in a period of high solar geomagnetic activity.
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    emp questions

    Grant, check these links: If a solar storm can produce an X class flare almost anything electrical is at risk as far as destruction, especially electronics! GAP, if your cage is sitting on the ground it's okay. It should be okay anyway if properly insulated. Leave no gaps inside your insulated box. I have a 20mm ammo can lined with rubber toolbox drawer liners. Stored in it, walkie talkies, solar chargers, CCrane CC solar radio ect. Read the above links, the pdf is a government plan not really related to an individuals prep but I put it there anyway.
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    Is Happening

    You're very right on Sir! That dude is a freaking idiot! I don't care if he's a joker, prankster or what! You don't do that! First and foremost you don't ever, never, under any circumstances communicate a threat of any kind! Second: I think at the moment, if a one were to pull out a squirt gun somewhere there'd be a very distinct possibility of having ones A$$ shot!
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    These things here are very unique below. I personally have the tube tents and emergency bivvys in everyones bug out bags. They're very compact, lightweight. Perfect for the B.O.B. If bugging out becomes a necessity. I hope the vehicles will be included. They can be packed in minutes pre loaded rubbermaid storage containers packed with tents, food, water, water filters, hygene personals, stoves, utensils, solar panels, ect. My truck boxes already contains, tools, ropes and straps of many kinds, forest cammo netting, tarps ect. If it comes down to travel only with the B.O.B. we still will be prepared to move to one of the other locations, preferably the closer one and will still be able to make it to the farther ones away regardless. It will be a trek to say the least if it is plausible. As Kevin said, hopefully it won't come down to bugging out, but if need be we can move quickly and efficiently without delay. As I'd said somewhere before, we plan on bugging in! We're currently at three layers of defense for bugging in and it is possible for 5 layers of defense if the situation arises. God help us all if that occurs.
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    Reading a map and using a Compass

    I've gone to the local Forest Service Office and actually picked up topos for a $1 a copy, or page. Its been quite a while back though and I wholeheartedly agree with Ruger92 about a map being worth its weight in gold, especially if you're in a rural environment. Just to help some of you along with the MGRS coordinate system: