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    Major SHFT: Who will survive the first round?

    Very well said sir. One's sustainability is also dependent upon sanitization. I consider myself lucky to be married to an RN. and she to a old battlescarred 1stSGT or "topdawg" as she says occassionally. As far as needing medical attention, I realize she isn't a surg. nurse but I'm sure knowing her as well as I know her, we'd pretty much get by in most situations. Most in my area have wells for water. Septic systems for sewage. Very rural. I went as far as buying a Flojak hand pump for the well just incase there was no fuel for the generator. One will only make it if one has prepared well. I'd much rather have to much and not need it, than the situation arise and I'd find myself asking, "why didn't I get that when I had the chance". Albeit I do get my chops busted for over doing it regularly. By no means are we the same, but it works well and we usually keep each other in check. We do well together and can usually finish one anothers sentences. Usually after a lengthly explanation as to why, I'm outa the doghouse so to speak. Till the next time.
  2. desert rat

    Major SHFT: Who will survive the first round?

    Ever read the book, "Lights Out" D'wolf? Pretty interesting. Also the rense read is probably very close!
  3. I just found this and it's ugly. I'd thought and wondered over and over again why I was so compelled to prepare for a scenario such as an impending doom. I'd also thought of an excuse such as an economic collapse would be a reason to explain to my family why I felt preparing was such a necessity. I didn't realize how right I was! The way I'm seeing it, we are all going to pay for what our past and present administrations have done. This is ugly. It looks like the only way out is sacrifice. Our sacrifice, someone has to pay for it and our government can't. They've been trying to borrow from Peter to pay Paul and have continued to get deeper and deeper into debt since the 70's. I just wonder if they continue to turn a blind eye to this, or if all they can see is darkness and it smells like sh!t where their heads are at! Granted our present administration hasn't done anything about it, nor has any of the past admins. since the 80's. I suggest everyone take 5mins. and watch this accountant explain the nations dilemma on our budget. I don't think 5 minutes will hurt you if you haven't seen this video.
  4. I'm very sorry to hear that! My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family Sir.

  5. desert rat

    Kill it. Clean it. Eat it

    Fur or feathers. It's been et round here. (legally I might add) Suffer from country boy syndrom. Have yet to try roadkill though. lol
  6. desert rat

    food saver vs. canning.

    We use a outdoor propane turkey fryer with a big shallow pot. Works great.
  7. desert rat

    This interview is chilling

    Yep, definitly scary times Matt. Gotta put this link in here. Give this a listen while you're surfing around. I usually listen while surfing. John B. has the most interesting stuff I guess I've heard. I know, don't believe everything I hear on the net. I don't, but so much of this stuff is backed up by news and documents it's crazy.
  8. John B Wells interviews Alex Jones. 8-24-12
  9. desert rat

    This interview is chilling

    You're very right sir. My opinion and mine only is, we're in the midst of a "crisis by design". The way to control anything is to control the money. Wonder what would be found if an audit was done on the federal reserve?
  10. desert rat

    West Nile

    Odd how one thinks living off the land would always be an option, when it isn't. Something like this during hard times or a SHTF scenario would definitly put a damper on things. Not to mention depleting ones stock.
  11. desert rat

    West Nile

    No sir NV_77 Epidemic means a outbreak in a large area, Pandemic means worldwide, if I was informed correctly. Im sure I was, I just asked her. LOL Funny how West Nile only showed up 13 yrs ago here in the U.S. Sometimes with all this genetic altering, talk of mutations and all makes me wonder if sometimes this wasn't planted or planned? Who knows, I'm a terrible theorist. Snake, As we speak, the locale I'm in has news of multiple rabies cases being reported. The evening news was full of several more reports this evening. On top of that, deer are being found deaderNdammit in creeks and streams around the area. A disease called Black Tongue. A midge or fly bite to the deer makes the animal thirsty, so it goes to drink and basically dies on the spot. Yep, 5 have been found in my general area in small streams and branches. It's hard to miss the smell in the type of heat we've had recently.
  12. desert rat

    Who knows their craft?

    Seems most of us here try and help with information that we personally have/had experience with. The purpose is to help someone less knowledgable in the things we've already experienced or have experience in. Only you can choose as to whether you'd take any advice or not. I'm always learning something, maybe not every day but somewhere, somehow, I manage to get the lightbulb effect. Most anything can be dug up on the net. I think of myself as being a jack of all trades, granted I have mastered a few by state certifications, associate degree and being in uncle sams army, once upon a time.
  13. desert rat

    CB Radios

    Yep, you're right Capt Bart. That ol Black Cat would mostly just sit there by the Golden Eagle. I guess she liked the heat from the tubes. As far as the Palomino goes on Robyn, it had a plain old Turner power mike. Everybody named their horse in those days.
  14. desert rat

    re-purposing, or how I find new uses for old junk

    LOL Tinder. Not much for hoarding here. But yes I will find a new use for old junk, "recycling" I call it. If not it gets trashed. However, since I'd gotten worried about Y2K and have been prepping for that long I've got stuff (freeze dried food,) that was about to expire so I decided to have training day a year or so back and guess what I discovered? During the show and tell with the family. Explaining the how to's of safe coleman stove and lantern operations I found that the generators were totatlly stopped up on the liquid stove and lantern. So not only did we have a great meal that day, they all learned to dismantle and clean the stove and lantern parts down to the fuel tanks. Needless to say pipe cleaners, solvent and a air compressor was very handy. My daughter said, dad why don't we just use the propane stove and lantern? My answer was, no better time for you guys to learn to do this than now. So we now have a training day once a year. So some good advice would be to get it out and use it every now and then.
  15. desert rat

    CB Radios

    I know one thing, I sure do miss my MKVI Browning Golden Eagle. Although it was from the seventies it had the upper and lower sidebands. I believe it would still be of use. A little larger capacitor for that squeel from the D104. I won't mention the Black Cat for shooting skip. An adjustable Moonraker Beam on a 40' tower and a Starduster for non-directional signal. The mobile was a 23 channel Robin with a little Palomar. A loaded Signal Kicker antenna and if memory serves me correctly the standing wave on it was about 1.5. I miss the good old days. As far as staying in contact during an emergency. I've managed to store 4 UNIDEN GMR4099s with VOX headsets with privacy settings. They're rated for a 40 mile range. That 40 mile won't happen around here. I only got them for short range comms.
  16. desert rat

    Are your friends sheeple?

    Guess I need to rephrase my earlier comment. My "close" friends and family are onboard. As for my acquaintances, some are, some seem to be. As talk of impending preparation looms. I just listen when it's mentioned. I don't join in and offer very little when the subject is brought up. If given the question, what would you do? I generally reply with, I'd make do.
  17. Couldn't even get on a few days ago from my iphone. Said it could not load the page contained too many re-directs..???
  18. desert rat

    Are your friends sheeple?

    LOL Tinder, you know that's what'll happen when they realize it's not that easy to get a handout from the guvament.
  19. desert rat

    Are your friends sheeple?

    I'm with GAP on this one.
  20. desert rat

    Want to disappear?

    LOL,,, I followed Snake. (thump)
  21. desert rat

    Best Rechargeable Batteries

    JMO, but the eneloops are great. One bad thing I've only found them in AA and AAA.
  22. desert rat

    The Plan.

    I'm assumeing your enviorment is an urban one TCC? I'm guessing North Denver is still in the city. As someone stated, stores will no doubt already be looted or empty. If you're going to take the chance of staying and you must scavenge, do it at night! If you must bug out use the above rule also if things are that bad. Wear dark clothing, no lights! If you must use a light to read a label or map, use a very small keychain light in a well concealed spot. Move quietly, do not not talk. "You'd be suprised how a whisper travels between buildings". If traveling with children, make it a game for them. Will you be on foot? How long will it take you to reach your BOL? No cooking! Add some 3600 calorie bars to your B.O.B. How many in your party? Use the 10 meter distance rule between each. Scout ahead when/if possible preferably a twosome. Four eyes are better than two. A group is easily spotted and the more there are there's a chance of noise/ or movement detection. Always check your six regularly! Do not walk in front of widows if possible. Do not get in a doorway of a building and assume it's safe to talk. A doorway in the "concrete jungle" is like an amphi-theater, it amplifies sound. Be aware, guards and lookouts will probably be in the higher buildings. If it were me I'd pick a night to move and be traveling the storm drains when there'd been at least three days of no rain. God forbid if it ever gets that bad. But it's all something to think about. If it were me in the city, I'd be ready to roll to my BOL at a moments notice and get the he!! out ASAP. God I'm glad I live in the sticks! Thank you Lord! Did I say how much I hate going to, or being in the city?
  23. desert rat

    New Mossberg 930 SPX 12ga

    Nice stove pipe Mudbass!
  24. Shhhhhh rick! Now we've gone and done it! We're showing our age Rick! I always liked the blonde on lost in space(Judy). The Chariot was cool too, To many windows though.
  25. I agree Q3. I believe I'd rather have the Landmaster from the movie Damnation Alley. LOL!! Although I never understood those danged wheels and suspension on that thing. I believe they turned like props and rudders or something. Land vehicle, water vehicle armagedon get u there vehicle. Then again there was the ARK II from another 1970s post world apocolyptic TV show. Honestly, if I were in any city an MRAP or Bradley would do me just fine. By the way, did I mention how much I hated going to the city?