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    Veterans Support

    Ahahahahaha ,, works for me!!
  2. desert rat

    Camping in Oct

    Well done 7 !! Very well done! I have and keep access to the Esbit fuel cubes. They 're said to burn at 1400 degrees. I keep them in my BOBs and GHBs and truck box. I figure if at any time I need a fire and need it quickly one or two of those cubes will do the trick. I also keep pieces of a duraflame log in freezer bags and small dry bags to aid in fire starting. One of those logs will produce pounds of tinder and allow for it to be broken up and re-distributed into many different bags. Along with having in the neighbor of two dozen or so magnesium fire starters stored, you'd think I was a piromaniac. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1519[/ATTACH] LMAO at NavyVet..... I had no doubt you had a fire N.V. But that was funny.......jus saying
  3. desert rat

    A Conversation With A Son

    Nicely done Rod! I'm sure we've all had those conversations with our children, or attempted it. Mine also sit and listened and actually had input and questions. They're both quite the outdoor kids and love camping, hiking and all. The grandson was my greatest concern, though I love them all three. They are aware of the rules also. In case of a SHTF event. You have 48hrs. to get here. If you don't show up in 48, I'll be there on the third day to get you. If I'm not there in three days, you're on your own. They know the rules and preps all include them. My son in law knows how important it is for them to get here as does the daughter.
  4. Naw, they'll give'em all cell phones. They can call each other and find a safe crossing that way. Couldn't you just here them blowing, whistling, stomping and snorting. rotflmao
  5. desert rat

    Almost finished HERE!!!!

    I don't want to agree, but seems as though you're right Jumbo. I'd think or would like to see moderation powers given to those who are regulars here. Capt. Bart has his hands full being the Loneranger. No offense intended Sir.
  6. Oh God! They'll spend two billion on research finding a location for deer crossings, then another 10 billion to move the signs. ROTFL
  7. Waahahahhahhah!! You can hear the hosts laughing and giggling in the background! Supposedly the caller was serious! It's still funny! Someone had some fun with it! LMAO! dr
  8. Ya'll gotta check this out. Course I believe we've probably been aware of this for sometime. Well, some of us anyway. Panetta warns of cyber attacks that could possibly shut down the countries banking, power grid ect...
  9. desert rat

    Hey CapnBart!

  10. desert rat

    Leon warns of cyber attacks

    I might just have to really agree here Don. Again a quote from James Madison comes to mind. "CRISIS"; The rallying cry of the tyrannt. Believe you me, if something of this nature were to come about as far as the hacking goes, it'd be one heck of a mess. And one heck of an oppertunity to scream crisis.
  11. desert rat

    The stages of preparation

    Your chart sir. That was just a for instance. A problem. One resolved but still I hadn't planned for the issue. Needless to say it took a couple of hrs to correct the issue. Don't assume they'll work because it did last time.
  12. desert rat

    campaign donations

    Yup. I think of it as __________.
  13. desert rat

    The stages of preparation

    LMAO! There goes opsec! Very nice idea Rod! However, you might add equipment maintanance also. There are several possibilities there. For instance: One being liquid fuel appliances. I start my generator once every four months. Never let me down yet. Got a liquid fuel coleman lantern out once when the grandson and I were out telescoping the stars. The generator was clogged. If the generator on the lantern stopped up because I left fuel in it from a camping trip, the two burner stove would be stopped up also. Had to remove, clean and replace it all from the stem in the fuel tank valve to the mantel pods. A pain, but it all worked. No probs with the propane equipment. I did check them "all" out after I had ran across that one problem.
  14. desert rat

    This is ugly !

    Well, there're 192 countries in the U.N. I can see where they get their ideas from and why from visiting the U.N. website. It's most interesting to say the least. The .pdf downloads allow you to search quickly for key words.(If you're in the proper document) Surprising what comes up when some keywords are entered. Remember, it's all in the name of humanity. Wally, I believe in order for them to impose a tax, it must meet a majority of the 192 nations or (member states) and what representitive "in their right mind" would burden the citizenry or their countries with the possibility of it when the worlds economies are stressed enough? It was shot down at a summit once and I hope it will continue to be. Their attempt to ratify something of this nature just leaves a bad taste ones mouth. I still give them a black mark. I'll be the first to admit, all things start with an idea. After seeing what was proposed, I like yours better V.B.
  15. desert rat

    This is ugly !

    Just why, in the shape were in as a nation would a leader even consider this? I'm wondering if this is an assumption? Someone must know something or have heard something? This sucks eggs!!! I guess it's the first step to bring us under U.N. laws. What's you opinion?
  16. desert rat

    This is ugly !

    LOL Yea, it's when they succeed it becomes a problem. But I give them a mark for just trying!
  17. desert rat

    This is ugly !

    They're are lots of snakes on both sides of the fence, however you're right OC. I couldn't find anything on it other than what you'd mentioned. That's why I asked if it were an assumption. I could see by the UN proposals that it was/is being just more that a thought though. I believe they called it “innovative financing”. Kinda pisses me off when something such as this comes up. (JMO) Here also is the tax list. It was shot down once at a summit. I'm just wondering how many more times they're going to try to run it through?
  18. desert rat

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    Thank you for the oppertunity TJ. That'd be great "IN" my GHB. dr
  19. desert rat

    This is ugly !

    Well, I tend to agree. I think basically the U.N was meant to unite countries. Evidentally the UN sanctions are working against Iran. In no way do I approve the of taxing the citizens of the U.S. to support the U.N. I think we're taxed enough. Think we'll see another Boston Tea Party? LOL I probably shouldn't have mentioned that.
  20. desert rat

    Problem with forum

    "Ditto" I've seen and read the same. Several different places. Didn't post there either. You can't go to todays posts. It comes up site unavailable. Also you can't go to your profile and use the "view all posts". It don't work work. Heck Ghillie, I've posted some stuff I thought was enlightening for all and have had 60 or 80 views and no posts. Just figgerd 1) it was old news or 2) no one cared to leave a comment. No need to take it personal. dr
  21. desert rat

    should something ever happen.......

    LOL REG! Im hearing ya. My running gear is just about shot. My mind says go and my body says no, a times anyway. Still try to get in a run occasionally. It just doesn't work at times. Tinder, this stuff about your age. Its done been give away. Look by your moniker pal. Yup, I know, me too.
  22. Mostly I pick these up and am reluctant to open any new containers. They store for 25 yrs. The powdered milk only stores for 10 yrs. If you open them they're only good for a year. I haven't been into a lot of it but the wise stroganof is good.
  23. The only way you can purchase it is at sams online. It's pretty good some better than others. Also the some of the Vegan Meat that has not been tried yet. Read the reviews on the foods. And remember it's freeze dried so don't expect a whole lot in taste. If you're looking for taste get the Mountain House brand but you'll pay for it. Here's the page to take you to it. Go through the pages and click on some of the foods. You can read the reviews. There's also a need list when you log on. You must be a sams member. I 've purchased the #10 cans and several of the 5gal pales. It's nice you can pick up small selections of what you want. The tater soup is really good. Also here's another I use. No you don't have to be a member to purchase from wise.
  24. Storing info on citizens, not terroists. To beat it all to the tune of $1.4 billion a year. Jeezus, they should be storing info on the politicians. I think I'm going to go make my futile attempt to play golf.
  25. desert rat

    Well played obama...

    I couldn't have said it better Capt Bart. TYVM Sir! The seriousness of the situation is far greater than some think. The balancing of the budget is going to be tough. No one can spend more than they bring in. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul does not work and is not the answer. I for one sure as hell don't want to wind up like some of the EU countries. The deficit, jobs, economy, housing, stock market; we're in a world of chit not brought on by any single prez but by many. I once took a job with a company, money woes began for them. They laid people off. You know sent them home! Quit paying them! Quit spending on stuff. They recovered. I assume you all know that the tax breaks we have been living with over the past several years are going to expire soon? Yep, that's right. Bushes tax cuts and believe it or not Barry gave us I believe a 2% break. It's comforting to know that the cost of living has increased threefold, what I earn hasn't risen any significant value at all. Groceries, fuel, through the roof, and wait a minute, I believe I saw something on the news the other day that a gallon of milk may cost around $4 gal. soon. Rant over....... AP tax breaks: Ditto Sir!