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    bob costas shows his ineptness

    I think that was the dumbist comment Bob Costas could have made, he's an idiot. Where he said, if he didn't have access to a gun we'd have two live people or something to that effect. Even if their were no guns I'm sure he'd have one making that much money. When there's no guns, only outlaws will have guns. Now I'm gonna have to go and find it. Here's the link it's only a couple of minutes:
  2. desert rat

    water filters?

    Absolutely a filter! Got a Big Berkey with the black filters and extra ceramic filters.(if needed). Also MSR miniworks EX in BOBs. Gotta have good water..
  3. desert rat

    hello from il

    Don't do it! Each bag should support the individual carrying it!! Our bags include, 7days of single serve Mountain House meals( they're very small and compact). Also several 3000 calorie bars. MSR EX mimiworks water filters, beats packing water "although it is possible to carry the camelbacks with the packs". Each also has a Jetboil stove to heat water for the meals. They also contain, tube tents for shelter, winter excape bivys to wrap up in if needed, These things also are very lightweight and compact and functional. Tactical flashlights are carried in these packs. I hate it but my pack is the only one with a solar charger for AA/AAA batteries amongst charging other things. Welcome Andrew. Think compact, lightweight and functionality dr
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    Howdy From Houston!

    Welcome Sir!
  5. desert rat

    Store Fresh EGGS 2 Years

    Heheheheeee! If I get into a jar of pickled eggs, nobody likes me!!!!! LMAO Or to be with-in 10ft. Hot dang I like'em. Especially with beet slices in with'em. phrrrrrtttttt...... dr
  6. desert rat

    I think I actually surprised my husband

    Good going gal! My other half shoots well. I had her dry fire and clean her .38 for months before I took her to the range. She done well, but now when we shoot, I'm usually doing the cleaning. Of course I do like a good home cooked meal so I get conned into doing the gun cleaning. LOL
  7. desert rat

    Howdy from West Texas & Egypt

    Welcome sir.
  8. desert rat


    Jeez snake, wait till "they" drive us off the fiscal cliff then you can use the word scary.
  9. desert rat

    new member

    Welcome sir. You'll find lots of vets here and some active duty. I should also add "patriotic". dr
  10. desert rat

    Store Fresh EGGS 2 Years

    I've seen this somewhere and I just don't trust storing an egg like that. The possiblity of salmonela/food poisening is not my idea of a meal nor eating the plastic swimming pool. lol I'll just keep my powdered eggs on hand. JMO
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    Coastie, you did mention agenda21 but you missed The Patriot Act and, well I'm not getting nerved up again. Yep, lots of reading and interpeting. Every time I get into this I get sick.
  12. I actually made a parabolic sunoven/stove back in the summer just to see if I could do it. Put a can of chili in a black pot. Spit hung it and made a reflector from an old small sattelite dish, directed the sun on it as said. Amazing what you can do with some double stick tape and mylar. That sonofagun got hot in 45mins. Burnt the piss outa my fingers when got hold of the pot to remove the lid. Didn't think it'd do that, but it works and works good! Use leather gloves! LOL at self.
  13. to get started. Diane Feinstein sure didn't waste any time trying to push her gun ban through. If you own one, she wants it. Oops, wellllll it is a current event.
  14. desert rat

    where do you get your news from? And I'm really bad to listen to coast to coast am. Really enlightening stuff nowadays on real world events. As a matter of fact, I've heard stuff on there days before it hits any news media. 'Cept the bigfoot, chupacabbarra and UFO stuff. LOL
  15. desert rat


    I really like that second sentence. They're to many been on capitol hill for to long. They know the ins and outs and have made peace with whomever will fill their needs. This sound familier? Pork! Yea, I mean in order to pass a Bill it's generally filled with crap from one end to the other. Bad thing is we usually come up holding the shitty end of the stick. "We" as in tax paying citizens. I'm not crying because Barrys back. It's over and done with, the majority has spoken. But in order for things to change, it also has to change at lower levels. Some one had sent me an e-mail about 535 crooks, it refered to Congress. It went on to mention the corrupt and above the law serving in it. I really don't get off on that kinda stuff but it was most interesting to read. Needless to say it was deleted. I figured it was B.S. anyway. But to petition to succeed is in my opinion, just plain frickin' crazy. I do believe peelosie was not re-elected but her face is still seen on the hill. An advisor? Liason? Oh well, Mid terms aren't far away and life goes on. That's where it needs to begin. I just hope they find a remedy for the inevitable fiscal cliff without destroying all our pocketbooks!
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    Yep wardog, I concur. I believe it's a way of some showing thier disgust. I believe Rod said it well.
  17. desert rat

    Question about a Faraday Cage

    There was another thread on and I put some links up explaining EMPs for the curious minded. Here they are again.
  18. desert rat


    As the founding fathers of the United States of America made clear in the Declaration of Independence in 1776: "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." "...Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government..." Uhhh Matt, looks like almost everyone in the U.S is going to be on that list. You need to see this.
  19. desert rat

    Hello from Gunner

    Welcome Sir. Look forward to your input.
  20. desert rat

    Kinda thought this place would be in flames...

    Not quite flaming here. Dissappointed? Yes.. The reason being is stated in the fine Capts. reply. Going around the constitution and not by it. The voice of the majority of people was heard. Again Capt. Bart, your words ring true to many I'm sure. I'll continue with my preps and hope and pray I never have to use them. dr
  21. desert rat

    Hi - I'm not new, don't read this.

    Nawp, believe I'd duck tape'em to a tree and take the old trusty Stihl weedeater to'em. You can no longer waterboard. That's about all I can think of that's left. A few passes up and down'em with some .125 string or Gator wire I believe they'd be coarsed into quitting their spamming and phishing. dr
  22. desert rat

    New Voter Fraud

    Well, as far as the voter fraud goes in Guilford Co. A lady questioned her ballot . Seems every time she pressed Romney, Ryan it went to Barry and Joe. The touch machine just needed to be calibrated. Hmmmm . Now, seems we have dissappearing absentee ballots. ??????
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    Boy! This just happened this morn. 0322 Don't know of the path. Haven't checked it out yet.
  24. desert rat

    United States Concealed carry Association

    Heres a map of reciprocal state agreements. You can click the state you have a C/C license in and the map will give you other states you are deemed legal to carry in.
  25. Hehehehe ,, 1st the top, the then the bottom. Cootie protection. LMAO!! Have you been manscaped? ROTF:D Oh lord, lol!!!