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    Military camo or Hunting camo

    Well put sir. I certainly wouldn't walk into a Ballroom wearing camo. I'd wear a Tux. If I'm planning on wearing camo, I'm planning on disappearing. Being gray, and hopefully keeping my plan/location undiscovered. If by chance I'd have to go check my long traps or hunt or fish. I'd wear camo. "If the shtf".
  2. desert rat

    firearms price hikes

    Ditto 92! Same here! I was out last weekend a just thought I'd pick up some .38 special ammo and some more .22LR and the shelves were really empty. Went to 4 different wallyworlds and never found the 22 hornady I was looking for. I did pick up some .38 critical defense and 00 buck.
  3. desert rat

    Hello from Idaho

    Hello and welcome!
  4. desert rat

    Military camo or Hunting camo

    Good job Amature. I also will do my best to match the surroundings. I am in a diverse area of woods, water, small cities but away from large cities. multi-cam, digital and greys are my selection for camo.
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    Hello there...from Florida!

    Welcome Luna...Zombies eh? And to think a social/economic collapse inspired
  6. desert rat

    Hello from SoCal

    There's a lot here to read. Welcome Sir.
  7. desert rat

    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome Mam. As Ruger pointed out there's ton's of info on the forum. Also the main page has it's advantages with links. One can survive without food but you must have water! Berkey water filters are great. I have a Big Berkey for reasons of having several people here if SHTF. One of my favorite freeze dried foods is mountain I've just put a couple up to get you started searching. There's tons of sites and alot is covered here which would cause you to read a heck of alot.
  8. desert rat

    EMP question...

    This may shed some light on the subject.
  9. desert rat

    Who am I ?

    Holy smoke Batman!!!! WOW! Uhhh, in no way did I mean to offened anyones politics here. It was just that the similarities "JMO", were well, ummm, similar. I had not intended to call Mr. Obama ,"Hitler" it was, but again, it was the "similiarities" of the two. Not being a match, but similar. I'm certainly glad to see the survivalist on this forum didn't relate to any personal attacks. The difference in opinions in this discussion is what makes us all individuals in its self. The phrase, "we should agree to disagree" as Oregonchick said definitely comes to play... Oregonchick, I admire your "stand pat" attitude and beliefs. You are impressive. ps: I do not hate Obama. Who knows, I may even like him if I knew him as a person. However, I do not like his politics. My personal opinion is that most,"and I say most" (not all) of our governing body seem to be puppets on a string. Who's pulling the strings? Well, who knows. Some say lobbyists. I don't have a clue! My opinion is that we are going to hell in a handbasket slowly but surely, and possibly even faster than I think. As Automouse said, my hat is also off to you all! Now, Autonomous. If you look at the Supreme Court Justices that have been appointed in the last several years you'll find a "negative stance" with them in relation to gun ownership. I'm wondering again where this will be heading in the future. CaptBart, sorry for getting you on the edge of your seat. I would have hated to have been the first person to have had a post removed or even been banned from the site. I didn't mean to stir up hate and discontent in any way, shape or form. However, I did learn a few things! Respectively, desert rat
  10. desert rat

    NRA News

    I recommend a comfortable pair of tennis shoes to go with the T's guys....LOL
  11. desert rat


    Welcome Mam!
  12. desert rat


    Hmmm, I did not know that. This happens also when the smart phone is sleeping CaptBart?? The pings I mean?
  13. desert rat

    Need some advice

    A little late, but take this link femvet59. Click on what you'd like, it'll give you the specs. 000, 00, slugs or on whatever you're looking for. I've used this site several times but found it a little more comforting to just go out and pay cash for ammo when deals are findable.
  14. I'm thinking of lightening up my GHB. The fuel cannister(s) are agravating. I like my MSR Rocket but I I'm leaning much towards a Esbit pocket stove. Very small/compact lightweight. Runs from solid fuel blocks. If the trucks running, I'll have the MSR, but if it isn't I'd rather be traveling light with the GHB pack. Could take as long as 12hrs to hoof it home from work. The fuel cubes to me would be much easier for backpack transport. Then again, I may have just answered my own question.... I watched a few vids and they seem to work well. What are your thoughts or opinions? Does anyone have any experience with the Esbit stove?
  15. desert rat


    Hehehe,,,,Another one of me!!! What next??? Little d, little rat, originated in the sandbox of southwest asia. This could get confuseing. LOL!! Go figure >>>>>> Always got my gps/location "off" on my smart phone Capt. However, My time piece is a Luminox 3000/3900 Guess I'm gonna have to change my handle..........Hahah, I guess you could call me "space rat" due to the "space"...LMAO
  16. desert rat

    My GHB ,, What is your opinion,,,

    Yes you can Exit. As long as it's a self sealing can. Sorry it took so long to get back. There's also a stove called a Jetboil that's very effecient! A little pricey. I was looking to lighten up my pack and reduce the bulk by not having to carry fuel cans. The Esbit looked to be the thing and I can pick up 100 blocks for about fifty bucks here.
  17. desert rat

    what do you watch

    1) Body of Proof [what can I say, I love Dana, she'd wear a tater sack and it'd look good] JMO 2) Hell on Wheels 3) this is tough, about anything on Nat.Geo or History Channel
  18. desert rat

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    Magnesium fire starter fireworks display. I just gotta put this here, sorry Bob. Not trying to stomp on your thread. LMFAO at this idiot... P.S. Truck box kit or G.H.B. My kit has 2 magnesium fire starters. A 1 gallon freezer bag full of dryer lint. Kitchen matches in a weather proof container. 4 bic lighters Course steel wool and extra long jumper cables. (If I was on foot I wouldn't be carrying the jumpers and steelwool.)
  19. desert rat

    youtube video's.

    Bwaaahahahaha!!!!! Here's a magnezium fire starter for you!!!!
  20. Reg 5 , basically what you're saying about J.V. is just because it talks like a Roman and acts like a Roman doesn't necessarily mean it's Roman?????
  21. desert rat

    the lansky system.

    Dunno? I wasn't aware of that. Hmmm... I'll bet I ask my barber when I go in for a haircut next time. Maybe someone else can enlighten the both of us before I get to the barbershop....
  22. Jesus! Hell of a first post! Are you one of those Anonymos? I clicked on some of the vids on the right hand side, good lord!!!!!!!! Red list, Blue list? The vid at one camp had red signs and blue signs. Wonder if that's an indication of the lists? One of those places is in Georgia! NWO,, huh? LMAO at the stuttering congressman in the Jesse vid. Lying B@ST@RD! And to find out, he sponsered the bill! The more of the vids I watched the madder I got! Coffins?? Looks like someone is planning for a lot of death. It's evident you know what you're talking about or the point you're trying to get across. And some of the vids on the on the righthand side are outrageous. To induce mass hysteria, riots and confusion would be one way to declare martial law. Then as you said, we'd have no rights! These things point to something I've always been skeerd of and it won't do no good to try and hide. Oh, and, welcome...
  23. desert rat

    its time........

    No shopping list here either! Guess I'd begin preparing for the bug out scenario! Just in case.... Ooops! Probably would make sure the vehicles were topped off. We use the half take rule anyway, never let'em get below half tank.
  24. desert rat

    the lansky system.

    It smooths that fine feathered edge down. Basically the same thing as the white stone but you know what they say about "to much of a good thing"? I've actually had to re-sharpen once because of the white stone. Maybe it was just me but I preffer the leather belt opposed to the white stone. The strope is also is what barbers use to dress the final edge on their razors.
  25. desert rat

    the lansky system.

    Sup Rick? As I'd said before, Lansky is what I used for years. You can't miss getting a hair shaveing edge on a blade. When the edge starts to (roll or feather) work it down lightly with the green one, then go to the blue one. The yellow or white stone I rarely use because I use an old leather belt to strop it from there. When you can't see or feel the roll on the edge, drag the blade backwards across your thumbnail. You can see where the rolled edge picks up the nail. The finer the feather the sharper the blade. Then finish with the leather. I use the 25 degree slot. Once you get a good 25 degree edge on a blade it's just a matter of touching one up a little every now and then. Good luck. I believe you'll like it. This is the one I have.