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  1. Ditto..... Amen! I'd hate to see anything happen!
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    What to do????

    Almost the same situation here. Daughter, grandson, son in law. 60 miles away. I've been very adamant about them useing the Half tank of gas rule. When the vehicles hit half tank, fill up. As for the SHTF scenario. I've told them if there is advanced warning, Get here! If not, there might not be any form of communication. They should be prepared also. They are, and my son in law is very proficient in the outdoors. However, if transportation is possible, again, get here! If you don't show up within two days, I'm coming for you. Stay home at all costs. After the third day, you'll have to be on your own. I don't like to go into the city to start with, and I'm sure it would be an adventure....
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    Whats your sign?

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    What is the best 9mm rifle?

    Marlin makes a 9mm camp carbine. If it's the 9mm you're looking for check out the camp. You should be able to find one around $400. However there's quite a few variables to the little camp.
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    Mountain, Plain, Desert, Coast, hot or cold

    Regardless of which one of the geographical locations you live in, it seems that all have there advantages and disadvantages. Considering, weather (heat,cold,rain,snow) the variables are many. Growing seasons vary. Off grid survival is what it is and there would not be many home comforts unless one had taken measures to extend them and then, how long will "would" they last. For instance, In one area you may need a sleeping bag rated down to 0*degrees or lower, then in another you may need one only rated down to 45*degrees. Clothing would also be an issue, heavy winter clothes would be need in say the Rockies or Appalacians. The deep south and southwest USA, I don't think heavy winter clothes for temps around 0* would be needed. So prepping for the area you live in and are planning to stay in is a must. So regardless of where you are the things of upmost importance to me is still the basics. You must have 1) water, 2) shelter, 3) food and/or a way to aquire all of the three. If I have a preference in surviving, it's going to be wherever it is I am at. If the SHTF in any way, there's no garuantee you're going to be home or anywhere close to home. That's why we have GHBs and we make our preps. I think Neil Strauss wrote in the book Emergency, survival is just finding another way to die or to prolong the inevitable, or it was commented to him by one of the characters in the book. I live by the grace of God, and when he punches my ticket, I'm gone. If I had my druthers, I'd druther live in a spot in the mountains with good soil, the temps stayed 65*-75* year round. There was abundant wildlife and streams for fishing and hunting. The growing season was all year long. But that isn't going to happen. I'd say a place like that already exists in the D.U.M.B.'s. JMHO dr
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    Girls With Skills!

    Mental abuse will also take it's toll pyhsically. No one, I repeat, no one should go through either. A couple of friends of mine who are LEOs said, that's the scariest situation there is to have to go to is a domestic violence call. I don't care who you are, you don't hit (abuse) any woman whom you've told you love. PERIOD! A threat/combatant, now that's a different scenario. JMO dr
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    Another Central Texan joining the ranks

    Welcome TexasReid. Sooo, we're supposed to be protecting our brains? LOL :confused:
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    Intel for the "Prepper"

    Here's another early warning tool, you can go in, sign up and set alerts to be sent to your e-mail. I consider this to be very handy. I think I'd heard an interview on coast to coast where one of the NASA scientist being interviewed said that the solar flare ups were running in a 45 day cycle. That means from the one we had in March, we'd be due again the end of May or first of June. Link:
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    Hi From la Belle France

    Welcome Sir! Lots of interesting posts on here. Dig around, check out the hot topics and star rated posts. I was prepping before Y2K, before I realized what I was doing. LOL It just kinda felt good knowing that if something was to happen, I'd still be in pretty good shape as far as taking care of the family. So over the years I've upgraded things, bought newer stuff. The older stuff I'd get out and ocassionally have a training day with the family members trying to make sure all involved knew the "how to's" of the equipment if I wasn't around. Again welcome, and look forward to your input. dr
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    Storing Loaded Magazines

    I think after all that has been said, it seems to be a personal preference. JMO Even though Mr. Mashy did have a good point. pics of crushed springs! I keep a one 30 rd. Magpul with 15 rds. The rest of my AR mags are Cammenga Mags. and it takes no time to load the Cammengas. In the event of anything happening I'm trusting my insticnts that there would be time to drop a few hundred rds if need be into them. As for my auto loading handguns, as someone mentioned before, a couple of half loaded mags. for each. Extras are empty. However the revolvers are another story.
  11. desert rat

    22LR 0% failure rate

    Yup, my model 60 doesn't like'em either. Shoots the CCI stingers and the Federal bulk from Wally world flawlessly.
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    Spoken like a true survivalist! You'll do just fine Vis! Again, welcome. At my age my wit and vocabulary has lately seemed to elude me. Lots of interesting stuff here, good links, ideas and discussions.
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    LOL Snake! Kinda my nature also. I kinda like that sig. of your's anyway. I think it's, "we're all in sh!t, it's the depth that matters" or something to that effect.
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    New Gun

    Nicely done B&G! The 7.62 will have a more knockdown to it than a 5.56 "if needed". Protecting things after aquired is a priority! Good find.
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    Welcome brudda. Look forward to your input.
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    bWaahahahahh, I wouldn't want an exchange of wits with Snake. That dude can type a 10pg. thesis in less than an hour. Meant in a good way snake, down boy, down! I believe there are quite a few patriots around here. Don't think there's any rednecks wanting to takeover. Welcome Vis.....
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    This is a good listen,

    Survivalist Cody Lunden interviews with Ian Punitt on coast to coast am on survival. Remember, this is a talk show, it's a long interview but very interesting. I lit it up on one tab and listened to the show while I was surfing on other tabs. They discuss quite a few options for survival. Covers a lot, an especially good listen for begining preppers... dr
  18. desert rat

    Show me Your SHTF Coffee Maker?

    I'm sure one of these will work. The old percolator for ground either on the campstoves or fire, or the Jetboil to boil water for instant. I also got to have my coffee.
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    Battery Standardization

    Got quite a stock of batteries here. A couple of solar chargers. I've picked up about 5 Coast 220 lumen Tac lights. I've also collected over the years a couple of 4 and 6 D cell maglights. It takes quite a bit longer to charge the D batteries than the triple A's. I keep my CCrane solar radio and one charger in an .50 cal. ammo can with a few batteries just in case I've gotta grab and go. Also a UTC 330 lumen tactical pressure switch light for my M-4 rail was in there. I wondered where that rail mount light got to! Also made practice runs with about everything I/we'd have to use in a, "bad situation". Trying to make sure that most everyone knows how to use this stuff in case I'm not around. I leave most stuff in original boxes with instructions.
  20. Son! Did he tell it or what!!!
  21. desert rat

    Age old but critical decision

    Amish make a little pie called a whoopie pie. If you have never eaten one I'd suggest finding the nearest bake sale held by 3 little Amish women, get a gallon of ice cold milk and knock yourself out!! Either chocolate or pumpkin. I prefer the pumpkin! There's not but one thing. They're so rich you can only eat one and there not but about 6" round. Whoopie Pies for me!!!!!!! Oh, my stash has Oreo's and Twinkies and about 3 gallons of maple syrup for the pancake mix. You just have to cure a sweet tooth!!
  22. Yep, me too 314. I took this pic of a Chitthook today but up about 1300 there's something I didn't realize was there. Must be an airliner. Shortly after I'd replied to a post on another thread, I got an alert someone tried to hack my e-mail. We are being monitored, that's for sure! Click on the attached and then left click it to zoom. DamifIknow? Doesn't look like it has wings! Not the chinook, lol. That shiney thing. I didn't realize it was there till after I download the pics from the camera and was looking at them.
  23. desert rat

    What if we are being monitored?

    Always liked Art but at the moment Mr John B. Wells has had some of the most interesting interviews lately. One comes to mind with Gary Ridenour. Well sir it's my opinon that it is an honor and privilege to be a U.S. citizen. Not a right! Our fathers shed blood and sacrificed for our constitution. I can only imagine what they went through in 1700's. If the Constitution were ever to be suspended, there'd be no rights for no one. Then there would be another history lesson about more patriots in another 200yrs. There's nothing more important. It would blow your mind to know just how many countries would love to see us lose that. I took that oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Read some news outside the U.S. about the U.S. It sucks. The UK is worried about our liberty:
  24. desert rat

    My drunk post

    lol sir ! Scared people can be very good/dangerous! I'd rather have someone with me that was scared and trained as opposed to someone who was stupid and trained. You can eventually get over scared, but you can't fix stupid. It's just gotta be the lord of the rings avatar....