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    Cash as a Prep

    Cash is most definitely king here and forms an essential part of my BOB. When time comes to use that bag, that cash is surely needed to grease palms, secure transport and sundries on route to my destination. One important thing I suggest would be to make sure of plenty of small bills. At no stage do I want to appear to have a wad of large notes suggesting "large score" to any undesirables out there. Even a large roll of 5's may only total 75 and probably not be worth the edge of any blade I visibly remove first to pay if/when I'm on this journey. I see the banks here as being possibly the weakest link in any social situation in China and I really don't want to be lining up in the event of a bank run as my "targetability" would be huge. Petty thieves abound in this neck of the woods and at times of crisis petty turns to dangerous pretty quick, they also run in packs. To that end, my cash situation is already fairly sophisticated.
  2. SinoCentric

    My Paracord Adventures

    That's nice, what's the weave called?
  3. SinoCentric

    What have you done today to better your Prep?

    Just picked up a big order of sundries I required, for example: Folding bucket, folding cups, Hatchet, Biners, glow sticks, smoke flares, and many other smaller necessities. Now making paracord straps and handles which is amazingly therapeutic, almost meditative.
  4. SinoCentric

    Long term food storage

    That's a cool grain store tip Gray. I've used the freeze then de-frost method but that often reduces the quality. Thanks for the share.
  5. Thanks in advance. I have limited snow knowledge and one critical area where I have no real idea is in foot ware. I know the requirements: Waterproof- yet breathable. Thermally insulated. Good, deep gripping sole surfaces. Weight to me is the least critical, heavy means more energy requirements but not warm enough means far more energy required. One additional spec is easily adjustable by gloved hands. When it comes to feet, imo good enough aint good enough, I want the best. Old back injury and poor circulation mean I can ill afford to be under prepared here. I looked through the hiking boots thread but it's not quite specific enough, so I started up this one. What are the thoughts on others as to which brands/ types of boots are the best?
  6. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    HA! Not sure that there is any other market in many respects. Rolflex watches, genuine Armami suits, and Nilke abound
  7. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    Cool, the socks are an important observation. Now to find relatives with knitting skills here. Practically impossible to buy woolen socks here. All I've found have been some form of Acrylic, not warm and end up making a stink.
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    MacGyver Survival

    From laughter. When I was a kid I hit a ball accidentally into my neighbors aviary and killed about 15 of his 20 odd canaries from the fright (I thought I'd also be a statistic too, but he was surprisingly forgiving). I live in China. At this moment it is quiet but before I finish typing I bet there will be a bang from some fireworks, especially today given the date. The idea of keeping canaries is extremely funny to me.
  9. SinoCentric

    REAL Survival vs REEL survival

    Maybe but it's a good demonstration of technique.
  10. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    Thanks anyway Tinder. Good reviews are always hard to find.Plenty of sell side advice but few take the time to review unless they hated something or are fan's of something, leading to crappy reviews. Another consideration for me is that I have to be able to purchase from within China. Capital controls prevent the average shmo from buying in the international market. That being said, most things are available here if one knows where to look and how to ask. I've spent the better part of a week surfing the reviews/ pitches and have finally made a purchase. After the full run of Winter I'll post a review.
  11. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    No, I mean boots that don't make me feel like I've no toes once the temp drops. I'm not originally from a cold winter area so I find that my feet feel super chilly. Additionally, once the feet are chilled it aggravates an existing back injury and puts a brown one on my mood. I gotta get better foot ware. I normally wear some Merrel Chameleons which are great right up to about now, once the temps drop to the point of snowing that's when I start feeling the frost.
  12. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    Hmmm, what clads your feet then?
  13. SinoCentric

    My GHB

    As a camper/ fisher/ animal watcher/ opportunist hunter I place importance in being quiet. Rattling tins are a big no- no.
  14. SinoCentric

    REady Nutrition

    A word of warning on Kitty Litter, ALWAYS ALWAYS wear a mask when pouring it and keep it from strong breezes. Silicosis is a serious lung condition which can be inflicted by breathing in fine silicate dust just like Kitty Litter. Unfortunately I know this too well,though the source was Perlite potting material rather than Kitty litter, the condition remains the same. I'm somewhat lucky that my exposure was minimal, but the damage is done and can not be undone save ripping out a lung or two.
  15. SinoCentric

    My GHB My ready to go GBH pocket tin. 11 Pictures as it is unpacked. This is not the extent of my EDC but I'm quite proud of my lil tin and wanted to share. Especially as you will see I onlyhad to spend about $3 on it. The rest I had already.
  16. SinoCentric

    often forgotten

    Here's something few think of, dried banana. It's a wonder food. Cheap, good calorie storage, light weight and consumed sparingly not too water taxing on the body. The other majorly over looked application is in electrolyte replacement especially after diarrhea. Potassium replacement is critical for heart function and all the BOB's in the world can't make up for the fear, pain and loss of function that comes with having heart problems in the field. I'm very glad to see salt mentioned several times in the thread but Sodium Chloride isn't the only critical compound the body needs.
  17. SinoCentric

    Blacksmithing,Basic Traing for freee..

    Maybe but don't forget the all the eggs in one basket moral. I have a decent sized external drive but I often fear corruption will cause it's loss. Yeah 2 is 1 but priorities are key and money resources are only spendable once, dammit, no matter how I try otherwise.
  18. SinoCentric

    REAL Survival vs REEL survival

    Dem's foitin' woids!! Newbee indeed!:mad: Meh, I'm over it now......The original red dawn I loved, being in the key target demographic when it come out. I haven't revisited the original in many years as I'd rather have fond memories than pollute them with subsequently gained knowledge like I've done on many others. As for the remake. When the producers switched the invaders, it sure made sense. However now, after congress rails against Yuan (RMB) value, finds against tire manufacturers and imposed tariffs (thereby allowing China's tit-for-tat tariff imposition on certain American cars) and also supplied extra arms and planes to Taiwan: Making the China the bad guy in a movie is a slight not an action of aggression. Given those developments, the inability of N. Korea to project any might past it's doorstep and continuing developments in the Gulf (you know what I mean dammit) switching back to Red flags would make for a more believable plot line, but still not a very likely one. I can't see too many nations thinking jumping into the US' backyard for a spot of "paintball" as a great plan, not until after SHTF and you guys empty most of your rounds into each other. Ooooh, there's a good thinking point.
  19. SinoCentric

    What will disappear first?

    Something that I think will disappear first is patience.
  20. SinoCentric

    MacGyver Survival

    Took a while to clean the coffee spray of the monitor after reading that. Very funny to me as with the random smells and frequent fireworks I think Canaries would be an expensive keep.
  21. SinoCentric


    What's WWVW in reference to time please?
  22. SinoCentric

    MacGyver Survival

    Uuummmmm.... anyway. Here's a McGyver tale of my own. Several years ago in a different city to where I am now, A PVC factory had a Chlorine tank rupture. This was not a trivial incident, who knows how many dead. Officially 4, and as you know official numbers are always correct My boss at the time phone up and told us we may wish to leave home and run for it. I replied that if Chlorine is in the air I'd rather seal up the windows and stay home than run outside. Which I did, luckily was preparing for a move so tape was plentiful. The other thing I did was improvise a gas mask. I kept an aquarium at the time and using the foam filter medium made a pouch. Added an elastic band to each end to hold it together and stuffed it full of charcoal also on hand for the aquarium. I tied these around our Mouth and nose. Boy was it itchy and stuffy but hell...chlorine nuff said. I have no idea if it worked or not truthfully. Eventually it became apparent that we were well away from the site and the breeze had blew it away from us further so we were quite safe. The boss had scrammed returning the next day to tell us all of this. I had figured out it was likely not super dangerous outside after watching the undaunted pedestrian shuffle out the window continue without incident and after 3 hours of itchy noses and stuffy breathing pulled of the improvised mask very happily.
  23. SinoCentric

    What emergency scenario are you prepping for?!?

    This has given me a great pause for thought on what situation I am gearing up for. It's certainly civil unrest but more in the sense of that which occurred in Egypt, yet diametrically opposed in location. Here I see it not being the cities being the powder keg but the more distant, ethnically varied areas leading to general national LEO/ Military crackdown then inflaming cities. I also see this being a winter thing with very good reason. The most terribly done by nationals here are certainly rural, ethnic minority populations. These poor guys generally leave their family farms at adulthood, seeking low skilled/ semi tech work in major urban centers. Every year they return home for the Chinese new year holiday and it is in my opinion that at this time the mass will get critical. I don't think anyone can actually understand how "loss of face" works until they see it repeatedly for themselves. I still mis-attribute actions to poor behavior instead of reaction to loss of face. I see a grander scale loss of face for whole community segments approaching fast, unlikely to be this year but can't rule it out. This will be some what like the following hypothetical: Bands of migrant workers ( yes, that is how they are referred to within their own country!! ) will return home with decreasing amounts of cash, inflation is nipping every ones butt here. Their saving targets are rising but their saving ability is decreasing. They quite literally are the reason for X% GDP growth in this country as their asking price is low but dedication and work ethic is high. Their aging parents, are now carers for their children and are still in the same paltry living conditions, yet even now they haven't the cash to change it. Even if they could afford a new house, moving back there will instantly reduce the income they know they need to properly educate their growing children to break the poverty cycle. Family bonds and also community bonds within these specific groups are immensely strong. At the reunion, general talk of dis-satisfaction will eventually bring the realization that, despite doing all the right things, we still can not be the bread winning mothers and fathers that we were promised. This is a loss of face and it sure angries up the blood of the locals. At that point it will be on. For damn good reason too. These poor guys leave their homes, children and all familiar "comforts" to work usually 10-12 hour days, 25-28 days a month and only get 20 days off a year to return to see the people and things that they are working so hard for. Frankly, it's the Sh%$$iest situation you could imagine. As such you can see the collective will for change from space. TPTB sure can too, but TPTB world wide rarely have the sense to fix problems pro-actively and they are about out of bluff. I reiterate, this is not likely this year but unchanged I'd sure tip next year. This year plans will begin, talk will spread. It may happen but not without a very visible catalyst. (Yes, I do know about Wukan before anyone pops that question but that isn't "visible" enough) Given the likely winter timing, I'm prepping for extended periods of cold weather without electricity, public transport and major supply line disruptions. Given the actual physical parameters of homes here, heating is going to the the toughest nut. Most, myself included, are living in apartments. There is little to no ability to install wood burning devices or any fuel burning devices safely so it becomes about layers if bugging in. I'm presently located far enough away from the extended family that a cross country hike isn't out of the question but perhaps not totally wise, the timing and weather would be major considerations. I'd have to support a wife with zero wilderness experience and I can't say that my snow experience is very extensive, me no likey the cold. The positive factors include: terrain is reasonably flat and almost all is farmland, off the major roads it isn't too difficult to hitch a ride especially if you ask for a short hop, LEO is easily spotted as the flashing lights are always flashing here so that you can easily find them (yeah, I still chuckle about that one) Water sources abound in this part, most surely all need treatment. Countering the positive: I stand out, cover can be scant in stretches, LEO has maaaany friends and it's likely snowing The other situations I'd also throw in are Major flooding of key river systems located near by, typhoons (several yearly occurrences) and just your good ol' fashioned electrical storms. Writing this has been possibly one of the best exercises I've done so far regarding the why and how of the worst case scenario as I see it. Lol, maybe I should start penning a book.
  24. SinoCentric

    Prepper or Survivalist?

    By that definition I must be a survivalist, what's the point of purchasing a new item without test running it? A person who just stocks up on crap is not a prepper but an odd shopper. Prepper/ survivalist= Ketchup/ Katsup.
  25. I'm notorious for not taking my phone with me. There are several reasons for that. Initially, it was just the idea that when I'm not at home I'm out and busy, leave me alone. Then it become, well yeah I have a phone but it just aint that important that I be contacted 24/7, especially as it is usually blatantly unnecessary random thought style phone calls that I get (yeah friends have odd priorities sometimes). Now it's, I just plain forgot as I don't usually carry it, over here land lines abound for cheap public use so push come to shove I can reach you. This method is also a saving as I can't feel the need to phone all about the naked guy trying to get on the bus (true story, I laughed, bus driver didn't) I'm not a luddite just somewhat slack about contact-ability. This is also supported by the fact that I'm never far from those who would try to contact me directly. The above issues I guess are genuine concerns for many but I gotta feel sorry for any techie investigator trying to track my movements as in most regards I spend 24/7 at home as a crippled deaf mute, ha!! In regards to Internet access, as many of you may already know, in China there is not the free reign of internet that one takes for granted at home. Many expats here would come close to loosing all sanity if they didn't have a VPN to access social networking. They also are under the misguided belief that said VPN is a cloak of invisibility for the internet, a great sales line tactic used by VPN companies. I wouldn't count on that one bit, and LEO knows the best way to send one up the river is to give the impression that everything is grooooovy while recording everything for use against you and accomplices. Only if something is important for me to eyeball, I use a proxy to access forbidden sites making sure I never use a login on said proxy, that's a straight up security no- no. Login via proxy is 100% insecure. There is always the balance equation going on re-prohibition and my location. As a non-native with every desire to stay with family in my host country I must maintain obedience to the law. Nobody looses right of residence quicker than those breaking laws, even if that is just to chat to friends on some crappy web site. Regardless of how ridiculous a law seems, it's a law. Breaking it will have a consequence, however unlikely it may seem to you. I've lost contact with many of my old friends which initially really bummed me out, however I now see this in the vain that true friends recognize and adapt to your needs for change.