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    Cash as a Prep

    Cash is most definitely king here and forms an essential part of my BOB. When time comes to use that bag, that cash is surely needed to grease palms, secure transport and sundries on route to my destination. One important thing I suggest would be to make sure of plenty of small bills. At no stage do I want to appear to have a wad of large notes suggesting "large score" to any undesirables out there. Even a large roll of 5's may only total 75 and probably not be worth the edge of any blade I visibly remove first to pay if/when I'm on this journey. I see the banks here as being possibly the weakest link in any social situation in China and I really don't want to be lining up in the event of a bank run as my "targetability" would be huge. Petty thieves abound in this neck of the woods and at times of crisis petty turns to dangerous pretty quick, they also run in packs. To that end, my cash situation is already fairly sophisticated.
  2. SinoCentric

    My Paracord Adventures

    That's nice, what's the weave called?
  3. SinoCentric

    What have you done today to better your Prep?

    Just picked up a big order of sundries I required, for example: Folding bucket, folding cups, Hatchet, Biners, glow sticks, smoke flares, and many other smaller necessities. Now making paracord straps and handles which is amazingly therapeutic, almost meditative.
  4. SinoCentric

    Long term food storage

    That's a cool grain store tip Gray. I've used the freeze then de-frost method but that often reduces the quality. Thanks for the share.
  5. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    HA! Not sure that there is any other market in many respects. Rolflex watches, genuine Armami suits, and Nilke abound
  6. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    Cool, the socks are an important observation. Now to find relatives with knitting skills here. Practically impossible to buy woolen socks here. All I've found have been some form of Acrylic, not warm and end up making a stink.
  7. SinoCentric

    MacGyver Survival

    From laughter. When I was a kid I hit a ball accidentally into my neighbors aviary and killed about 15 of his 20 odd canaries from the fright (I thought I'd also be a statistic too, but he was surprisingly forgiving). I live in China. At this moment it is quiet but before I finish typing I bet there will be a bang from some fireworks, especially today given the date. The idea of keeping canaries is extremely funny to me.
  8. SinoCentric

    REAL Survival vs REEL survival

    Maybe but it's a good demonstration of technique.
  9. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    Thanks anyway Tinder. Good reviews are always hard to find.Plenty of sell side advice but few take the time to review unless they hated something or are fan's of something, leading to crappy reviews. Another consideration for me is that I have to be able to purchase from within China. Capital controls prevent the average shmo from buying in the international market. That being said, most things are available here if one knows where to look and how to ask. I've spent the better part of a week surfing the reviews/ pitches and have finally made a purchase. After the full run of Winter I'll post a review.
  10. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    No, I mean boots that don't make me feel like I've no toes once the temp drops. I'm not originally from a cold winter area so I find that my feet feel super chilly. Additionally, once the feet are chilled it aggravates an existing back injury and puts a brown one on my mood. I gotta get better foot ware. I normally wear some Merrel Chameleons which are great right up to about now, once the temps drop to the point of snowing that's when I start feeling the frost.
  11. SinoCentric

    Request for Snow hiking boot review.

    Hmmm, what clads your feet then?
  12. SinoCentric

    My GHB

    As a camper/ fisher/ animal watcher/ opportunist hunter I place importance in being quiet. Rattling tins are a big no- no.
  13. SinoCentric

    REady Nutrition

    A word of warning on Kitty Litter, ALWAYS ALWAYS wear a mask when pouring it and keep it from strong breezes. Silicosis is a serious lung condition which can be inflicted by breathing in fine silicate dust just like Kitty Litter. Unfortunately I know this too well,though the source was Perlite potting material rather than Kitty litter, the condition remains the same. I'm somewhat lucky that my exposure was minimal, but the damage is done and can not be undone save ripping out a lung or two.
  14. SinoCentric

    My GHB My ready to go GBH pocket tin. 11 Pictures as it is unpacked. This is not the extent of my EDC but I'm quite proud of my lil tin and wanted to share. Especially as you will see I onlyhad to spend about $3 on it. The rest I had already.
  15. SinoCentric

    often forgotten

    Here's something few think of, dried banana. It's a wonder food. Cheap, good calorie storage, light weight and consumed sparingly not too water taxing on the body. The other majorly over looked application is in electrolyte replacement especially after diarrhea. Potassium replacement is critical for heart function and all the BOB's in the world can't make up for the fear, pain and loss of function that comes with having heart problems in the field. I'm very glad to see salt mentioned several times in the thread but Sodium Chloride isn't the only critical compound the body needs.