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    31 yrs old, wife, 2 kids Prepper, love to hunt and fish and shoot
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  1. Lou2380

    often forgotten

    Well what about a slingshot. I have one in my bag w/ an extra rubber sling. They don't weight enough to make or break you. I have alot of emphasis on the gathering providing food in my bag. But when the ammo runs out unless you can run faster than your prey your gonna get hungry quick. If you can find a rock you got ammunition. Plus generally the rubber straps are hollow so you have a make shift straw. Which was a good idea by another poster. By the way all you guys have great ideas. Merry Christmas preppers.
  2. Lou2380

    often forgotten

    I haven't seen chapstick on here and I always keep a few sticks in my bag. For one they way nothing, two they are petroleum based so absolutely excellent fire starter I know this for a fact burns for a decent time. (smoosh a little bit into your tinder ball). Keep a bow string waxed with it, grease things down with it. And it keeps your pucker pleasant. Lol but if you had to go a few days in the searing heat or blistering cold it's worth it's weight in gold.