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    oc pepper spray

    has anyone checked out ? i ordered one of these and its freaking awsome. it shoots a cloud of oc 15ft and the best part it is an exact replica of a Glock19. The reloadable cartrige is in the magazine just like a pistol. check this out it is worth the time. watch the video
  2. The Confederate

    Womens Selfdefense

    check out... i ordered on of these and it is awsome. it shoots a cloud of oc 15 feet and is very powerful and the best thing is it is an exact replica ofa Glock19. watch the video is awsome
  3. The Confederate

    Womens Selfdefense

    hey everyone should check out the wbe, they have a pepper spray pistol that looks just like a glock19. it is awsome!!! i orderd one and its great.