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    Thoughts on Tauras PT709 Slim 9mm?

    I picked up one in May. I have been having problems with it the last two times out to the range. For some reason the magazine drops out after every round fired. I need to get it over to the gun shop as I have no idea why this is happening but apparently others have had this problem. That said prior to this happening I really liked the Slim. It is very comfortable and fits my hand great with the Peirce extended mag. I had picked it up as a summer carry gun, as my regular carry gun (HK P2000sk 40.cal) is just to heavy to wear and conceal in some summer clothing. The Slim fits this roll nicely. Im a fan of Taurus in general I have a few of their firearms and have had good experiences with them. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and see if this is a one time problem. If so and they fix it I will hold on to the Slim. If not I'll move on to something else. I would say that at the price point of around $300 you wont get hurt to bad if you pick it up and don't like it. I went with the slim over the M&P Shield and the Ruger SR9c because the slim fit my hand better. That's the most important factor for me when buying a handgun. My advice is to go with a gun that is the most comfortable in your hand and fits the specific purpose you need it for.
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    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    Leatherman does make great multi-tools I have had the wave and surge and they are both good but they are expensive. I currently carry the Gerber Suspension and really like it. It's very good quality and half the price of the leatherman. Also if your not familiar with manipulating pliers the suspension makes it easier as it is spring loaded. Not a problem for me as I spent many years doing electrical work, but much easier for my wife to use. The one I brought also came with a smaller keychain version so that I dont have t carry the full size everywhere. http://www.amazon.com/Gerber-Suspension-Butterfly-Opening-Multi-Plier/dp/B000EDPT9K http://www.amazon.com/Gerber-Suspension-Multi-Plier-Pocket-Combo/dp/B004165DCO/ref=sr_1_8?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1340542093&sr=1-8&keywords=gerber+suspension
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    shtf music

    MY taste in music is VERY eclectic so my list would look something like this AC/DC - Thunderstruck http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsmXLGKdkW4&feature=related AC/DC - Hells Bells http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Kjh9lQXLWk Bob Seger - Shakedown Corrosion of Conformity - Clean My Wounds Dierks Bentley - What was I thinkin’ Disturbed - Down With The Sickness Eminem - Till I Collapse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3oBZ4_TNys Johnny Cash - God Gonna Cut You Down Linkin Park - The Catalyst http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCaIRXpYL70 Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tools Nine Inch Nails - Were In This Together Now Queen - One Vision Ratt - Body Talk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wLrvP94rw8 Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGuR-g5UZhM For Oregonchick: Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Kill Bill) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y5UicjEvdY Them & Van Morrison - Baby Please Don’t Go The White Stripes - Icky Thump Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
  4. Hey guys, I looked online and read through most of the threads to trie to piece together the info I’m looking for but can’t seem to find it so I figured id just ask. I am building a room in the back of my garage. I will be using the room as my “Armory” and to store a majority of my prepping gear. I want to make the room safe from a solar flare/EMP so I can store my generator, back up hard drives, old laptop, and other electronics. I have couple different ideas on how to do this but wanted to get your guys opinions and ideas since many of you have a better understanding of this then I do. Feel free to add or subtract from my ideas, or tell me how bad they are. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I will be taking pictures and video of every part of the project and will be happy to post them when I am all finished. Just keep in mind I don’t want this to look like a faraday cage. From the outside it must appear to just be a regular storage room in the back of the garage. The dimensions of the room are 8’ x 9’ with 9’ ceiling. Idea #1 - Cinder block then fur out with 1” x 1” furring strips. - Shoot 2” x 4” pressure treated studs (laying flat) into the concrete slab (creating a base for a raised floor) - Wrap the inside of the framed room in copper mesh including the ceiling and floor. - Sheetrock over the mesh inside the room as well as outside. - Lay ½” or ¾” plywood on top of cooper mesh for the floor. - Ground the mesh at 2 separate points to 8’ ground rods. Idea #2 - Cinder block the room and fur out floor as above. - Instead of using copper mesh, line the room in sheets of steel. (Welding them together and grounding them) (I really like this idea and think it would look really nice) Issues I need to resolve. 1. Will Steel even work? Could I use some outer type of metal? Assuming steel will work what would be the minimum gage I could get away with. 2. Will sheet rocking over the mesh be an issue? 3. The Door. I know I need to have metal on metal contact but does the whole door have to be metal? I was trying to think of a way to modify a fire rated door to do the trick (this would save money). Say a piece of steel attached to the back of the door that over hung the outside edge so that it made contact with steal on the wall when the door is shut then retro fitting the entire other side in continuous hinges which connect to the steel on the other wall and steel on the back of the door. The other thought I had was to get a vault door then weld the steal or mesh onto the frame. 4. Power inside the room. I want to have a few outlets and lighting inside the room. (I plan on doing reloading). I am going on the assumption that if a big enough solar flare or EMP were to hit, the lights and outlets would be fried (as well anything plugged in to them), as they will be connected to existing circuits. (I would not connect anything I wished to protect into them, they would be merely for convenience) My concern is whether bringing outside power into the room will expose anything in the room. (Basically, could my generator, which is just sitting in the room on the floor and not attached to anything, some how be exposed because I brought outside power inside the room. Like I said any help would be appreciated and if I have not explained anything clearly enough let me know.
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    Guns 'n Psycology

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    Guns 'n Psycology

    550, I think you may have misinterpreted a lot of the self defense talk. If you go back and look at threads that discuss current events (i.e Trevor Martain or the home owner in NY who discharged his firearm at a thief), you will find that a large majority of us have taken to task the actions of those individuals. To be clear carrying a firearm for the protection of yourself or another is one of, if not the greatest, responsibility anyone has (except of course raising a child, Happy Monther's day to all you moms out there). Having been a loyal reader of this forum for several years I can say that I have never gotten the feeling that anyone here disregards human life. In fact I think it is quite the opposite. Being a "preper" is about valuing human life. That said it is my personal belief that when you carry a firearm you should do everything you can as to not put yourself in a position to have to use it and have the mind set that most things in life are unimportant. My wife actually makes fun of me b/c the moment I put my carry gun on, she claims I change into a different person. Little things that annoy me (slow or idiot drivers, loud talkers in movies theaters, Boston Red Sox fans or Patriot fans, etc.) have ZERO effect on my emotional state. I will also not go looking for trouble, I am not LE, if i see something I think is illegal or potentially dangerous happening or about to happen, I will (and have) remove myself and loved ones to safety and call a cop. However, the police HAVE NO LEGAL DUTY TO PROTECT YOU. Therefore, it is my personal responsibility to do everything humanly possible to protect myself and loved ones from harm, and if that "harm" is life threatening then I will respond appropriately. No hesitation, no remorse. Talking about those life or death decisions, and interacting with people who have been in that postion before, I feel makes me better prepared to respond if something happens and goes hand in hand with taking some type of CCW self defense class. The thing that I love about the people here and why I decided to participate after years of reading the threads, is that a vast majority of the people here understand these differences. I hope that as you read more threads you realize this as well
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    What is the best 9mm rifle?

    I have a hi-point in 9mm and have not had one problem with it. I just changed out the original stock to the ATI aftermarket. Bible is right though, the mags do suck. If money is no option then obviously go with something a little nicer. I have never shot the Cx4 but have heard good things. Here's my hi-point
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    Firearms for a group

    I didn't realize that. Good point. My Semi-autos are either 9mm, 40, or 45. The only revolver I own is a 44. My point was to find a round that would fit both a revolver and semi, worked well for any application, and was readily available.
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    Firearms for a group

    Warrior your killing me; now I have to go out and get an AR in 7.62/308. I have been looking at this one now for the past year. I have a 5gal water jug that I fill with change, I guess we now know what I am getting. http://www.laruetactical.com/larue-tactical-obr-optimized-battle-rifle-complete-762-rifle-16-barrel My list would look like this. Rifles: Although I have heard mostly good things about AK's as far as their reliability and ease of maintenance I personally would stay in the AR platform. My reasons being first, the ease and availability in this country to get parts for them. In the past 10 years it seams that every major firearms manufacture has begun making AR's in multiple calibers and aftermarket parts can be found at almost all major sporting goods stores. I understand the cleaning issue, but to me part of each individuals responsibilities is to maintain his or her firearm. That said I would have a few in 308/7.62, and a few in 55.6/223 (again availability of rounds) The other reason is that I can't stomach the look of the AK (I know not really a concern if your life's on the line) but still its ugly as sin and reminds me of every bad guy in cheesy 80's movies. I would also would want to have a few bolt action 308 rifles for hunting. As well as both semi and bolt action 22. Shotguns: Capt. Bart brings up a great point about recoil. That said I think this can be managed by the size of the load (2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2") and whether or not the shotgun is a pump or semi-auto (My Semi-auto Mossberg in 12 has less kick then my 20 gage pump remmington using 21/2). As Capt. mentioned situation is going to dictate caliber, and I agree to a large extent, that said we all know that in stressful situation we lose fine motor skills, and can experience tunnel vision, so my worry with mixing 12 and 20 gage would be that in a life or death moment an in experienced shooter (specifically with shotgun) could easily grab a few 20 gage rounds and throw them in a 12 gage shotgun or vise versa. If the only difference is the size of the load then at that moment with your adrenaline pumping the gun is going to go off regardless of the size and your not going to feel the kick any way. Handguns: Although Im a huge fan of HK, I agree with Capt. about going with the Glock. Reliability, ease of use, and availability of parts is big for me. However, I think I would probably opt for the 357. This is because I could then also go with a 357 revolver that can also take 38. In this scenario I would probably stay away from 9mm, 40, or 45 and stick with the 357 and 38 simply because of interchangeability between different weapons. Id also have a few 22 handguns as well.
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    avitar pics

    Here is mine. That is me on my snowmobile (Skidoo 600 H.O. James Bond edition)
  11. I really like the ACU but I agree with the others that OD is probably more practical.
  12. Ive used these too, they work good and I actually carry one in my BOB. Whats nice is that it is 5 gallons of capacity and is easily foldable and compact, taking up little space. It also gets pretty hot when left in the sun all day.
  13. Thanks exit, good idea on the shelf.
  14. Thanks Capt. Thats what I was afraid of. Maybe I scrap the plan of making the whole room emp safe, and make a small box or something to house few things.
  15. Juice94

    Otis gun cleaning kit

    I have one. I keep it in my range bag b/c it's nice and compact. It works good but I usually use the Rod and patches and a few q-tips. Just the the way I was raised I guess.
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    What's in/on your nightstand?

    On night stand - Touch Lamp - IHome clock/radio/Iphone charger - Multiple bottles of water. (My wife makes fun of me and says I leave there on purpose like in the movie Signs.) - Box of Tissues - Mag Light - lotion - Lint Brush - Phone - Remote Top Draw. - Hk P2000sk with extra mag - HK 45 with TL-1 Streamlite attached - Streamlite 180lm tactical flash light - Swiss army knife - Advil - Nasal Spray - Alergy pills - pens - cough drops - Gum - Random Change - Other assorted crap that I need to clean out. Bottom Draw. - I opened it for probably the first time in well over a year, and then I quickly closed it. It was like the closet you throw all the stuff in before company comes over.
  17. I believe you are correct and if I go with mesh I planed on grounding it.
  18. Thats not a bad Idea. I probably could put in a small sub panel outside the room, with a whip to plug into a generator plug that is attached to the main service, and whenever I go in there just plug the whip in.
  19. That was my worry. There has to be a way to bring power into the room without without exposing the rest of the things inside.
  20. Juice94

    Cell Phone Apps for Preppers

    Good point Capt Bart.
  21. Survivalycyclist hit the nail right on the head. There is a great deal of truth in the phrase "You get what you pay for." Thats not to say you can't find comprable products cheaper, however I would not take chances with with items you will relie on in a life or death situation. Id rather save a little longer and buy something I know will do the job the first time rather then buy something inferior. In the long run it is actually cheaper to buy the right thing the first time then having to replace things because they break or dont work right. That being said, along with the other items others have mentioned I would add a very good pair of boots.
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    Annihilator Superhammer

    The FUBAR is awesome
  23. Juice94


    That just made me laugh out loud. Bravo Doc
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    Cell Phone Apps for Preppers

    I have a few apps - Prep & Pantry - Its an invintory app but what is real nice is that you can scan the bar code and it imputs all the info for you. It gives you the expiration, you can sort by location, which allows you to keep track of inventory at your BOL location. It also allows you to make a shopping list for items you need. - SAS survival - Bear Grylls - WikiHow Survival - Survival Feeds - Rss feeds of various survival articles on multiple sites - iTriage - Emergency Radio Scanner
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    Hooray for me.

    That's fantastic. My wife did something similar. For the past 10 years I have wanted the James Bond Omega Seamaster Watch. However, I could not justify spending over 2 grand on a watch. Well when I started law school I made an off hand comment to her that "it would make a great graduation gift". Fast forward 2 1/2 years to this time last year, we were in some pretty bad financial shape, (not that things are much better now) and I told her not to get me anything or throw any party when I graduated (I had completely forgot that i even mentioned the watch). She just smiled and said ok. Well the night before my graduation she presented it to me (see my EDC entry). Appatently she had been saving for it since I started school. Don't know what it was, but I must have done something right in a past life to end up with her.