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    Womens Selfdefense

    I carry a Monadnock "Persuader" Kubaton as my keychain. I also can also recommend the Mini-Maglite. The Mini-Mag is a great choice for children in school or anyone who works in a PC environment, as a true Kubaton will likely be considered a weapon by the sheeple and their keepers. The man who trained me to use it related the following story during the course. Paraphrase: His 16 year old grandaughter was being harrased by a boy in her high school. This large football player manchild would approach her in the hallway from behind and grab her a$$. She came to granddad (arguably the most experiencied self-defense instructor in the state) for help. He gave her a mini-maglite and taught her how to use it. Next day "Mongo" walks up behind her for a feel, she turns executes the technique, and puts sad sack on his back. He never bothered her again. In fact his shock and embarrasment at being bested by a little girl was so complete, he would back away and hunch down in a submissive pose whenever he saw her from then on. The other tool I carry is called a "Lapu Lapu Corto". A smaller version designed for women is called the "Tusok". It is a small folding pocket knife with a ramp on the back of the blade and a special handle. It is designed to be used in the blade folded and closed position as an impact or pain compliance device. If the less than lethal technique fails, then the knife can be opened and used like any other knife. I learned to use it at the same school as the Kubaton, but from a different instructor. The key to either is training. Having the tool is nice. Having the skill and confidence to use it is essential.
  2. Tunnel Rat

    What is tanglefoot?

    Tanglefoot in the military sense is just one of several obstacle types used in a defensive position to slow down attacking enemy infantry. How and where you set it up depends on the "effect" you want to have; fix, block, disrupt or turn. In my day tanglefoot consisted of metal "engineer stakes" pounded into the ground in a grid pattern about 4'-6' apart with about 1' sticking up above ground. Barbed wire or communication wire is then wound around the stakes and crisscrossed between each other. An enemy footsoldier encountering this obstacle must slow down his rate of advance or his "foot" will get "tangled" in the wire and he will trip and fall down. Hence the name "tanglefoot" If you are defending this gives you more time and better opportunities to bring down fire and kill him. I would not recommend this around your house. You will be held liable if someone is hurt by your intentional trip hazzard. You can grow really gnarley and prickley bushes under all your windows however. I have holly bushes. I'm sure someone on this forum has better ideas. Just remember, no obstacle can fully stop a determined attacker. Obstacles are simply meant to slow bad guys down enough to give the good guys time to arrive and/or take better aim.
  3. Tunnel Rat

    Dealing with Other People

    One thing I have not seen mentioned. If you choose to bug-in at your apartment complex, eventually one of your unprepared neighbors is going to do something stupid when trying to cook or stay warm. When they set their "house" on fire, they take yours with it, because you are all connected. I would get as far away from any apartment complex as fast as I can.