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    First Pistol

    So in a year I will be turning 21 and rather than going out and getting drunk like a moron I plan on investing on a sidearm. I went to a range that rented pistols but they were all compact versions and I would like to use something full sized. Anyway, on a budget of less than $500 are there any suggestions as to what I should be looking into getting my hands on? I plan on shooting 9mm because .45 is just too expensive for my blood. Also, this site seems to have some idea of what is and isnt good for my budget so what do you guys have to say about it? So yeah, suggestions? [EDIT] Pistol going to be a shtf backup gun to go with the AR I will be purchasing later this year.
  2. nickanator8

    First Pistol

    Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. I know a lot of you are suggesting I go .45 for the stopping power and I do plan on buying a 1911 just because I have always wanted one, but right now my finances are one box of 50 rounds at a time. I can't stockpile a bunch of ammo and so cant afford to buy a few hundred less rounds for the sake of getting a more powerful one. Also, I do get it that a sidearm is called that for a reason which is why I am getting the AR before the pistol. Anyway, thanks for the input so far. Really I know it is all about how each gun fits to each person, I guess I just wanted to know if there were any guns out there that I should just not go for under any circumstances or something like that. Also, thanks for mentioning the idea of "spray and pray." Being a paintballer and hardcore woodsballer I have always frowned upon those who waste ammo and just shoot because they have a bajillion rounds to send downrange. I plan on using my dad's .22 to hone my skills, but I also want to be able to use my gun for whatever is thrown my way if the time comes. It isn't a concealed carry gun in any way, nor is it a home defense weapon (not primarily anyway) but a "let's get proficient with a sidearm so if my primary stops working or is out of reach I'm not caught with my pants down" gun. I probably will carry in the future, but right now it is not something I am mentally prepared to do. Hopefully that day will come but right now I'm still just a college student living with my parents so it isn't my biggest priority. It is a priority, just not a massive one.
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    First Pistol

    I already have a .22 rifle and my father recently purchased a mk III so I have my .22 guns taken care of. what I am looking for now is a more "practical" weapon. I will more likely be bugging in, not out so weight isnt the biggest deal.
  4. Which do you prefer? I would have to say straight edge because it is more all purpose and much easier for the average joe to maintain, especially in a survival situation.
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    First AR

    So I am in the process of saving up for my first AR-15 style assault carbine. I have no idea what I am getting into so I'm looking for some direction. What price range should I expect and what brands should I lean towards or away from. Plans for the rifle: I plan on spending a lot of time with it and becoming proficient with it. It will not just sit in a gun case, it will get used plenty. I plan on putting some form of optics on it, I was thinking a 3-9 power adjustable. Enough spare mags to hold at least 100 rounds (not part of initial purchase though) Possibly a paint job to match my surroundings. (EDIT) I also would like to eventually put a suppressor on it (they are legal in Michigan ) So, let the barrage of pennies begin ($0.02 per person) ANOTHER EDIT: Just for reference, I am only asking for the weapon itself. I will be buying everything else separately and at a later date. Right now I am just trying to get the gun so I can put some rounds through it and get familiar with it while saving up for the later modifications, ie. the suppressor and the paint
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    Laws 'n stuff

    Ok, as a precursor, everything following is purely hypothetical in nature. However, I am quite curious as to the answer to this situation I thought of recently. Let's say I am a college student in California, however, I am a legal resident of Idaho. In Idaho part of my EDC is a knife that is longer than that of legal California restrictions. Let's say that for some reason a LEO discovers this blade on my person while I am living on campus (this incident does not happen on school property though, that's a different discussion). Do I fall under the jurisdiction of California law or am I fine because it is legal in the state I have a drivers license for. In short, when at college, are you under the jurisdiction of your school state, or home state? Anyone with accurate knowledge is encouraged to share it.
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    Long Range on a Budget

    Budget? There is no better budget rifle than a Mosin Nagant. You can get an aftermarket scope mount for $50 and instantly have a rifle ready to go at great ranges. Even if you (are crazy) wanting to go iron sights, their minimum range is, I believe, 300 meters.
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    First AR

    Thanks, John, I'll take your words into consideration.
  9. nickanator8

    First AR

    Thanks, Capt, I'll be sure to look into it.
  10. nickanator8

    First AR

    Capt, now that you mention it, I doubt I will be shooting much farther than maybe 300-400 yards. I have done some brief research and there seems to be no solid conclusion between using a 1.5x red dot (holographic) or a 3x 4x ACOG. Anyone have a say on the matter?
  11. nickanator8

    First AR

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, Capt. I will definitely take your suggestions into consideration. I now have a general idea of which one I may buy. Here's the link for those interested.
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    When the rush is on

    It's really nice to see someone who did their homework and thoroughly understands something to the point that they can explain it to just about anyone. Great thesis, I applaud your dedication to understanding the science behind prepping.
  13. nickanator8

    When the rush is on

    Capt Rob, I love your description of the five waves of refugees. Where did you come across this?
  14. nickanator8

    The Colony

    The show itself was kind of shallow, though season 2 was much better than season 1. Obviously a lot of it was staged but as previously stated, if you take everything with a grain of salt, there is quite a bit to learn.
  15. nickanator8

    Mosin Nagant Madness

    My Mosin was the first gun I ever purchased. I have only put 40 rounds through it because I was terrified by the word "corrosive." The thought that popped into my head was the entire gun being eaten away by some mysterious force I couldn't control. Now, though, I think I will go for the surplus and just spend some extra time cleaning my baby. Payed $75 with tax for mine (came used with some funky paint job on it but I was not about to pay $140 for a "new" one)
  16. nickanator8

    Serrated of straight edged?

    this is more a question of which would you choose if you could only have one. Personally the only time I have found a need for serration on a blade is when I am using a saw, any other time I just need a really sharp straight edge.
  17. nickanator8

    Which weapons are you bringing with you when you pop smoke?

    I would just bring everything I own (between myself and my father) which includes a Remington 700 chambered in 30-06, M1 Garand, Mosin Nagant, a Ranger single shot bolt action .22, 'bout a brick of .22 jacketed hollow points, 100 rounds of 7.62x54r (hopefully, I only have 40 atm ) and 4 stripper clips, and 400 rounds of surplus 30-06 ball (plus hopefully more than just one Garand clip)
  18. If this isn't a ridiculous predicament then I don't know what is. I am currently attending college in Chicago, right in the heart of the city, and am living on campus. Home is over two hundred miles away plus an expected extra hundred mile detour around Cabrini Green (I am "that scrawny white kid"). I have no transportation methods other than my own two feet, though I do posses the theoretical knowledge of how to hot-wire a car (not really my first plan of action either, seeing as that would be considered steeling/looting). I have a small B.O.B. packed but I doubt it will be enough to get me all the way home in a timely fashion. My B.O.B. includes the following: 140ish feet of 550 paracord water purification tablets 2 pair undies 2 pair socks hat "utility" vest zip lock baggies compass 2-3 metal water bottles magnesium fire starter waterproof matches lighter sewing kit dental floss dust masks ear plugs deck of cards duct tape chap stick 12 oz of MnM's 1lb roasted almonds 10oz craisins 3oz beef jerky notebook pencil survival knife Leatherman Skelitool multitool (spellcheck says all of those are wrong, haha) camo foam camouflage wrap 8 bottles of water army surplus survival/E&E manual 6x8 blue tarp maybe a few other odds and ends I missed. Now just to get an idea of technical skills I am an Eagle Scout and have camped hundreds of times, however, I have never been put into a survival situation and the only animal I have ever gutted is a fish (it was really tasty). My other dilemma is that I would feel much better if I had some kind of firearm packed in there, but as I am sure you can imagine, weapons of any kind are not allowed on campus (the survival knife included). I was thinking about purchasing an AR-7 and keeping it torn down and hidden until the SHTF, but I keep wondering if the risk is worth the reward. Anyway, the purpose of this posting is to ask if anyone has suggestion on my B.O.B. and advice on the AR-7. Thanks in advance, Nick Quick Edit: I am 19 just to put that into perspective.
  19. This is the same concept as using a credit card. I am in college and manage $100 a month in spending cash (everything else goes to school and meals are included). The cash goes to a debit card, but what I tend to do is withdraw some if not most of it and pay for things in cash so that I know and feel the transaction, rather than just swiping some piece of plastic through a reader. Today's money may be funny money, but it is still worth more than a piece of plastic...
  20. nickanator8

    The Judge

    In Michigan it gets frickin dark before the day officially/legally ends.
  21. nickanator8

    Merry Christmas survivalcache

    I second what the good Capt. said. Merry Christmas everyone!
  22. nickanator8

    Terra Nova

    It isn't all FOX's fault. Most of America is shallow and finds that teen mom flipping dance studios entertaining. I have found AMC has good shows such as the Walking Dead (though that may be my bias toward Zombies taking over).
  23. nickanator8

    Survival Game

    A good alternative to this for those who cant turn off the power or just simply can't participate for one reason or another is a custom modified version of Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone builds up a character similar to themselves in real life and equips themselves with the items in their real life BOB. For those who haven't played, I recommend version 3.5. Also, for those who believe that a board game is satanic, I would like to make the argument that I, along with seven other friends, all attend a Christian Bible college, yet we play D&D. The game is just a game, nothing more, nothing less. That being said, it can be modified to be a tool to simulate a SHTF scenario.
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    Yay! I contributed to the site
  25. So I saw M4040's idea on a 10 cent knife and decided to try it out myself, figuring I had about 10 pennies to loose. Turns out they ended up being about 20 cent knifes but whatever. Anyway, I don't have the right tools for this but made do with what I had on hand. I shaped the blades and set their edges on a small tabletop grinder my dad has in the garage. I tried sharpening one of them with the kitchen whet stone but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. The belt sander is broken so it looks like I am just going to have to live with some dull knifes for the time being. Anyway, from left to right is the order of my attempts, left being numero uno and right being my most recent attempt. I still have a bunch of blade to use and plenty of time to kill so more will probably be on their way by the end of the day but this is what I have so far. Comments, concerns, complaints, tips, and anything else you guys can think up is appreciated. Thanks, Nick