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  1. i wouldnt get too much into the container fettish, a few ziplock bags are fine, but remember everything you add adds to the weight you carry.... and you BOB itself should be water repellant so you dont have to worry too much about water getting on the stuff in the bag....


    What about spraying it with water repellent?

  2. hey amatuer and tinderwolf.


    Same problems for me until i bought this baby about ten years ago. At my age and weight (top secret info and i am sure i got you both beat) add 15 miles of pointless ups and downs On the Appalachian Trail with 40 lbs on my back, i sleep like a baby.

    you name any other sleep pad and i have tried it.

    buy it at REI anf if you dont like it send it back for a full refund. Keep your reciept if you are not a member.


    Dang they aren't cheap. You've probably got me on age, maybe on weight. lol.

  3. Lol. You don't want to know.


    1. Springfield XD9 with an extra magazine

    2. General Lee CB with a RK56 mic, frequency counter, and external speaker

    3. Various wire strung throughout the back

    4. Cresent Wrench

    5. Siren Speaker

    6. 25ft tow strap

    7. Spare tire

    8. Screwdriver

    9. Blue code3 dash laser

    10. Empty camo medium ALICE pack

    11. Other odds and ends

  4. oh sorry for the confusion. Yes I do use stuff like that. Inside my BOB I use a small camping fanny pack for various things. Ziploc bags for things I don't want to get wet, well I know we don't want anything to get wet but I'd rather my extra knife get wet than my matches or clothes. An old first aid kit container that I built my own first aid kit after, old pill bottles for lint, things like that.


    Ok. Thats what I was wondering. I'm just trying to picture it so I know how I want to go about it.

  5. some store still do. I have been a member forever. For $20 your membership will get you a percentage back on your yearly purchases. depends on how the company does. They have lifetime guarantee on all merchandise. I have seen 10 year old tents that started to leak be replaced. Boots that had seen 100 miles of trails and stoves that lord knows when they were sold. All returned and replaced. If you are a member you never have to have a receipt. I don't work for REI. Iam just a customer. I know their prices are not the cheapest but the customer service is second to none.

    They offer classes on just about any outdoor activity you can think of.

    found their rental link.

    sorry if i hijacked the thread but this retailer can really be a valuable source.


    Dude thats some good info!!!

  6. I looked into it a little while ago, and almost went ahead with it. The biggest problem that I had was the schedule that they keep for the classes. If I don't work, I don't make money, so I decided instead to get first aid training through my local Red Cross. It's about the only thing I could do at the time..... and hey, at least it was something towards being more self sufficient.


    Tis true. That also my biggest issue with most training. They set the schedule to work for the majority of people, but I'm never in the majority.

  7. I am disabled


    Leave me alone PERIOD, go the F@ck Away, drop dead, take a hike, stick your head in a fan.


    and I have all these wonderful slogans on signage posted on my property.


    I am still suffering from the last time my life was saved.


    do gooders some times they do not leave well enough alone.


    So I guess thats a no on you participating in one of these groups?

  8. Are any of you guys involved in a CERT group or some sort of emergency assistance group? We have a very active CERT department here. They've also started a list of people that can't get around well. It's an assistance list for emergencies to check on people who are disabled or unable to help themselves in an emergency. Any of you guys participate?

  9. ok since im the one who started this thread and have been pulled out to the chopping block with that statement, please explain to me how my intended purpose for this thread is to be disrespectful.


    What was the original purpose of this thread? This thread goes from 1 post, posting 1 video of the maybe 5% of open carriers then complaining about it, to a full on attack from the forum in general on open carriers. The only reason people panic when they see someone open carrying is because everyone has gone soft and assumes that law enforcement is thier own personal bodygaurd. Not near enough people open carry anymore, hence the panic. You posted the topic, videos, and comments in the first post with the intent to inflict the resulting posts in this thread about people who open carry, which I am one of, therefore I feel disrespected by the thread as a whole.

  10. I think the officer in the first video was being disrespectful and intentionally trying to pick a fight with a guy minding his own business. Name 1 person in modern times that open carries with the intent to do harm. I open carry everywhere here in Missouri. It is legal. I've never been stopped by a LEO and questioned because they know that it is my right and is legal. Most people don't even notice the gun when I'm at Wal-Mart or another similar store. The laws against firearms only work on law abiding citizens. The only questions I get asked are by other citizens who are interested in open carry or just want to know what gun it is. The intended purpose of this thread is disrespectful to those that open carry. I, while open carrying, am no more harm than the guy on the corner by the bank that is giving his partners a size up of the banks security that they are getting ready to rob via the cellphone he is on. That is all.

  11. What gloves do you guys keep for SHTF, camping, backpacking, etc. I didn't see a glove thread and figured good gloves are important in protecting your hands. I've come across a pair of Aqualung Thermocline 3mm Wetsuit Gloves that have Kevlar in the palms, fingers, and backs of the fingertips. They're glued and blind stitched on the seams. Sounds like they'd be quite useful for carrying stuff or working with sharp or dangerous items. I also have a couple of pairs of brown Jersey gloves and a pair of hunting gloves with Thinsulate. What about you???