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  1. What did you get??? My wife asked me to make a list of stuff a while back i wanted that she could pick me up from time to time, so I copied a bug out bag list from here and gave it to her. This morning I woke up for work and she was already up getting ready. There was a decorative bag and a card laying on me. I read the card as usual and looked in the bag. There was an Esbit pocket stove, An Ozark Trails emergency blanket, a Coleman match container with matches and a striker, A 4 pack of Coleman waterproof camp matches, an emergency poncho, and a utensil kit from the new surplus store up the road. Then she came into the bedroom with a MINT large ALICE pack and frame. The surplus store had them for 20 bucks last week during their grand opening and she must have heard me mention one for camping. I was pretty happy. :)



  2. You know those dispensers like at Wal-Mart on the isles where they stock concentrated juice cans? Anyone use those for canned goods at home??? I was just thinking about using them for different canned veggies like corn, green beans, etc. You could even put ravioli and such in them. It would make rotating stock a lot easier it seems.

  3. Ammo is still cheap. I just sold my Tok not that long ago. Surplus ammo costs about 8 cents a round. Awesome guns. They throw one hell of a fireball when shot. lol. Makes everyone around take notice. The lack of holsters, low round capacity, and the fact that I had a bullet come out of it's sheel and lodge in the barrel once are my reasons for selling. I still miss it.

  4. Thank you for the in depth response, all really great info. I guess the reason I am obsessing with a list is because I keep meaning to get started and then never do because I become a bit overwhelmed. If i get 10 concrete things for each list that I can just go out and get. At least I will have those 10 things rather than constantly just trying to figure out what I should get. This way I will have a base that I can start building on. Again, thank you for all the great responses!


    I'm with you on the overwhelmed part. lol. Then, once you get 10 things to buy, which ones do you get? lol. There's 1000 versions of everything and I try to do everything as cheap as I can, but sometimes cheap doesn't work. It's quite the challenge.

  5. I have not read those books either but want to, glad that it helped your wife to be a bit more interested in it. Amateur, i'm basically in your boat but my wife understands why I do it and allows me to pick up things here and there but not to the full extent I would like to. But at least she is understanding of it and for some reason as of late she has been more open to me picking up more stuff...not going to complain! hang in there buddy


    Mine understands and lets me pick up a few things and so on, but is the type that won't get fully involved until something happens. Lol. With the baby coming in March, she's slowly swinging to the prepping side. lol.

  6. Lol. I downloaded the free one to my work computer and will probably buy the one for my pandigital. I've been reading it off and on between calls, (which is hard as there is seldom time between calls) and I'm already on page 105. lol. I started about 10 minutes before my shift was over last night and resumed at 9am CST this morning.

  7. Anyone have tips for starting a garden? I think I'm going to have about a 20x20 area to garden and my wife loves farmers markets and such and home grown tomatoes. So, I'm going to garden this year. I grew up doing a little gardening with my grandpa, but that was a few years back. lol. Any advice will be appreciated.

  8. i cant imagine life w/o a dog in it. my dogs are my kids. theres your answer.


    Exactly. I was day dreaming the other day and i was thinking about zombies or Chinese or whoever attacking and my wife and I having to leave and leaving the dogs in the backyard and it dang near tore me up thinking about it. There's not a lot of room for them to defend themselves with the fence and I couldn't imagine coming back to find them shot or half eaten. There's nowhere that I go when I'm home that my Weimaraner isn't right behind me. He's my boy and I couldn't leave him. Although, he doesn't bark unless there's something worth barking about and he's part ninja in his ability to silently move around.

  9. Hey Homegrown here are some photo's of my Get Me Home Bag...hope this helps you out my friend[ATTACH=CONFIG]476[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]477[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]478[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]479[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]480[/ATTACH]


    AWESOME!!!!! I've been hoping for some pictures of someones bag!!! It's easier for me to understand it if I can see it.