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  1. Flashlight, lighter or a fire making tool, knife some food or energy bars, batteries, I always try to take how far or how much time it'll take for me to get home or a safe place and double it. Old mr. Murphy always comes to visit during times like these


    Valid point. We both have the little LED flashlights from Harbor Freight in our cars. I keep a magnesium fire starter, flashlight, small multi tool, and a Buck knife in my pockets at all times so I didn't count those. I've got a fixed blade in my large pack and I think I've got a decent folding knife I can put in the wifes pack. I guess maybe I need to add a way to cook to hers. I've got a pocket stove in my large pack, but I also have a Coleman camp stove I take camping so the pocket stove could go in my car bag.

  2. So I sold a few 2 way radios that i didn't need and now I've got about $150 in spending money. Most of my simple survival stuff the wife lets me add to the grocery list. A little extra food, med supplies, ammo, etc. I'm trying to get our bags for our vehicles together and don't really know what else to buy. I've got to medium ALICE packs without frames for the cars and my large ALICE pack with frame for camping. I kind of want to have the same things in each bag so I don't have to transfer crap from bag to bag depending on which car or camping trip I'm going to. So, I'm asking for your help. I know, "Don't let someone build your kit for you". I've just gone blank. Help me assemble the bags for the cars. So far I've got:


    1. Emergency blankets

    2. First aid kit

    3. Bottles of water

    4. Poncho

    5. Handgun

    6. Ammo


    What else would you need for say a 5 mile walk if the car goes down on the way home?

  3. Amateur, I went back and did a little more reading. What I'm getting is that it's not only the strengths of the solar flare but the direction. In 2000, the socalled "Bastille" event was a x5 (smaller than the current) and caused fairly significant communications problems.

    Bottom line for me: Better safe than sorry. After all, that is what we're all about here. I just wanted to put the word out in case anybody misses it.

    PS: Sorry about the duplicate posting.


    Solid research. I hadn't paid attention to direction. My bad. :P

  4. Im not familiar with that exact model of camelback, but would it fit inside the inner pouch of the main compartment of your alice pack? Then thread the drinking tube out and attach it to one of the shoulder straps if it does fit. It will cut down on your capacity it the bag itself, but honestly I always ran out of strength to carry more stuff before I ran out of room to carry more stuff when I was infantry and carried a large alice ruck.


    I've been thinking about that. The Camel Bak I've got is nice because of the pockets and compartments it has, but I suppose I could pull the bladder out and throw it into the ALICE if I needed to get out of dodge.

  5. So I've been looking at land alot lately. I'd like atleast 10 acres to start with the ability to purchase more around me as I get the money. I mainly want to use it to camp, hunt, play, etc., but building a house on the land is also a later want. I've always wanted to build a secret room or space underground away from the house accessed via a passageway or tunnel from the basement. Now for the question. Who would you have build it if you want no one to know about it? I'm no construction worker so it'll have to be hired out. A buddy who does dirt work??? A random company? Who?

  6. So I've got a Camel Bak that I bought a couple of years ago to wear while riding my bicycle. Now that I'm getting more into prepping and trying to get home or bug out, I'm not sure how to incorporate the two together. I've got a standard large ALICE pack and a Camel Bak Lobo. Any ideas on how to wear both??? I don't really want to go out and buy a new one.

  7. The vinegar content will keep it from spoiling (like growing moldy) but it will also denature the color. It should be fine. If it has an off-taste, odor or has fuzzy stuff floating in it, toss it out. If I remember right, when i took a plant tour a few years ago, McIlhenny said to use it within 60 months, opened or not, but I can't remember for sure.

  8. Amateur..

    always check every page,some sections are 5 pages long and the best deals are hidden ..


    1st never purchase off an end cap(first page0.2 always look around the entire section(look around )

    JMHO..and yep Im a cheap sob..


    Gotcha. lol.

  9. Wally World was having a sale on bulk Federal ammunition. My father had gifted me a Luger a few years back when he passed away. He was a marine. I never thought about it much till recently when I was doing an inventory of my gun safe and realized I only had about 20 rounds for it. The sale gave me an opportunity to pick up 300 rounds of 9mm Luger at a great price.


    Someone here on the forum mentioned getting ammunition at Wally World at good prices. Thanks!


    I shoot a lot of Federal and Wal-Mart is where I get it. :D

  10. they closed schools here given the april 2011 F5 that really tore the place up and wacked tuscaloos good.


    unfortunately, we are begging to get so accustomed to acting fast and appropriately that they are begging to loose their importance or "the small ones dont seem that bad" syndromem.


    Where in Alabama are you BamaMan??

  11. After talking with my CFO and useing every web site I could find, I finally ordered the Alice Packs..

    2 large OD Alice packs/good condition $17.84..2 alice frames with all the starps and padding..$11.33 each

    1 shelf for the Pack..$8.33 new ..2 ,2 quart canteens OD used.$3.00 each..2.2 QT DESERT CANTEEN COVER WITH STRAPS / ALICE CLIPS NEW....$3.14 each..

    $61.11-10%=$55.00 for everthing ..shiping was $13.00..


    its in budget and we got more than what was planed..but for $68.00 you cant beat it..My CFO is Happy

    Thanks for ALL the great advice you all gave..


    Dang son. 68 bucks for all that is a good deal. I tried to duplicate your pack order and with just 2 packs, 1 frame, and 1 strap set, I was at $83 on the same site.

  12. Looks great..

    Its Stainless Steel so its a keeper..

    NEVER leave home WITHOUT STEEL..JMHO..

    Great find it on the yard sale thread..


    I haven't bought it yet. I wanted to get opinions first. Lol. The reviews I've read aren't real great. They say you can beat the snot out of them and they hold up great, but they don't hold an edge.