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  1. So I'm a terribly cheap person. I'm looking for a pair of binoculars for general purpose use. Hunting, zombies, sitting outside in the dark and spying on the neighborhood, etc. I don't want to spend more than $20. So far after an hour on Craigslist, my 2 choices at $20 are a Nikon Travellite 3 10x25 and a Jason Mercury 1116F 7x35. The Jason set has a better exit pupil number, but the Nikon's use BAK4 prisms and are all around better quality.


    Question 2. While searching for binoculars I came across some night vision monoculars. Again I'm cheap so $100 is probably my limit as I don't need anything terribly expensive. My 2 choices today are a Night Owl NOCX3 3x40 or a Fire Field Nightfall 4x50. Any of you guys have experience with any of my options?

  2. Congratulations! I've found that when it comes to teenage girls and boys, (having raised two daughters to adulthood) giving potential interested parties the "idea" that Dad is a full blown unreptenant sociopath, is NOT a bad ida at all. Seemed to work well for us. Just remember how cute and sweet she is in about twelve years!


    There's a few of us that are going to do the Bad Boys 2 scene when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence act crazy. We're going to take turns as each daughter invites her first boy over. lol.

  3. I have done a few solar system that my company paid a lot more for I beleive the last was about $350 for a 30 watts system, panels , controller with charger and POE injector for a wireless IP bridge but I would love to get more knowledge about broader uses, and I am thinking about getting a HAM license, I guess I need to sit down and figure out the real load and consumption that I would need and do the math.


    A lot of the cb and ham guys around me use similar setups. I don't know what exact brands they use, but I wouldn't hesitate to trythe Harbor Freight one. Hook it to a couple of deep cycle batteries and you'd be pretty much set.

  4. Many of us use so called Smart Phones. With the tons and tons of apps that are available, there must be some good ones out there for preppers. Besides the obvious use of GPS/maps and weather reports, what are some of the apps you have found useful for prepping and planning?


    I have a Droid phone and have downloaded the USMC survival book, US Army survival book, a flashlight, and a "swiss army knife" app that includes a compass, ruler, level, flashlight, and a red/blue emergency light.


    I'm a bit cheap and only download free apps, but that certainly doesn't need to limit the discussion.


    Which swiss army knife app do you have? There's 2 that come up.

  5. That show was terrible. In a real TEOTWAWKI situation they'd all be dead. Lets face it the world is already filled with a-holes who want your stuff, imagine what happens when they really need it? No protection, sleeping on watch, letting people forage by themselves with no overwatch... It made me too angry to keep watching. To much focus on trying to restore things they were familiar with.. power for one and not really surviving. /rant mode over.


    It was a perfect example of what the general public is going to do when TSHTF. Most don't have a game plan and even some that do will be too distraught to follow it. People will band together with friends and family and it will be just as diverse as the show.

  6. The military canteen cup does all that you described. Its stainless steel, unless you get a cheap knockoff by mistake. One way to avoid that is to check it with a magnet to make sure its not alluminum. Plus side for these are they take up no room at all if you have a military one quart canteen, they just slide over the bottom of the canteen.


    Another option Ive seen at sporting goods stores is a round stainless steel cup. This fits on some of the round Nalgene type water bottles, so it takes up no room also if you use that type of canteen.


    Granted neither of these are very large, but for 1 person they should do the trick, and neither should cost you more than 10 dollars.


    Excellent. Thanks.

  7. I could help you with the bracelets sir=)

    I would definitely add some protein bars or other high calorie bar

    I suggest a rayovac roughneck flashlight for under thirty bucks its awesome

    Some extra clothes in case its cold or you get wet

    Extra cordage that can double as footwear laces

    A metal canteen cup that you could cook in

    good pair of work gloves

    Small field binoculars I like the little tasco brand because they are ten bucks

    That's about all I can think of for now. Don't want to overload it too much so that you can go the distance hope it helps


    Good stuff. I need to pick up some binoculars. I saw a pair of Tasco 10x25's in camo at the flea market the other day for $7.50 and I went back the next day to get them and they were gone.

  8. I'm looking for something to cook with and boil water and eat of all in one. I guess stainless steel will do all of the above right? Anyone have a good line on a decent sized stainless steel cup/bowl??? I can't seem to find anything around here for a decent price or thats not a kit and I just want something smaller to fit in my pack.