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  1. I have a few concerns about your choice and purchase did you go to a bow shop to be fitted and have the bow tunned what is the draw poundage on your bow, your draw length. For $100 you could get a cheap "aquaitance bow" or an old bow first a compound bow is not a gun or grandpa's old recurve you do not just pick it up and shoot it if you do you could face disaster take it to an archery store, Cabela's or Bass Pro have them check the bow out Martin Bows have an iffy history. Second have them "fit you" and see if the bow is adaptable to you and has a draw weight exceptable for hunting. Third have them tune it, if it is safe and adaptable to fit you. do not dry fire it the string can explode and do not use wood arrows with it because the arrow can explode. I hunt with bows and competition shoot 3d and have since I was 9. after all that if you have any questions holler


    I bought the bow off a guy that needed some money. We're the same height and size so it's probably close, but yes I'm letting a guy I work with take it home to his wife who is going to go over it with me. Then we're going to go shoot. It had a 29" draw length and a 65# draw weight. I understand the dangers of dry firing and the such. I just didn't know what "accessories" to get that were functional. Thanks for the info though. I did not know that about wood arrows.

  2. see i was hoping to be able to do the same. thing is, if they are changing their ways of doing things it would be a waste of money for me.


    You can still listen to the ham bands. In SHTF situations, thats what you're going to want to listen to anyway. Thats how people keep contact. Cb's and amateur radio.

  3. I didn't see a stringed weapon section, so I'll try it here. I apologize in advance if it's the wrong section. I'm new to bows. I've shot them once or twice before and was actually really good at it, but I know nothing about them. I actually probably won't use one often enough to justify owning one, but then again, there's always that "what if" and I've been thinking about the first 3 days of survival and not giving away my location if I need to bug out and a bow would be a little quieter than my SKS. lol. So based on that I was looking for a compound for under $100 and I bought a Martin Lynx Magnum with a hard case, a few arrows, a release, a quiver, and sights for $100. Seems to be a good bow and this one is in good condition. Are there any tips and suggestions and items I should get/try? I've noticed that you can get accessories for a bow like you can for an AR-15. lol.

  4. model 870 knife. I've looked and read a thousand articles on knives and I went to a Case store and found this one and I like it. It's a tanto blade. It's a little heavy, but I like the weight. Plus it looks cool. I don't specifically need the most expensive, coolest, hardest metal, knife as I never use a knife, but as I'm thinking more about survival and what if, I've picked this one. What do you think?



  5. I'm so lazy. lol. My name is Jason and I live in the Springfield area. I'm into the SHTF stuff and my wife is also, but she's a last minute kind of girl. lol. I've got plenty of weaponry and I've just recently gotten into knives. I've never been a knife guy so I don't know much about them. We keep about a weeks worth of food on hand. We live in a small town just far enough from the city to be ok. The grocery store is 3 blocks away and I'm on the fire department which is also about 3 blocks away so there are plenty of tools at my disposal. I'm a huge cb junkie. lol. I also just recently bought an older compound bow for silent operation. I'll try to do as much reading as I can before I go posting questions, as most that I will have, have probably been asked a million times before. Also, my hobbies change often and my money is sparse, so I may disappear for a month or two, then appear again as I jump from 1 hobby to another. lol. Thanks for the site. I like it already.