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    Terra Nova

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates Fox for canceling good shows. I LOVED Chicago Code.
  2. Amateur

    Terra Nova

    Yes they do. Just watch it.
  3. Amateur

    Terra Nova

    Fox and last night was the finale. See if it's on Hulu.
  4. Amateur

    Over Thinking...........

    Thanks Capt. My initial purpose for getting an EMT-B license was to change employment to allow me to take Firefighter 1 and 2 to become a firefighter. Now, it looks like I may go straight into the EMT-Paramedic course. That'll help a little more with medicine administration. I've thought about keeping some heart medications such as a nitro spray, aspirin, etc as the stress of travel and work during an SHTF situation, along with the SHTF situation itself, could cause a heart attack. There's definitely a lot to consider. I've still got a ton of reading and trial and error to do.
  5. Amateur

    What's in Your Pockets?

    I have my wallet, car keys, cell phone, Harbor Freight LED flashlight, comb, and pocket knife.
  6. Amateur

    Terra Nova

  7. Amateur

    Terra Nova

    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! Going back 85 million years to start over would be awesome!!!! It's a dang good show.
  8. Amateur

    Wal-Mart Online

    Do you guys ever check Wal-Mart online for camping/survival stuff??? Sometimes they have bundled items like this for instance: 2, 5 degree mummy sleeping backs with compression sacks for $40!!!!!! You guys might keep an eye out for this stuff. They're sold separately in the stores, but online they're bundled in 2 packs.
  9. Amateur

    often forgotten

    How about a saw??? I don't think I've seen one mentioned. I like the emergency hand chain saws.
  10. Amateur

    Tasco Binoculars

    I've used a lot of Tasco stuff over the years and it's worked fine for me. I know that some guys talk binoculars like they do guns. If it didn't cost a couple hundred bucks, it ain't worth it. As long as they do what you want them to do, then they're just fine.
  11. Amateur

    Over Thinking...........

    Good call on asking them to save you stuff. I hadn't thought of that. I need to assemble a bag to keep with me.
  12. Amateur

    Weapon(s) of choice?

    Primary: SKS Secondary:H&R Pardner Protector 12 gauge and a Springfield XD9. The wife will have the Remington 597 .22 and the Hi-Point 9mm pistol. Blade/Machete/Baseball Bat/Crow bar, etc: Buck 870 in my pocket, an Mtech USA fixed blade, and my good ol' wooden Louisville Slugger.
  13. Amateur

    Over Thinking...........

    This is stuff I'm sure I'll do while over thinking about whether I grabbed everything or not. lol.
  14. Amateur

    Over Thinking...........

    Lol. Thanks!!! Thats 1 reason I like where I live. The ambulance barn is 3 blocks away and the fire station is another 2 blocks past that. Sam splints are awesome and can be used for a million things it seems.
  15. Amateur

    Over Thinking...........

    I really just need to pick a suggested kit, pack it, and then see what I need or don't need from there. I've really got to start camping and doing more outdoorsy stuff this year. I think I'll make out ok in a SHTF situation, but a little practice can't hurt. My overthinking is mostly directed on what to take, what to pack, and what to leave. I'll probably end up taking too much if the time ever comes.
  16. Amateur

    Surviva/Wildernessl Training

    If no one comes up with a class, Youtube is your friend. Also, go out and just try using the tools. SOmetimes you just gotta figure it out.
  17. Amateur

    Santa is coming!

    It's a "buy what you can before the baby gets here because after that you're screwed" kind of Christmas this year. lol. She put a 300 dollar limit on spending instead of like 20 bucks. I didn't know what to do at first. lol.
  18. Amateur

    Christmas. What Did You Get???

    I should've read that one first. lol.
  19. Since my mine and my wifes parents are both divorced, we get 4 Christmas's. At my mother-n-laws, we do $1 gifts. You buy a $1 gift for everyone there, but don't put any names on them and each person just picks one out of the pile. Yesterday was Christmas at my mother-n-laws. I wasn't these to participate, but I got to open the ones that were left over for me later last night. I just happened to get some useful things. I got a pair of air activated foot warmers, a small Band-Aid brand first aid kit that had 5 band-aids, 2 gauze packs, and 2 medi wipes, and I got a pair of brown jersey gloves. That'll all go into a small BOB for the car. The first aid kit has a little room in it so I'm going to add some Ibprophen, Tylenol, Tums, and some anti-biotic ointment to it. Has anyone else started Christmas yet?
  20. Amateur

    Santa is coming!

    I know for sure my wife got me an H&R Pardner Protector 12 gauge pump. 18 1/2 barrel. I know this because I stood in line on Black Friday at Academy Sports to get it. lol. I don't get to "unwrap" it until Christmas though. I'm sure theres some ammo and a cd or 2 in there too.
  21. Amateur

    I Have Settled On A Buck

    It says CHINA on the blade, but thats about it.
  22. model 870 knife. I've looked and read a thousand articles on knives and I went to a Case store and found this one and I like it. It's a tanto blade. It's a little heavy, but I like the weight. Plus it looks cool. I don't specifically need the most expensive, coolest, hardest metal, knife as I never use a knife, but as I'm thinking more about survival and what if, I've picked this one. What do you think?
  23. Amateur


    Awesome warrior!!!! A vid would be nice!!!
  24. Amateur

    I Have Settled On A Buck

    I completely forgot i had this until i found it last night. It's a no name knife that Oreillys gave us all a few years ago. Seems built decent. It's all stainless. 4 and 1/8 long closed, 7 and 3/8 open, 3 and 1/16 blade. I think I'll sharpen it and carry it around for a while.