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    Post Pics of your EDC

    They're just giving you crap for all of the options you have. We all know that you don't carry it all at once.
  2. Me: SKS + 3 30 round mags, H&R Pardner 12 gauge, Springfield XD9 + 3 16 round mags, and a couple of knives. Wife: Hi-Point C9 + 5 10 round mags, Remington 597 .22 + 3 20 round mags, and ammo.
  3. Amateur

    Best Fixed Blade under $50

    I like that one. I'm thinking about this one too.
  4. Amateur

    Can't believe it happened to me!

    There's one thing I've learned over the years. I always have every tool, but the one I need. lol.
  5. Amateur

    The Colony

    Yes, a lot of it was staged, but so is Man Vs. Wild. It's to give you an understanding of what COULD happen in a disaster situation and I think they portray it quite well.
  6. Ham Radio doesn't exactly rely on elevation as much as it does on repeaters. As long as you can hit a local repeater, you're good.
  7. Amateur

    Iran & OIl

    They probably called each other and planned it. Seeing as how they're probably related anyway. lol.
  8. A 12 volt battery, my Wilson 5000 antenna, and my General Lee CB work just fine for me. Lol. I've also got a Galaxy DX44V hidden at my BOL.
  9. Amateur

    Springfield XD9

    I wasn't real thrilled with the OD Green I saw online until I saw the gun in person and it's not near as green as I thought. I'm probably going to take it out tomorrow.
  10. Amateur

    Iran & OIl

    I vote to resurrect General George S. Patton and let him decide what to do with Iran.
  11. I've got a buddy thats hell bent on this knife as a fixed blade. Anyone have any experience with them?
  12. Amateur

    cattaraugus 225Q WWII Knife

    This is what he told me: The 225q is the heftiest knife I have ever picked up. In fact I own a sword that weighs less. Its made out of 1095 steel, if that doesn't mean much, just recognize that its very strong. I've used it on camping trips to climb trees, cut wood, open cans, hammer tent spikes in the ground, prepare food, and skin a rabbit... though I recommend a much smaller blade if the last is ever required. The one I have is actually my fathers, but he never leaves his house any more so I adopted it to my bag. Hopefully the day comes when I find another in a pawn shop somewhere that they don't think its worth $200...
  13. Amateur

    Terra Nova

    Anyone else watch this??? I'd love to be in that situation!!!! The season finale last night was amazing!!!!!!
  14. Amateur


    Thats why you need to get a bearcat like I mentioned.
  15. Amateur


    Radio reference is awesome if you've got the internet time.
  16. Amateur


    As Snake mentioned in my other thread, I'm going to take my bow to Academy Sports and have them go over it. For 40 bucks they will go through the bow, make sure it's sound, re-check draw length based on my measurements, re-tune it, re-adjust draw weight, check for cracks, check strings and cables, etc. So, I have noticed that you pretty much "build" arrows. Does anyone have an Arrow Building For Dummies rundown??? Lol.
  17. Amateur

    Over Thinking...........

    I know I can't be the only one that over thinks stuff right? I'm a few hours of ambulance ride time and 1 test away from having my EMT-B license and I couldn't tell you where to even start when it comes to assembling a medi kit. Mainly because i over think stuff combined with lack of experience plus most of my training is package and go trauma care. Thats not the only thing I over think on survival topics, but it's the most important one to me. I have/will have food and water. I'm quite proficient with most weapons and I know my home area like the back of my hand. What do you over think on?
  18. Amateur


    Yea, me too. lol. I've got a ton of stuff to do, but not much time. If you're looking to start listening right now while you're online, go to You can listen online for free to your area. I do it while at work.
  19. Amateur

    Solar and Wind Power

    This is a pretty good write-up on a windmill.
  20. Amateur

    Hunting the quiet way!

    Yep. This was my point behind recently buying a bow. Silent kill. The ol' SKS is just a tad loud. Check out the new bow section.
  21. Amateur

    The Colony

    Season 2 is supposedly a LOT better. I never saw season 1, but season 2 had more normal people in it as far as their background.
  22. Amateur


    I second this request!!! Take down weapons are nice for transport. I've been thinking about that now if the travel need be.
  23. Amateur

    Santa is coming!

    So I got some gift cards to Academy Sports last night at my father-n-laws. I'm pretty excited. I'm trying to think of what i want to buy. I've got a lot to buy and not enough money as usual. lol. I need to get off the gun stuff and get some more survival stuff.
  24. Amateur


    Have you checked any out? If you lived closer to me I'd let you borrow a couple to get the idea.