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    CERT Or Other Groups

    So I guess thats a no on you participating in one of these groups?
  2. Amateur

    how not to act.......

    Disregard my posts. I was cranky that day and some of the responses to this thread aggravated me. The only reason open carrying upsets the general public is because it's not very common in todays times.
  3. Amateur


    What gloves do you guys keep for SHTF, camping, backpacking, etc. I didn't see a glove thread and figured good gloves are important in protecting your hands. I've come across a pair of Aqualung Thermocline 3mm Wetsuit Gloves that have Kevlar in the palms, fingers, and backs of the fingertips. They're glued and blind stitched on the seams. Sounds like they'd be quite useful for carrying stuff or working with sharp or dangerous items. I also have a couple of pairs of brown Jersey gloves and a pair of hunting gloves with Thinsulate. What about you???
  4. Amateur

    how not to act.......

    What was the original purpose of this thread? This thread goes from 1 post, posting 1 video of the maybe 5% of open carriers then complaining about it, to a full on attack from the forum in general on open carriers. The only reason people panic when they see someone open carrying is because everyone has gone soft and assumes that law enforcement is thier own personal bodygaurd. Not near enough people open carry anymore, hence the panic. You posted the topic, videos, and comments in the first post with the intent to inflict the resulting posts in this thread about people who open carry, which I am one of, therefore I feel disrespected by the thread as a whole.
  5. Amateur

    how not to act.......

    I think the officer in the first video was being disrespectful and intentionally trying to pick a fight with a guy minding his own business. Name 1 person in modern times that open carries with the intent to do harm. I open carry everywhere here in Missouri. It is legal. I've never been stopped by a LEO and questioned because they know that it is my right and is legal. Most people don't even notice the gun when I'm at Wal-Mart or another similar store. The laws against firearms only work on law abiding citizens. The only questions I get asked are by other citizens who are interested in open carry or just want to know what gun it is. The intended purpose of this thread is disrespectful to those that open carry. I, while open carrying, am no more harm than the guy on the corner by the bank that is giving his partners a size up of the banks security that they are getting ready to rob via the cellphone he is on. That is all.
  6. Great thread!!!! Does anyone have a generic list of what they keep in their bag? I'm going camping in a few weeks (first time in years) and I'm making a list of items that my wife asked for to buy me on occasion.
  7. Amateur

    Lights out by David Crawford

    A friend of mine who works in the radio communication field recommended this book. He's a real down to earth guy and he said it's hands down one of the best books he's ever read. I need to pick it up, but no book store has it.
  8. Amateur

    Sleeping Bags

    All excellent information Rod!!!!!!!!
  9. Amateur

    Sleeping Bags

    So I was at the fire station the other night when one of our new guys came in and was complaining about being broke. He's in the Army. I asked how broke. He said my truck just got repoed broke. I was online looking at the military sleeping bag systems that we've been talking about here. He said, " you know that I'm in the Army right?" I said, "yes". he said, "I've got 3 of those sleep systems and I'm broke." I said, "go get your nicest one and let me look at it." He went and brought one back with the stuff sack and everything. It was in amazing condition. I asked him how much he wanted for it. He said, "make an offer, but I know what they're worth so don't lowball me too much." I had $80.50 in my wallet. I showed it to him. He took the money and left. lol. So I'm now the proud owner of a sleep system from the U.S. Army. lol. And at a price that I can re-sale it and make a little dough if I don't like it.
  10. Amateur

    Sleeping Bags

    Before I buy it, I want to make sure that it is not the best I can buy. I'm not terribly worried about the weight of it. I just want the most for the money. Everytime I get a little cash, I run out and blow it so I'm trying to do the responsible thing and research. lol.
  11. Amateur

    Sleeping Bags

    The new milsurp guy I was talking about has a complete one like in the links above for $125 and it's in dang nice condition. But, they're heavy. I'm a human furnace so I won't need both inserts all the time.
  12. Amateur

    My current BOV keep it or sell it?

    Keep a carburetor handy. Swap it over in the event that an EMP takes out the computer.
  13. Amateur


    Who's watching it tonight on Fox??? I'm pretty excited about it!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Amateur

    Canteen/Cup/Stove...and fuel?

    If you can find a place that sells these, the fuel squares last about 15 minutes. Most sporting goods stores have them.
  15. Amateur

    Armed Response Kit

    I agree with the Urban Survival section placement. An ARK wouldn't do me any good where I live as it's outside the city a ways and I carry 3 16 round loaded mags with me for my carry weapon just in case it gets deep at work.
  16. Amateur

    Springfield XD9

    A buddy needed to sell his XD9 and I was in the market for one so I bought it. It's OD Green. Came with some XD gear, 3 16 round mags, and a lefty Blackhawk Serpa holster. I can't wait to go shoot this week.
  17. Amateur

    Springfield XD9

    When will you hear back on it, tinderwolf?
  18. Amateur

    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    Anywhere from $900-$10,000 in SWMO.
  19. Amateur

    Need some advice

    Rocket stove. I've been meeting with some friends every couple of weeks to discuss survival things and last week was alternative heating. We built a rocket stove. Dang neat deal.
  20. Amateur

    Springfield XD9

    That feel was the biggest issue I had with a Glock. I just can't stand the way the feel in hand. The XD is perfect. I have junk wrists so proper grip angle is important for me. The XD nails it.
  21. Amateur

    An Ammo heads-up for M4 owners!! FYI

    Sweet action!!! Seems like a good enough answer to me desert rat. lol.
  22. Amateur

    What If It Never Happens?

    Pretty cool way of looking at it.
  23. Amateur

    An Ammo heads-up for M4 owners!! FYI

    Lol. It's all good. I'm still learning the differences. This is what the guys from the Army base up the road are telling me.
  24. Amateur

    An Ammo heads-up for M4 owners!! FYI

    Yes they are. It's M855 62 grain manufactured by Federal (probably with Lake City brass). The XM and PD indicate that it was rejected from a military contract run. Plain XM is slightly better, is shipped in 20 round boxes and is generally good ammo with the occasional slight case dent or lack of sealant but mostly perfect. PD ammo is shipped loose and might have some more severe problems and should be examined carefully before firing.
  25. Amateur

    An Ammo heads-up for M4 owners!! FYI

    Here's the response I got from a reliable source when posting this on a local forum: I have seen the green can in Walmart and Academy Sports. It is blem ammo that does not meet true mill spec. You can determine this if the partnumber has an X designation. For example XM855 or XM193. The bullet is the 62g green tip on the cans that I have seen; but you pay more per round for the bulk can ammo than the indevidual box evidently for the can and stipper clips. A little over 40 cent/round from Academy