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    Something that got my wife thinking

    Mine understands and lets me pick up a few things and so on, but is the type that won't get fully involved until something happens. Lol. With the baby coming in March, she's slowly swinging to the prepping side. lol.
  2. Amateur

    Something that got my wife thinking

    My wife has those books and she doesn't care at all for prepping. She doesn't care that I do it, but there's no extra budgeting or agreeing from her. She's like most Americans. It takes a disaster to get her to participate.
  3. Amateur

    Lights out by David Crawford

    Lol. I downloaded the free one to my work computer and will probably buy the one for my pandigital. I've been reading it off and on between calls, (which is hard as there is seldom time between calls) and I'm already on page 105. lol. I started about 10 minutes before my shift was over last night and resumed at 9am CST this morning.
  4. Amateur

    Newb Garden

    I was thinking about trying canning when I started this thread. Rick, you're right. I'll start small and check out her videos.
  5. Amateur

    Newb Garden

    Valid point. lol. I may stick to a smaller area until I get the hang of it.
  6. Amateur

    Lights out by David Crawford

    How many pages is it officially??? I've got 611, Rod says 689, someone else on another forum says 590.
  7. Amateur

    dog or no dog?

    Exactly. I was day dreaming the other day and i was thinking about zombies or Chinese or whoever attacking and my wife and I having to leave and leaving the dogs in the backyard and it dang near tore me up thinking about it. There's not a lot of room for them to defend themselves with the fence and I couldn't imagine coming back to find them shot or half eaten. There's nowhere that I go when I'm home that my Weimaraner isn't right behind me. He's my boy and I couldn't leave him. Although, he doesn't bark unless there's something worth barking about and he's part ninja in his ability to silently move around.
  8. Amateur

    What to get first in bob?

    AWESOME!!!!! I've been hoping for some pictures of someones bag!!! It's easier for me to understand it if I can see it.
  9. Amateur

    Inventory Pics???

    Gotcha. I'll check them out.
  10. Amateur

    Solar and Wind Power

    I hear ya there. I'd be building all kinds of crap if I understood electricity. lol.
  11. Amateur

    Inventory Pics???

    Ah that would probably work. Any links?
  12. Amateur

    Inventory Pics???

    I'm cheap. lol. Yes, spray the bag.
  13. Amateur

    Inventory Pics???

    What about spraying it with water repellent?
  14. Amateur

    Sleeping Pad

    Dang they aren't cheap. You've probably got me on age, maybe on weight. lol.
  15. Amateur

    What's in your vehicle?

    Lol. You don't want to know. 1. Springfield XD9 with an extra magazine 2. General Lee CB with a RK56 mic, frequency counter, and external speaker 3. Various wire strung throughout the back 4. Cresent Wrench 5. Siren Speaker 6. 25ft tow strap 7. Spare tire 8. Screwdriver 9. Blue code3 dash laser 10. Empty camo medium ALICE pack 11. Other odds and ends
  16. Amateur

    Inventory Pics???

    Ok. Thats what I was wondering. I'm just trying to picture it so I know how I want to go about it.
  17. Amateur

    Inventory Pics???

    I guess what I meant was do you use small containers to keep certain supplies together? Like a plastic lunch box to keep water tablets, small cup, food, etc, in, inside your bag?
  18. Amateur

    here is something neat.

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! Zombie gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I'll definitely be watching this thread!!!! Thanks for the good write up Bob!!!!
  20. Amateur

    Should I call ICE????

    I would. Laziness is unacceptable.
  21. Amateur

    Sleeping Pad

    My biggest problem is that I am a side sleeper and the last time I went camping I couldn't sleep because my hips are so bony that it hurts. Plus, I plan on doing some cold weather camping and the extra insulation couldn't hurt.
  22. Amateur

    Alice Pack

    I use one also. Seems comfortable to me. I use the same one as a hiking pack too.
  23. Amateur

    Sleeping Pad

    Dude thats some good info!!!
  24. Amateur

    Sleeping Pad

    The local milsurp guy is getting in the self inflating pads. Anyone ever use these?
  25. Amateur

    CERT Or Other Groups

    Tis true. That also my biggest issue with most training. They set the schedule to work for the majority of people, but I'm never in the majority.