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    Flea Market/Garage Sale Finds

    I picked this up the other day from the flea market. It's a Red Rock Medics bag. It was new. I got it for 10 bucks. I figure it'll work good for a med kit at home or on the road. It's 12 inches long by 10 inches wide by 10ish tall I think. It's got like 8 internal pockets/sleeves along the inner walls. I'm going to try to re-take some pics with my digital camera as my phone camera obviously sucks.
  2. Amateur

    Flea Market/Garage Sale Finds

    Good finds guys!!!! I would've gave 9 buck in a heartbeat for that mess kit.
  3. Lol. They'll come up with anything.
  4. Amateur

    Affordable ALICE for a combat rig-style BOB?

    Jason at Fort Barnes sells mint, used, large packs with frames for $25. The one my wife bought me from there is in the pic below.
  5. Amateur

    Affordable ALICE for a combat rig-style BOB?

    If you can get the molle stuff cheaper, then go that route. You already have the mountain bag so I'd start with that as it's free at the moment. If you need an ALICE pack, Call the number in the link below, tell him what you need, and tell him Jason from Sparta Fire sent you. He'll ship it and it'll be cheaper than what they're going for in your area.
  6. Amateur

    Checklist for BOB's, BOV's and BOL's

    Awesome!!!!!! And yes, I'll take an e-mailed version. You'll have a pm shortly.
  7. Amateur

    Pre-Made Kits

    10-4. I'm going to hit some more flea markets around the area. There's a lot of older military stuff at the ones near Branson.
  8. Amateur

    Pre-Made Kits

    The same booth had an OD green Red Rock U.S. Navy med bag for $10 bucks. I may just grab it and start making my own kit. You'd think that being an EMT I'd know what to put in it, but I really can't think of a good starting list.
  9. Amateur

    Pre-Made Kits

    Try it now.
  10. What did you get??? My wife asked me to make a list of stuff a while back i wanted that she could pick me up from time to time, so I copied a bug out bag list from here and gave it to her. This morning I woke up for work and she was already up getting ready. There was a decorative bag and a card laying on me. I read the card as usual and looked in the bag. There was an Esbit pocket stove, An Ozark Trails emergency blanket, a Coleman match container with matches and a striker, A 4 pack of Coleman waterproof camp matches, an emergency poncho, and a utensil kit from the new surplus store up the road. Then she came into the bedroom with a MINT large ALICE pack and frame. The surplus store had them for 20 bucks last week during their grand opening and she must have heard me mention one for camping. I was pretty happy.
  11. Anyone else doing this? I've been tinkering with a solar trickle charger to charge 2 deep cycle batteries that I keep in my radio room to power my cb and amp. Works pretty good. I've been thinking about picking up 6 big deep cycle batteries and storing them in the crawl space and keeping them charged off the solar charger and building a windmill to turn and alternator/generator off a car to also keep them charged. I live in the Midwest so wind is ever abundant. I saw this on The Colony Season 2 when they built the one on top of the apartment complex to charge their battery bank. I know there's plenty of store bought windmill options, but whats the fun in that? lol.
  12. Amateur

    Valentine's Day Gifts........

    They were. lol. This past Christmas we both splurged because our baby is due next month so no more money for a while. lol.
  13. Amateur

    Valentine's Day Gifts........

    Lol. She's a handful, thats for sure.
  14. Amateur

    CERT Or Other Groups

    Are any of you guys involved in a CERT group or some sort of emergency assistance group? We have a very active CERT department here. They've also started a list of people that can't get around well. It's an assistance list for emergencies to check on people who are disabled or unable to help themselves in an emergency. Any of you guys participate?
  15. Amateur

    Juice Can Dispenser

    You know those dispensers like at Wal-Mart on the isles where they stock concentrated juice cans? Anyone use those for canned goods at home??? I was just thinking about using them for different canned veggies like corn, green beans, etc. You could even put ravioli and such in them. It would make rotating stock a lot easier it seems.
  16. Amateur

    what do you watch

    1. Person Of Interest 2. The Colony 3. Ghost Hunters
  17. Amateur

    first homemade knife!

    Dang good lookin knife!!!
  18. Amateur

    Lights out by David Crawford

    Me too. lol. I just finished the free 611 page one, but I'd like to know the difference between it and the 689 page one. Is it just additions to the end or is the extra reading spread out through the book?
  19. Amateur

    Tokerav 9mm

    Ammo is still cheap. I just sold my Tok not that long ago. Surplus ammo costs about 8 cents a round. Awesome guns. They throw one hell of a fireball when shot. lol. Makes everyone around take notice. The lack of holsters, low round capacity, and the fact that I had a bullet come out of it's sheel and lodge in the barrel once are my reasons for selling. I still miss it.
  20. Amateur

    Tokerav 9mm

    You can convert them piece by piece. The kits are pretty rare anymore. Try here: You might also watch gunbroker, but the last kits I saw were going for $100+. You can pick up a Tokarev 9mm for not much more than that.
  21. Amateur

    Help for a novice.

    I'm with you on the overwhelmed part. lol. Then, once you get 10 things to buy, which ones do you get? lol. There's 1000 versions of everything and I try to do everything as cheap as I can, but sometimes cheap doesn't work. It's quite the challenge.
  22. Amateur

    Sleeping Pad

    Awake, I'd PM you about this, but I figure if it's out in the open then I could save someone else from asking the same question. I've solved the sleeping bag issue for now. I now need to move on to pads. Insulation is important and so is comfort. The hard ground kills me nowadays. What is good at insulating and also comfortable??? All are welcome to answer.
  23. Amateur

    The Grey

    Has anyone seen it yet? Sounds like a good modern day survival movie and Liam Neeson is an excellent actor. I want to see it.
  24. Does anyone have pics of how they pack their BOB? I know I'm overthinking this, but how do you keep certain supplies together such as med supplies, water filtration, etc??? I know you guys don't just throw everything in the bag. There's got to be some organization to it.
  25. Amateur

    Sleeping Bags

    I haven't really seen a discussion specifically for them and I have a question about 1 in particular. There's a new milsurp store near me and the guy has at the moment, 1 of the military bags with the different layers that snap together and zip and it has the gortex outer shell with it. Does anyone know the going rate for these? I don't know the proper name so I haven't had much luck looking online. Is there a better option for sleeping bags or are these pretty good?