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    Fully Armored H1 Hummer

    I want!!!!!!!!!
  2. Amateur

    Mess Kit/Cookware

    I'm looking for something to cook with and boil water and eat of all in one. I guess stainless steel will do all of the above right? Anyone have a good line on a decent sized stainless steel cup/bowl??? I can't seem to find anything around here for a decent price or thats not a kit and I just want something smaller to fit in my pack.
  3. Amateur

    My BOV

    So I sold my 1999 F-250 Superduty due to laziness and lack of funds to keep working on it. In return I bought a 1986 Dodge Ramcharger 4X4. Parts are available and it was CHEAP. I've been driving it for a few weeks and I like it more everyday. I'm currently installing the box off of a Jotto Desk to mount my siren box, light switches, and cb. I think this is a keeper. Here's some pics. My Jotto
  4. Amateur

    Cell Phone Apps for Preppers

    Is the U.S. Army survival guide app by Milodroid? I wanna make sure I'm getting the right one. I got my first smart phone last night.
  5. Amateur

    Mess Kit/Cookware

    Excellent. Thanks.
  6. Amateur


    Good stuff. I need to pick up some binoculars. I saw a pair of Tasco 10x25's in camo at the flea market the other day for $7.50 and I went back the next day to get them and they were gone.
  7. Amateur


    I've also thought about picking up a pair of Life Straws for each bag. There's plenty of ponds and stuff from my work to my house.
  8. Amateur


    I need to pick up a couple of bracelets.
  9. Amateur


    Valid point. We both have the little LED flashlights from Harbor Freight in our cars. I keep a magnesium fire starter, flashlight, small multi tool, and a Buck knife in my pockets at all times so I didn't count those. I've got a fixed blade in my large pack and I think I've got a decent folding knife I can put in the wifes pack. I guess maybe I need to add a way to cook to hers. I've got a pocket stove in my large pack, but I also have a Coleman camp stove I take camping so the pocket stove could go in my car bag.
  10. Amateur

    Flea Market/Garage Sale Finds

    The wife and I hit some flea markets on the way to Branson yesterday and saw a lot of cool military knives and such, but no deals. I did see that someone had Jeremiah Johnson on DVD for 3 bucks. lol. I almost bought it.
  11. Amateur

    High Caliber Decision with Precision

    Lots of good posts and info so far. For the price there's a lot of good choices. I'd go with an AK. Reliable, solid caliber, ammo is abundant, fairly accurate, high capacity, and can be had for $600.
  12. Amateur

    Safe Room/Hideout

    So I've been looking at land alot lately. I'd like atleast 10 acres to start with the ability to purchase more around me as I get the money. I mainly want to use it to camp, hunt, play, etc., but building a house on the land is also a later want. I've always wanted to build a secret room or space underground away from the house accessed via a passageway or tunnel from the basement. Now for the question. Who would you have build it if you want no one to know about it? I'm no construction worker so it'll have to be hired out. A buddy who does dirt work??? A random company? Who?
  13. So I've got a Camel Bak that I bought a couple of years ago to wear while riding my bicycle. Now that I'm getting more into prepping and trying to get home or bug out, I'm not sure how to incorporate the two together. I've got a standard large ALICE pack and a Camel Bak Lobo. Any ideas on how to wear both??? I don't really want to go out and buy a new one.
  14. Solid research. I hadn't paid attention to direction. My bad.
  15. Amateur

    new cub

    I hope all is good in the hood!!!
  16. Nah. The biggest one the sun fired yesterday was an X5.4. The largest on record was in 2003 and it was an X28 and not much happened.
  17. Amateur

    Camel Bak and ALICE Pack

    I've been thinking about that. The Camel Bak I've got is nice because of the pockets and compartments it has, but I suppose I could pull the bladder out and throw it into the ALICE if I needed to get out of dodge.
  18. Amateur

    Dollar Store Preps

    Aldi's. We have those here and man you talk about cheap groceries!!! You can usually buy a flat of canned veggies for a dollar.
  19. Amateur

    My BOV

    Lol. I sold it and bought a P71 Crown Vic. Baby is coming.
  20. Amateur


    The vinegar content will keep it from spoiling (like growing moldy) but it will also denature the color. It should be fine. If it has an off-taste, odor or has fuzzy stuff floating in it, toss it out. If I remember right, when i took a plant tour a few years ago, McIlhenny said to use it within 60 months, opened or not, but I can't remember for sure.
  21. Amateur

    CloseOut Sales

    Good prices on their 3 day assault packs.
  22. Amateur

    I Bought A Tent...

    So I finally got around to going to Academy Sports yesterday. I got $50 in gift cards for Christmas and just hadn't had the time to go by there. I went to look at the Timber Creek Cumberland II. It was just big enough for me, the wife, and maybe the dogs and our gear. Right next to it was the Timber Creek Tellico II. Same style, but a 3 man tent. It is light, has waterproof seams, tub floor, and was only $24.99. Now I plan on camping alot, but I'll probably only get to go 3 times this year. I didn't want to get into an expensive tent if I'm only going to use it a handful of times. So I'll write a review once I've used it a couple of times. Here's the link to the tent.
  23. Amateur


    I was wandering through a flea market the other day and stumbled across a good sized, fairly heavy fixed blade. It said DACOR on it. It's a little rough, but still quite usable. It had what looked like length marks on it. I finally googled them and found a DACOR DKB dive knife that looked exactly like it. I don't really need another fixed blade, but I said that after buying my first gun, 12 guns ago. lol. It looks just like the one in the link below, except without the sheath. What do you guys think??
  24. Amateur

    Alice Pack

    Gotcha. lol.