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    I didn't see a stringed weapon section, so I'll try it here. I apologize in advance if it's the wrong section. I'm new to bows. I've shot them once or twice before and was actually really good at it, but I know nothing about them. I actually probably won't use one often enough to justify owning one, but then again, there's always that "what if" and I've been thinking about the first 3 days of survival and not giving away my location if I need to bug out and a bow would be a little quieter than my SKS. lol. So based on that I was looking for a compound for under $100 and I bought a Martin Lynx Magnum with a hard case, a few arrows, a release, a quiver, and sights for $100. Seems to be a good bow and this one is in good condition. Are there any tips and suggestions and items I should get/try? I've noticed that you can get accessories for a bow like you can for an AR-15. lol.
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    Planning a Meet

    I'd love that!!! Except I'd hate to be the guy that didn't bring enough or the right supplies and have to bum off someone. lol. And I'm sure I'd be that guy.
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    Old thread revival! So I never have done anything with that Lynx I bought. Mainly for the same reason that I haven't been around here. Time. So a few weeks ago I got into the hunting/survival mood again (I'm blaming the cool weather and winter coming) and I decided that I'm going hunting this year. Just so happens a few days ago a left handed 2010 Martin Bengal came up on Craigslist fairly cheap so I bought it. I think it's a good upgrade to the Martin Lynx I have. I work a few blocks away from one of the best archery shops in the area or so my bow hunting friends tell me so i think I'll drop it by and have it fitted to me and do some learning. Here's a pic of the Bengal.
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    Lets Talk Optics

    So I'm a terribly cheap person. I'm looking for a pair of binoculars for general purpose use. Hunting, zombies, sitting outside in the dark and spying on the neighborhood, etc. I don't want to spend more than $20. So far after an hour on Craigslist, my 2 choices at $20 are a Nikon Travellite 3 10x25 and a Jason Mercury 1116F 7x35. The Jason set has a better exit pupil number, but the Nikon's use BAK4 prisms and are all around better quality. Question 2. While searching for binoculars I came across some night vision monoculars. Again I'm cheap so $100 is probably my limit as I don't need anything terribly expensive. My 2 choices today are a Night Owl NOCX3 3x40 or a Fire Field Nightfall 4x50. Any of you guys have experience with any of my options?
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    Lets Talk Optics

    I bought both pair of binoculars. The Nikons are amazing, but the Jason's win the exit pupil battle. Still haven't picked up a night vision monocular yet.
  6. Amateur

    Lets Talk Optics

    Yes. I don't expect it be military grade or Call of Duty type stuff. Just something thats better than natural eyesight.
  7. Amateur

    Man VS. Wild: Bear Is Gone

    Discovery canned Bear Grylls.
  8. Amateur

    Old Supplies

    The other day I guess some of the guys on our fire department were going through an old med bag and throwing away the old supplies in it. They through away a bunch of old 4x4 gauze pads. I've got a feeling I should've had them save them for me. What are your thoughts on old medical supplies???
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    My Future Survivalist

    Lillianna Grace Stephens. She was born at 6:43am on Tuesday March 20th. 7lbs 15.5oz and 20 1/2 inches long.
  10. Amateur

    My Future Survivalist

    There's a few of us that are going to do the Bad Boys 2 scene when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence act crazy. We're going to take turns as each daughter invites her first boy over. lol.
  11. A lot of the cb and ham guys around me use similar setups. I don't know what exact brands they use, but I wouldn't hesitate to trythe Harbor Freight one. Hook it to a couple of deep cycle batteries and you'd be pretty much set.
  12. Amateur

    My Future Survivalist

    Everything is all good on the home front. I could use more sleep, but I wouldn't trade her for anything. Schoeny, I'm not worried about the car. It's the boys that she's going to need to borrow it to go see. lol. I'm loading up on ammo as we speak. lol.
  13. Amateur

    Plain old good fantasy!

    This is a series that has a few different authors, but the Halo series is the best. Of course I'm all about save the world futuristic type stuff.
  14. Amateur

    My Future Survivalist

    Thanks guys!!!
  15. Amateur

    My Future Survivalist

    Thanks everybody!!!! She's got her days and nights mixed up and it's stressful, but that'll change soon. I hope. lol.
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    So I sold a few 2 way radios that i didn't need and now I've got about $150 in spending money. Most of my simple survival stuff the wife lets me add to the grocery list. A little extra food, med supplies, ammo, etc. I'm trying to get our bags for our vehicles together and don't really know what else to buy. I've got to medium ALICE packs without frames for the cars and my large ALICE pack with frame for camping. I kind of want to have the same things in each bag so I don't have to transfer crap from bag to bag depending on which car or camping trip I'm going to. So, I'm asking for your help. I know, "Don't let someone build your kit for you". I've just gone blank. Help me assemble the bags for the cars. So far I've got: 1. Emergency blankets 2. First aid kit 3. Bottles of water 4. Poncho 5. Handgun 6. Ammo What else would you need for say a 5 mile walk if the car goes down on the way home?
  17. Anyone have tips for starting a garden? I think I'm going to have about a 20x20 area to garden and my wife loves farmers markets and such and home grown tomatoes. So, I'm going to garden this year. I grew up doing a little gardening with my grandpa, but that was a few years back. lol. Any advice will be appreciated.
  18. Amateur

    The River

    Anyone else going to watch this tonight? I don't have room to record it on my DVR and I'll be at work so I'm going to miss it.
  19. Amateur

    Annihilator Superhammer

    DUDE. I want one.
  20. Amateur

    Annihilator Superhammer

    Dang it. lol.
  21. Amateur

    Just for Eye Candy....

    Nice job weedeater!!!! I'm pretty sure I have a sub-conscious fascination with space stuff. It's just the thought of whats out there.
  22. Amateur

    Cell Phone Apps for Preppers

    Which swiss army knife app do you have? There's 2 that come up.
  23. I can tell you that the highest weighing items in my pack is my tent and my sleeping bag. I could easily go lighter on both, but the cost to go lighter is high. I'd almost bet that all the stuff in my bag total doesn't weigh what my tent and sleeping bag weigh.
  24. Amateur

    The Colony

    It was a perfect example of what the general public is going to do when TSHTF. Most don't have a game plan and even some that do will be too distraught to follow it. People will band together with friends and family and it will be just as diverse as the show.