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    I agree Capt. A nice Bow Basics thread with pictures would be nice.
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    It's an older model. Search for any of the Bearcat models that look like this one on Craigslist.
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    I bought the bow off a guy that needed some money. We're the same height and size so it's probably close, but yes I'm letting a guy I work with take it home to his wife who is going to go over it with me. Then we're going to go shoot. It had a 29" draw length and a 65# draw weight. I understand the dangers of dry firing and the such. I just didn't know what "accessories" to get that were functional. Thanks for the info though. I did not know that about wood arrows.
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    Hello from SW Missouri

    You win. Lol.
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    Hello from SW Missouri

    I'm so lazy. lol. My name is Jason and I live in the Springfield area. I'm into the SHTF stuff and my wife is also, but she's a last minute kind of girl. lol. I've got plenty of weaponry and I've just recently gotten into knives. I've never been a knife guy so I don't know much about them. We keep about a weeks worth of food on hand. We live in a small town just far enough from the city to be ok. The grocery store is 3 blocks away and I'm on the fire department which is also about 3 blocks away so there are plenty of tools at my disposal. I'm a huge cb junkie. lol. I also just recently bought an older compound bow for silent operation. I'll try to do as much reading as I can before I go posting questions, as most that I will have, have probably been asked a million times before. Also, my hobbies change often and my money is sparse, so I may disappear for a month or two, then appear again as I jump from 1 hobby to another. lol. Thanks for the site. I like it already.
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    You can still listen to the ham bands. In SHTF situations, thats what you're going to want to listen to anyway. Thats how people keep contact. Cb's and amateur radio.
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    The Walking Dead ~ Zombie Talk in General

    I love the show, but I'm glad they finally ended the Sophia debacle. They were dragging that out too far.
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    Survival Movies

    Red Dawn is one of my favorites. Winters Bone was filmed near my house. Surviving the Game is a pretty good movie. I haven't seen Jeremiah Johnson.
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    Hello from SW Missouri

    Lol. I love the snow, but I also love 75 and sunny.
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    They took my guns and my money

    Nevermind. I misread your original post. That sucks to hear though. Thats why I always buy from an individual.
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    It depends on the scanner you have. I keep a Bearcat BC550A handy. It scans most Fire/EMS/Police frequencies, plus I can scan several different Ham bands. I listen to a lot of Ham Nets on my way home from work on most nights.