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    I'm 27 and I have too many hobbies. lol. I'm just finishing my EMT-B course to get my license.
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    Caves, Cars, CB's, Ham Radio, Being Secretive, SHTF stuff, Guns,
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    Product Technical Specialist
  1. Amateur

    firestarters experiment

    I use cotton balls and petroleum jelly.
  2. Amateur

    My House

    There's a couple on Craigslist here for around $100 I thought about picking up. I know I need to insulate above the garage to help retain heat, but I'm burning up a lot of electricity running these electric heaters, plus it's taking away amperage for using tools and such. I figure that even without insulating the ceiling, a barrel stove would produce a ton more heat than the 2 or 3 heaters I use.
  3. Amateur

    firestarters experiment

    Sweet!!! My dad lives in southern Alabama so i may see if he can gather me some.
  4. Amateur

    My House

    How effective are barrel stoves? I do a lot of work in my garage on lightbars and stuff and it's hard to heat it with all of my little electric heaters. I've thought about getting or building a barrel stove to heat my 2 car garage with.
  5. And this is exactly my concern. Center mass would've been a better target. What concerns me is how many criminals, including this fella, will now think that they are invincible or bulletproof and get a little braver on their endeavors?
  6. Amateur

    The Doctors Office Asking Questions?????

    I had the same discussion the other night with my wife after hearing about my friends wife's experience. I told her if anyone asks her to tell them that it's none of their concern and if they don't like that then they can call me.
  7. Amateur

    Flea Market/Garage Sale Finds

    Well done Danm!!!! I picked up a 1lb Coleman fuel cylinder full for $2.50 and a Turner what looks like an LP5 for $10 the other day. Today, I went to a flea market near work that I had forgot was there and picked up an oil lamp full of oil and a good amount of wick left for $16. They had a lot of good stuff there so I'll definitely swing back by tomorrow on my lunch break.
  8. Amateur

    My House

    How much electricity do those pumps need? I could run it off of solar or wind power. couldn't I?
  9. Amateur

    My House

    I like the idea of using it to cook/heat water, etc., but I just really don't have a place to put it. I guess it could go in the back corner of the living room, but that really cuts down on my already cramped living room space and thats also the only good place for the TV. Hmmmmm.
  10. Amateur

    My House

    One of my ex-girlfriends parents used one. I can't remember her dad feeding it more than once or twice a day. It would be the easiest for me due to not really having a place to put a stove indoors.
  11. Amateur

    Alternative Lighting

    Thanks for the info!!!! A guy i work with was just telling me that he thought you can get a valve to fill them with. I may go to the gas station this week and grab a 20lb cylinder. Cool deal!!!!
  12. Amateur

    My House

    I want you guys to help me get my house a little more bad weather/SHTF/off grid/pick your poison ready. It's 8 years old and we've been in it for 7 years. It's all electric. I've been contemplating alternative heat sources not only to help cut costs, but for obvious reasons. I don't really have a good spot to put a pellet stove so I've been thinking about outside heat. Sure it's a pain in the ass to go out in the cold and keep a fire going, but I don't mind. I've got a friend that sells and installs outside water/wood stoves. I've also thought about maybe adding propane just for emergencies. Heat is the most important to me at the moment.
  13. Amateur

    The hopeful bov/new home

    Looks great!!!!!
  14. Amateur

    Alternative Lighting

    I've been thinking about a wind mill of some sort for power. I've got a buddy that deals in those Northstar batteries and i thought about building a system.