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  1. cleatis

    Welding basics

    TIG is also good for stainless steel and with the right set up you can do 1/4 inch stuff no problem.
  2. cleatis


    Came across this, hope it isnt old new to you all but made my mouth water. Its good to see what others have done. Might find an idea or 2 for youself..
  3. cleatis


    They are backing this up with another bill now that gives them the rights to strip citizenship at any time. Cant remeber what bill it is. But yep, we are scr&wed and didnt get kissed.
  4. cleatis

    2012 better than 2011?

    Well, I spend way too much time looking, reading, talking to folks all over the world, and one thing is for sure. EVERYBODY is worried. Yes I think that it will be bad. But then again, I have been wrong before.
  5. So it has happened. The shtf and now all that land you have been farming for all those years is starting to look like a Walmart parking lot on check day. City folk all over trying to start tent cities from one end of the county to the other. Any ideas on how to kepp you and yours safe? You cant shoot them all...
  6. cleatis

    Dealing with the dead

    Good to see at least some are willing to talk about the real bad stuff.
  7. cleatis

    Dealing with the dead

    I pose this question to bring to light a subject that most has not thought of due to the nature of it. In a TEOTWAWKI situation we will be faced, if we last that long, with what to do with the bodies of loved ones or those that had to be delt with. In some cases such as disease, burning may be the only option. And may be the best for all situations. I know some will say those that had to be killed due to rading or what ever should be used as a warning to others. As Mad Max as that sounds it sets up a whole new set of problems and might not be the best idea. So I leave it to you all to post what you think may be best for you in hopes that it may shed light on the subject for me and others here. Thank you.
  8. cleatis

    DO not join anything

    It breaks first rule of OPSEC.
  9. cleatis

    Merry Christmas

    And hope we all see another one.
  10. cleatis

    new flashlight???

    Look up the Redline by Nebo. Compact, 220 lumans on high. LONG battery life. Can pick it up for around 30 bucks.
  11. There is one thing that keeps them from going all out on this. We got guns too.
  12. cleatis


    Thank you for this chance to share and learn.