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  1. Grant H.

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    Count me in. Would love to get my hands on one of these beauties.
  2. Excoastie I agree with you that there are a lot of liberals who do not want to abolish the second amendment but the extreme liberals are the ones that are controlling the media and taking advantage of every "gun violence" incident to push they're socialist views on us. But capt Bart was correct. There are to many problems in government today. First off labels. Who cares if yor a dem or repub that is where most problems start. Just because I lean towards one side or the other on certain viewsxdoesnt mean that I am a bad person because tey happen to be associated with the Republican Party. In fact to be honest my views are considered extreme by both party's. I have family and friends tell me all the time that I am an extremist. When In reality my believes are exactly what capt Bart just wrote out above. The gov should just be there to defend us and take care of a few smaller things. The rest should be left up to the states, the people and the churches. Food stamps and wic should not exist. Each individual state should have their own program or none and let the people of their state take care of those in need. Things like food stamps, aka eBt, and wic are nothing but a drain on the gov and its people but also an excuse for people to be lazy. I deal with food stamps every day of the week through my job and the one thing that I hae learned is that the overwhelming majority of those people on these programs do not need it. They are just on it to have more money to put towards all their other vises and junk. But what does the gov keep doing forcing money into this program every single year putting us further into debt. Now this is just one program of many that are a failed program of the goveremt but because there are so many Americans who "benefit" from this program they don't say anything. Te problem is that te governtn is raising a bunch of lazy people who have to rely on them because they don't know what hard work is that way their socialist coews can be inches forward on a daily basis and the majority of people don't care because it allows them to continue to be lazy. Just my not so humble opinion.
  3. Grant H.

    Santa must be a lurker!

    Bah hahaha. Wish my wife would do that. Congras man.
  4. Okay so started digging around the net a little and found this magazine talked about on a few other forums and iris kinda up in the air where you can grab it. Some folks have had luck at book stores such as Barnes and noble a few at places like target and Kmart. But the one interesting thing I found on a couple of sites is that this magazine is only going to be printed annually. Also if you go to new pioneers Facebook page it shows 75 different magazines they print but American frontiersman is not on their list. So after all of this it is just a crap shoot. Keep looking different places and you might maybe find it.
  5. Grant H.

    Gun grab Part..2..coming soon..

    Rayz couldn't agree more. My wife when we had our daughter started talking about we're not spanking and just doing time outs and talking nicely to our children and I told her no were not. I had too many friends growing up and I many friends today that try that bullsh*t and it just flat out doesnt work. Children need to be held to a high level made to respect their parents and other adults and if they don't a good rear end tanning should be enforced. I also believe, although it will NEVER happen that teachers and or principles should be allowed to spank our children when they are being brats as well. Just my not so humble opinion.
  6. Grant H.

    Just for a good laugh.

    Saw this and just thought me fellow prepping friends would get a good chuckle out of this.
  7. Now that looks like fun and something I'd do Matt. As well it looks like something's wife would make fu of me for wanting to do. Lmao.
  8. Grant H.

    Roll Call

    Well I was on board until I saw that pole dance. Count me out. Come and get me myans.
  9. Lmao thanks snake. I was waiting for your comment on this.
  10. Wife does not like wheat anything, personally I think she just illusions a bad taste in her mind, but I think that being able to have comfort types of foods post shtf is going to be a big part of helping family and friends who are not mentally preparing now cope. So cookies biscuits and gravy homemade bread pancakes ect ect ect.
  11. Grant H.

    Quick questions

    Rayz is correct we would quickly turn into the mindless wordless drones those in gov want us to be. Lmao jk jk jk. The one thing I've learned quickly is that there is no one word answer around this group of fellas. There's 10 different answers or 10 different methods or 10 different ideas. But not a bad idea.
  12. Well I was thinking freeze for at least two days mylar bag and oxy absorb it. Than into 5 gallo buckets?
  13. Well the post tile said it all. Do y'all store flour or not? I have done quite a bit of research and everyone is saying do not store vecause it will not last. So what's your alls verdict?
  14. Grant H.

    Ready made large cache?

    Lmao I have a good buddy who takes his truck off the frame and paints it with tractor paint to prevent rust. Here in mo a bad winter with a lot of salt can cause problems after a few winters.
  15. Grant H.

    Ready made large cache?

    Tractor paint. It's awesome. Holds up to a beating water resistant and not very exp.