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    So what would you do?????

    Um, I may have missed your point - but what you suggest here is already in place. Every time I purchase a firearm from a dealer, I have to fill out the little FBI form. The dealer calls it in and the FBI computers do their buzzing and whirring and clicking and then a validation code comes back stating that I'm of legal age and not DQ'd myself on any of the pertinent categories. As was stated before I got here, I don't want to argue politics in this forum - but you don't sound like a flaming Progressive to me. You sound like an intelligent person with whom I may disagree on a thing or two.
  2. CoMoGlitch

    Survival kit for EDC

    I'd consider this for an EDC kit, but you've got me thinking about how to keep things you don't want seen "in plain sight"...
  3. CoMoGlitch

    So what would you do?????

    ** ensure that the Constitution IS the ONLY guideline. Not "interpretation of a living document" or "international law" to muddy the waters. If it's specific IN the Constitution and/or Amendments, then it's applicable to the federal government. Everything else falls under the 10th - as was intended. ** get rid of all government agencies that do not fall under specific (Constitutional) jurisdiction of the federal government. ** redo taxes. Fair Tax or some sort of consumption is appropriate. And with the first two actions, there really won't need to be a trillion dollars in debt incurred each year. ** eliminate all of the unconstitutional laws that have been passed and not challenged in court. ** outlaw the "general fund" concept in federal finances. EVERY dollar taxed has a purpose for being taken from the taxpayers BEFORE they're taxed - and is used for that purpose only. If it's not needed for that purpose, it is returned to the taxpayers. ** all elected officials are paid the average wage of their constituents. If you're making a crap-load of money in the private sector, you're probably doing something right and we need you to keep doing it. You don't need the incentive of a crap-load more wealth on the backs of taxpayers. ** bring our troops, all of them, back home. We've spent too much time and money trying win the hearts and minds of peoples who, frankly, only want our money, and we're allowing our homeland to be invaded and overrun by a foreign army whose greatest weapon is our own generosity. ** finally, along with above, if there's a military solution NEEDED somewhere in the world, then send the military and let them do their jobs. Billions of dollars are spent every year to make sure we've got the best-trained, best-equipped military on the planet. And then they get hamstrung by politicians who are concerned about Johnny Thumbsucker's vote. If the idea of collateral damage is unacceptable, then a military solution is unacceptable - work it out politically. Keep the politics out of the military missions and the military missions out of the politics.
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    Registered Prepper

    Looks like the big congloms are ahead of us all the way. It appears that if you buy a soybean seed (why? to grow more soybean seeds) and plant it (why? to grow more soybean seeds) and, well, grow more soybean seeds - you're fine. But what if, as a frugal and fiscally responsible steward of what you've invested in (as opposed to purchasing as a pure consumer), you were to save back some of those seeds you'd grown to have MORE next year...? :eek: According to the way the courts and legal system are working, you've just committed a crime. Monsanto seems to own ANYTHING that might look like a soybean seed and saving the seeds that you grew to avoid paying Monsanto for new seeds next year is some sort of patent violation. :confused: And don't mention the FDA trying to shut down the small farms that slide in under their radar, unregulated. Or unreglatable? It's pretty sad when the government (limited by the Constitution, right?) is so big that it wants to pass regulations on natural activity and even the most basic of human rights.:mad::mad:
  5. Funny. I tend to spend about $0.50/hide. I think that's what I pay per hunting round. I mean, if you're gonna test your SHTF skills, why not go all out. I doubt that I'll keep my family in food for long with venison, should we get there, but I'm pretty sure I can get one or two hides into use before the deer become scarce. After that - dang. I'd hate try to cover a tipi with squirrel hides...
  6. CoMoGlitch

    often forgotten

    I would not want to consider this as an acceptable eventuality. Dehydration begins to shut down organs and effect your cognitive abilities long before you'd realize. Along with diarrhea, constipation is a sign of a system that's malfunctioning. I'm not saying don't take relief if you can hump it in your pack, but our society overlooks the importance of being adequately hydrated. Dehydration causes all of your organs to malfunction in odd ways. As fun as it sounds, pay attention to what your body is putting out - it can tell you a LOT.
  7. CoMoGlitch

    often forgotten

    Something that "average joe prepper" may completely miss is that diarrhea isn't just damned uncomfortable to live with - it's dehydrating as all get out. It's horribly hard on your system simply because you are losing liquid that your body needs for some 80% of its functions. As painful as GI distress can be, you can generally survive it. But unchecked diarrhea will seriously tax your ability to obtain, filter, purify and consume potable water.