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  1. wardog

    Military Thread

    USAF k-9 handler 66-70, SEA/Europe.
  2. wardog

    The One Gun

    They recommend snapping the action a few times when reconnecting the TD barrel to align chamber to barrel before firing. I've had no problems with accuracy.
  3. wardog

    The One Gun

    The Ruger 10/22TD is pretty nice, accurate, and multiple choices for mags. I'm considering scoping it for enhancement/flexibility. The Benelli M4 breaks down nicely & would be in my BOB , patterns well $ throws slugs impressively.
  4. wardog

    Kill it. Clean it. Eat it

    "kill it, clean it, cook it, eat it" was the code of honor for many years tromping through the woods and fields. The only thing I couldn't bring myself to "cook and eat" was a woodchuck. What was it about that skinned, and gutted carcass I just couldn't bring myself to carry home for the stove??? Just a damn ugly sight at the time I guess. Perhaps if it was served at someone else's house it would have been more interesting.
  5. wardog

    Plan B?

    Frustrating!! I recently loaded a Vulture II for my #3 which contains medical, BOB tools/550/fire starters/eating impliments, change of clothes, poncho, etc. Really not a lot of one thing but the critical catagory items. This bag now, without adding ammo, water, food, is 40-50 lbs. I figure without carrying extra gas my vehicle will get me approximately 300 miles from ground zero and put me right about three hundred more miles from nowhere. If I have to leave my vehicle - all that BOB will end up staying behind or buried probably not to be seen again. I guess thats a good area to salvage as there will be many other stranded vehicles right around that location. A Malaga is paired down for my #2 with less amount of the critical items. The end result will be having to leave good stuff behind if walking becomes the mode of transportation. I have no alternative solution & the loaded BOB is the best if rescue is available - if it's SHTF, well I know I'll be somewhere between here and 300 miles looking at gator eyes in some swamp.
  6. wardog

    first thing you would buy for a bug out bag

    Rural, a Falkniven. Urban, a firearm.
  7. wardog

    Basic load

    Florida presents limited possibilities in bugging out. Getting off the highways would be met with swimming, crawling, and flying critters all of which either bite or sting. First instinct would be to load the vehicle with all ammo, rifles, shotgun, and several handguns of varying specialties then realizing at best the tank of gas would get me approximately 300 miles w/o refueling - and if no fuel then abandon everything where the vehicle stopped. Three hundred miles still gets you to swamp. I doubt anyone will offer transportation with firearms being exposed so that leaves the armament for pickings. Sure is a feeling of SOL. With the tension mounting in this country over Stand Your Ground brings us pretty close to RWOL in many of our cities.
  8. Ruger 10/22 w/folding stock; Benelli M4 tactical 12 ga; Les Baer Police Special .223./5.56; Kimber Custom Combat Gold .45; and Glock 30SF .45. For spare, I keep the Ruger .22/.22mag single six; S&W mod's 642 and 640 both .38/.357's.