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  1. OK, I admit I am new here and have been addicted for a while, my wife thinks I need to be admitted or committed somewhere. I went out in the woods this morning with a knife, cotton balls w/ vaseline, a magnesium fire starter, a small dry stick from in the shop and tried to start a fire. WOW does the cotton balls and vaseline work well, my problem is that everything is snow covered. How do you find dry stuff to keep it going? I had the old christmas tree and broke some branches off and it took off but quickly died, I looked and looked for dry stuff. I shaved the dry stick but whatever I did it died. I used three cotton balls, then finally gave up and went for a walk. I think if it were a real situation I would have to try harder but for now I froze, it was 14 degrees out. I am sure you have plenty of good advice, keep it coming! Thanks, ed
  2. Just starting out here and would like to purchase a fixed blade knife. I have plenty of pocket knives but am seeing a need for the fixed blade. All of the ones that I think look great are over my budget. What are your thoughts and reasons for choosing the fixed blade you have. What should I look for in a survival knife? I have a fixed blade Gerber skinner/knife for hunting but need something else for survival, and Oh, I would like to be below $50 and where should I start looking? Thanks, Ed
  3. I have a bunch about making your own knives and since i had an new edger blade laying around I cut out a shape that I liked and went to town with a file. It is pretty close to having an edge. Where my confusion comes in is what to do next. Do I need to heat treat or anneal it? I have a gatco knife sharpening kit and tried the coarsest stone and it seems like it is not doing a thing. Do I need to put it in an oven for a while? If I do how long what temp and what am I looking for? After it gets annealed, if that is what it needs, is it ready to sharpen? Also how do some peole get the blade so shiny, not that that is what I want but I am interested for future knives. If I decide to do the mustard treatment is there anything else I need to apply to the blade to prevent rust? Thnaks, Ed
  4. kuzmajr

    Sharpening a homemade knife

    I have been working on a homemade knife from an edger blade and have the shape cut and have been using a file to try and sharpen it, but just cannot get it where I want it. I also have a Gatco Sharpening system but the stones do not seem to make a scratch in the blade. Please help, I do not have a forge only a propane torch. It is pretty easy to file just wanted to make it as sharp as possible. I have tried to baton with it and it is awesome and the edge stayed at the same sharpness it began with. Any ideas?
  5. kuzmajr

    keeping a fire going in snow

    You guys have a lot of great ideas, unfortunately I have not been back out to try them, got switched to night shift and have to watch kids during the day. I would love to take kids out and try this but it is a committment b/c once I get the fire going someone needs to saty by it and their attention span is very short. I will let you know how I make out when I can. Ed
  6. kuzmajr

    Sharpening a homemade knife

    How do go about heat treating without a forge or a set of torches. Could I use a propane torch or put in some hot coals in the fireplace, jsut get it cherry red?
  7. kuzmajr

    keeping a fire going in snow

    A lot of good ideas, cannot wait to get back out and give them a try. I will let you know what happens. Thanks again, Ed
  8. kuzmajr

    keeping a fire going in snow

    Thanks, I kknew you guys would have the answers I was looking for. I will try it out hopefully this week, unless kids wake up early enough from nap, maybe tonight. Ed
  9. kuzmajr

    Best Fixed Blade under $50

    Thanks for all of the replies. I will have to do some checking. I would like something maybe 12" overall length at the most, full tang, decent sheath. I really do not know what stayle just wondering what others are using. Thanks, Ed
  10. kuzmajr

    Where to buy?

    I am looking to buy an ALICE pack, large size with frame. I have been looking at Alleghany Wholesale, any prefernces on places to purchase, where have you had the best luck? There are brand new, slightly used etc. What is the best option. Don't want to break the bank. Just wondering where the best places are to buy this type of stuff. Thanks in advance, ed
  11. kuzmajr

    Where to buy?

    I ended up buying from alleghany wholesale, I got a large pack with frame, a medium pack and butt pack, $60. Thought it was good deal. Wife thinks I am nuts and wants to know if I know something she doesn't know. I have been trying to prepare a BOB and last night I was in the garage trying to make a penny stove. She said she could make a freezer out of 2 ice cubes and a rubberband, I told her to make it. LOL Do you guys get strange looks from your better halves too?
  12. kuzmajr

    Where to buy?

    Looked around and there is no army surplus store, only a army store that sells new stuff. Looked at craigslist and nothing in the cleveland area. Found a lot on ebay, only concern is what am I looking for. When it syays it comes with a frame with shelf is that the same as coming with a frame? Also I see that some have updated shoulder straps, what is updated, and if they are not is that bad? I hope to find a decent deal on one and then be able to sneak more items in with it, like a couple military ponchos, para cord, e tool, etc. Thanks again, Ed
  13. kuzmajr

    Which BOB?

    I have just started viewing and thinking about making a BOB, I am trying to decide on what type of bag, my cousin has a ALICE pack and likes it and my uncle has a Level 3 Lv3 Mobile assault pack back pack and he likes it too. I have tried reading about each and I guess it is a personel preference. Any thoughts? I was thinking the large ALICE pack b/c I have two kids and wife to think about, but the Lv3 pack has the MOLLE attachments and would allow for more options, I think. Also the price of both will not break the bank, (both below $60) need to keep cost down b/c wife thinks I am crazy for doing this, she will thank me later WTSHTF What are your thoughts? Thanks, Ed
  14. I am a nurse and have to wear scrubs, which poses a problem and how to carry a knife. we do have scalpels that I can get to if I need it but would prefer something I could carry at all times. The scrub pants only have a back and side pocket, and if anything like a knife is in it, it will fall out. I was thinking of something I could wear on a lanyard around my neck, any ideas? ed
  15. kuzmajr

    small and compact

    Good point about the lanyard around the neck. Sewing pockets would not be an option, I could look for new scrubs that have pockets. I will be on the lookout for a foldable blade that I can clip to my waist or even possibly put in my sock. Only had a use for one a fe times in the 10 years I worked there but I always feel naked without it. I usually carry a small pocket knife when at home and have a couple in my truck. Thanks for the advice, ed
  16. kuzmajr


    My name is Ed and stumbled on this site, a lot of great info. I cannot wait to get my BOB started, although I ususally do carry a number of the items with me at all times, i need to get them more organized. I look forward to learning a lot from you and hope you do not mind stupid questions. I see that there are some areas that I am in need of re-supplying and others that need to be started from scratch. I love all of the pics and explanations and blogs on how to get started. Thanks, Ed
  17. kuzmajr

    Deer harvests

    Went out bow hunting and got a 6 pointer in early archery and then went out opening day and saw 7 does but had some loud rain gear on was busted.