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    Best Places to Survive

    Preparing is what im urging people to do, and to awaken spiritually as well. Both are necessary. As for mag 7 earthquakes? Japan was a 9 mag earthquake. aceh banda was an 8.9 as well as the earthquake in chili. all 3 of these moved the planet off its axis by so many degrees. Then there's haiti, As well as many other extremely deadly earthquakes in the last 20 years? Much more so than even in the last 200 years. This isnt global warming, although there is a little of that. The magma in the earth is heating up exponentially and causing more radical tectonic plate movement. History teaches us that this is the case every 3600 years. And records in the bible and the kolbrin bible. I do not find my conclusions from fanciful t.v. shows!!! i have studied all this and much more for many years. As well as many thousands of web pages and books to arrive at such understandings. And as i said Wisdom is worth much more than all the knowledge of so called scientist? Would you like monsanto to plant your garden this year,with some ge seeds.And big pharma kills many more people over time than they save. At the cost of billions of taxpayer dollars. Where as most natural cures have not harmed but healed, and had for 100"s of years. Most science is theory, nothing more. The massive object in question does not have to impact with the earth to cause a pole shift. It could be millions of miles away and be dense enough to affect the normal magnetic portals that bind the earth in its orbit with the sun. As they say gravity sucks, its not the strongest force in the universe by far. The universe is electrical and magnetism is far more potent than gravity. The chances of anyone living near costal areas and surviving the ongoing and upcoming catacysms are almost zero! So preparing on high ground about 2000ft in elevation and 200 miles from any coast would be highly advisable. The magnetic north pole has been moving towards siberia at over 50 miles a year. The south magnetic pole has moved even farther and faster. This has been happening more all the time as scientifc observations over the last two hundred years document. Does it require a 10 mag earthquake to tear open the new madrid fault for people to wake up? Well this is what the U.S. government is expecting. and preparing for. So yes urge people to prep and also urge them to study and open their minds. This is no childs fairy tale meant to frighten. It is reality and it is happening now and will get much worse before its over!
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    Best Places to Survive

    Hi, In the phillipines,and indonesia, Thailand and all countrys on or close to the sunda plate there is massive flooding. Yet their governments are not informing them of why or what to do. Yet 1000's are dieing? The governments of the world know mostly what to exspect, they will not inform the comman person. Just keep paying your taxes and going to work,so you can keep funding the massive underground shelters that the elite are building for themselves and their cronies. There are earthquakes and volcanoes happening on unprecedented scales. The worst weather globally in a 100 years at least? But its ok you dont need to be awake, just stay in denial. Its where the powers that be, want you stay. We havnt had this kind of tectonic plate movement on the planet in recent recorded history? Yet i keep hearing people say what the pitiful science of mankind says is possible or is not. Would NASA lie to us? Would the governments lie to us? Any awake spritual minded soul knows they would and they are!!! Time to drop empty philosophys and trust your gut instincts. Its getting bad on planet earth and its going to get alot worse very soon! For whatever reason you'd like to choose, prepare for you and your loved ones, and maybe put a little extra aside for a friend or neighbor.
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    Amrah's Introduction

    Hi All, Just a few lines to let you know a little about me. I am a vietnam era veteran and younger than my age would imply. I like gardening, music,videogames, football. Da bears cause im from Chicago. I study nutrition, geology,astrophsics and theology amongst many others.I am a non denominational christian and believe highly in spirituality. A laptop is like the biggest library at your disposal so use it while you can! I have studied many if not most of the scenarios of a poleshift and Nibiru, as well as the governments of this world and their wars? The why of? Also History is quite illuminating and can tell one what happened many times in the past. I did roofing and rough carpentry for over 20 years, as well as auto mechanic for two years or more.Also i worked on a farm for about 15 years and know alot about raising animals. I am partially prepared and am looking for a good survival communty where i can be of much use to everyone involved. As much as i have tried to awaken friends and family, it seems they will not hear my words. You can lead a horse to water so to speak. Chances are many bad earth changes will begin again this spring, And by that time i hope to be fully involved in a good survival community. While usually the needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few. This time it will be reversed and only the few will survive to rebuild a new world. Light and love to All.
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    Best Places to Survive

    Hi, many of these areas are ok and many of these ideas are ok if they are not in the line of fire? One has to understand how tectonic plates work,and what is affecting them and how. If it is nibiru and a poleshift,then you can exspect hurricane force winds up to 300 miles an hour. during the shift and they will obliterate most above ground shelters and camps, If there are meteors their will be firestorms. The cities will burn most likely anyhow. Tidal waves will reach at least 500 feet high and come inland up to 200 miles. At one point the tidal waves in japan after the earthquake, were said to have reached 180 feet above sea level andf 6 miles inland. the earthquakes during a poleshift would make the 9.0 at japan look small by comparison. Large lakes would slosh out of their boundries up to 15 miles on flat land and sweep everything back into them in a huge mass of mud. Large rivers like the missisippi will change course and flood almost whole states. Especially if there is a new madrid fault earthquake of 8.0 or larger. Then there's the fema camps??? Friend or foe? I think foe overall and well to be avoided like the plague. In case of nuclear war,good to have a shelter underground and away from big cities and army bases and nuclear power stations. Avoid areas with nuclear power stations at all cost! 1 tank of gas away from a big city is nowhere far enough away! Take along an extra 10 gallons of gas and go farther. because everyone who can will at least go a tank away. A metal 25 to 40foot shipping crate buried into the side of a hill about 25ft deep at least is ideal. And water proof would be good. you would need a camoed entrance. if the location is in between two large hills there's protection from the wind and other types of blast that you may be affected by. Survival is not all dependent on survival skills and military training? Good leadership is even more neccessary than these! And wisdom is greater than knowledge. I will put up more post as i have time, good luck to everyone!
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    People or no people

    Hi All, i see alot of post here on preparing for physical survival. And some post on religious thought. But what i dont see is a post on sprituality? The main reason for human life on this planet is to develope spiritual character! As you can take nothing else with you when you leave this world. This requires that one be spiritually awake? And not religious,which is more of a disease when applied incorrectly as it has been on this planet. People kill each other in the name of religion, and steal each others money and goods by telemarketing their churchs and religions. This would not be good to have this deception that is called religion in the aftertime. As you can see the pain and suffering it has brought to the world for thousands of years. But being a spiritual being is to be considerate of all life forms! It is growth in the right direction. Also many say that they will just form groups with their families? Well then genetics in the aftertime will all be inbred. People will kill to steal a young man or woman from another camp. Just to augument their genetic chances. There is no perfect survival group, just an ability to try to make it better. If you do not have love and charity,compassion and forgiveness your group is eventually headed for a downfall. Some wait for a government collapse, some wait for a nuclear war and others for the pole shift caused by Nibiru,aka wormwood,Nemesis. I will tell you all three of these and more will come within a very few years. Its a slowmotion doomsday as far as the earth is concerned,earthquakes,volcanos,bad weather is accellerating every year. The evil that runs the governments of this world is looking to accomplish its one world totalitarian oder. At the cost of billions of lives as you will soon discover. It is imperative to become spiritually awake to understand all these things as they are soon upon you now!