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  1. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    Bought 10 jars of peanut butter.
  2. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    We ordered a stockpile of Tattler reusable canning lids and a pressure canner today.
  3. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    Best Foods?

    My experience with food left in the car is limited, but MREs were a bad idea. They were edible in the sense that we didn't get sick and die, but they were bad. Jerky and meat sticks also not good after even just a couple weeks of hot weather, again the dog and I didn't die trying it, but they were bad. What has worked is crackers, granola bars, and ramen. I'm guessing anything dry will be ok.
  4. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    Show me Your SHTF Coffee Maker?

    That is a cool camping espresso maker, DC Matt!
  5. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    What's on your key chain?

    Keys, kubaton, and a mini led flashlight.
  6. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    Show me Your SHTF Coffee Maker?

    I picked up a stove top espresso pot at a garage sale for $1 a couple weekends ago. Works good enough for me. Add some powdered milk and sugar and good to go. It kind of looks like this one, but I don't know what brand it really is.
  7. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    FEMA Camps II

    Nice article. Covers everything I've seen said about FEMA so far.
  8. Now I'm going to have to find the parrot joke. We have a parrot, fish, and dog. Dog food is just another part of our prepping. She is a part of the family. The fish already has a lifetime supply of food (at least I hope it doesn't last longer than that), and the parrot can eat what we eat. We intend to bug-in unless the nuke plant goes. I'm not sure how taking the bird would work in a bug-out scenario, but with a young son and physical limitations a car is our mode of bugging out anyway, so it could be fine. And as my hubby points out, it may not be an issue as the parrot is kind of our "canary" it that situation anyway.
  9. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    Just surviving isn't enough...

    Great advice! That could be said for present time as well.
  10. Mrs.BacktoBasics


    Good job! They look really good! I will unfortunately be throwing out my tomato and pepper starts. I started them almost 2 months ago so I'd have good size plant starts by now, but I planted them in homemade newspaper pots. I should have tried it in a side by side comparison with the plastic pots I've used successfully in the past. Must be something in the newspaper making them stall out. Only one plant put out leaves after the starter leaves. Oh well.
  11. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    When did you realize you need to Prep? Your awakening moment?

    I grew up on a farm, so my folks didn't call it prepping. It was just what you did. We had a huge garden and an orchard and access to wild berries, and put up what we needed for the year. We butchered a hog, shared a side of beef, and bought chickens from the neighbor up the road. We also traded that neighbor baked goods for eggs. We only went to town for bread stuff and dairy. So when I finally got a yard I put in a garden and started canning. I've tried to look for ways to cut costs by doing as much for myself as possible. Then my folks got another piece of land out in the country with no utilities and that really got me thinking of self sustainability. I stumbled across prepping in just the last year maybe. We'd always had the cars somewhat stocked for emergency and had heard about bug-out bags and thought about putting one together, but hadn't really considered all the possibilities. So now we're trying to figure out hunting and alternative heating among other things. I know there's some controversy over the Prepper's shows, but I think they are getting people thinking. Friends that I would call city slickers (and I mean no harm by that term, my hubby is totally a city boy) have been asking about bug out bags, and "have I ever thought about putting up food", and "you know medical supplies would be really important too". My neighbor flat out asked us if we were preppers while I was filling my pots for my garden this year and then went on about the economy, and had we seen that show. All in the last month or so. Totally took me off guard.
  12. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    What will take out most novice preppers and nimrods

    Holy cow! I am too squeamish for that much stupid, couldn't watch it once the kid pulled out the gun.
  13. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    Long distance survival

    My parents, sister, and grandma are 500 miles away. I'm not too worried about them. If my sis can get to our parents she'll be fine between what they have and what Grandmas got put up. I'd only need to get to them if I needed to bug out. Depending on the situation, it might not be feasible. We keep extra gas in the garage, but we'd have to get through Chicago or go around. I think best bet for me would be to stay where I am.
  14. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    Container Gardening Slugs and other insects don't like it because it cuts them. It's a great natural bug deterrent.
  15. Mrs.BacktoBasics

    And now..giant rats...well, that's just great.

    Wow! Rodents of unusual size... they do exist.