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  1. And we get to tax them, to pay for the welfare. As a sde note: HSBC (a chinese bank) had a building here in Los Angeles. They have taken the sign off it.
  2. This is from the Berkly water filter site: I bought a different one, as Berkley was not selling in California. Now I am going to go look at it's spec's.
  3. Rosemead

    Baofeng programming

    No, It is easier to add frequencys, offsets, and tones thur the computer program than thur the buttons and menu on the front panel.
  4. Rosemead


    Took the wife down today. Our library does it. $110 for the passport people, $25 for the library. There are two different forms: If you have a passport less that 15 years old, then the blue form and you need nothing else. If you have no passport or one over 15 years old, you will need birth certificate and id, and the golden rod form. Takes takes about 10 minutes to apply and about 6 weeks to get.
  5. First you need a power supply, something like this Then some coax, with pl259 connectors, as long as it takes to reach your anttena, like this: And then an antenna. Maybe something like this: You would host this up a pole or tree and run the ends out, but nor touch the ground. As you can see you can easly put $100 into your free CB.
  6. Rosemead

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America

    Is there a rich black community? And its crime rate? Another category I would like to see is political party affiliation and maybe % union involvement.
  7. Rosemead


    Make sure you and dad can text on your phones. Then the next step is amateur radio. I live in earth quake country as well ( Socal). If your in the Orange County area, PM me we can get together.
  8. Rosemead

    Old calibers and their availability.

    Perhaps you should ask what is not available. Been having a difficult time finding 7mm Mauser. A sweet round, a slow burning round, even with the 174 grain bullet in still makes a good womens round. But a $2.50 a round a bit pricey. Last spring there was a flood of 7.62 NATO battle packs in the area (Southern California). Packs where less that $200. It has all dried up. I am buying what I need on line now. But even thats stating to have problem. I ordered 6 box's of 45acp from Ammo-to-Go on the 17th, they stated there was a 7-9 day shipping delay. Ordered some 38 spc the 20th, and the delay is now 14 to 16 business days.
  9. Rosemead

    Turkey: Highway to the Danger Zone

    DW thanks for the response. You have see the news about the Syria shelling, some talk about being pushed into a war? As a side note did you know Ford is importing small vans from Turkey?
  10. Rosemead

    Turkey: Highway to the Danger Zone

    Any signs the civilians are on a war footing? (stock piling/hoarding). How have the prices been and availability? Gas and coffee prices are two items I track.
  11. Rosemead

    Gasoline Shortages??? Went from $4.09 to $4.88 in three days. Also my gas mileage has taken a 20% hit (34 mpg to 25 mpg, for those bug out minded). A TV pundit this morning stated it would be Thanksgiving before returning to "normal" ($4.09 is normal?).
  12. Historical October is the month of financial failures. A large stock market crash, and devalue of the dollar might be big enough to stop the elections. I say might.
  13. Rosemead

    He just loss my vote

    Another aspect of this, is do you really believe the MSM. You know they are going to put it in the worst light with a negative spin. At this point I'm not going to be listening to the chattering class. And what of all the down ticket candidates, do they not deserve your vote.
  14. Rosemead

    Another Gov mess,costly too.

    I think it is great, they should be marched to the boarder and then set free. Certainly don't need and air plane.
  15. Rosemead

    Greetings from North Orange County

    Is that Orange County California? I am down here in Stanton. Good to see you here.