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  1. meddle2243

    using magnesium fire starter

    First find some lint out of the dryer of put some Vaseline on some cotton balls and then scrape some of the magnesium on it and then make the spark. If you are using the lint or the cotton balls you can forget about the step of putting the magnesium on
  2. meddle2243

    Freedom and liberty where are you?

    The USA was declared a battlefield in Jan 1, 2012 and we all let it happen, They don't have to send in the Guard they can send in the Marines, Army, or any other military they feel like
  3. meddle2243

    Realism AR vs. AK

    Long and short their is no comparing the AR to a AK. They are in no way in the same family. First it should be a M16 not the AR. But the M16 was not made to kill. It was made to Mame and to overwhelm the enemy hospitals to the point where they would have to give up. That is why they were 223. When the government saw the gooks weren't giving in to that , they came out with the offset round, A dimple in the back of the round that made it tumble and rip up a body. Made the kill numbers go up real quick. The bleeding hearts in the Government thought that was cruel so they stopped making them. I guess they still don't have them, Not sure if they went back to it or not. The AK is just a all out killing machine, nothing else has to be said. As far as a 300 yard shot, not sure about the AK but the M16 will make it. But again I'm old school, in the woods you can not see 300 yards so I don't have to make the shot. On a personal note, Just for my personal thought at 300 yards away I don't know what someone wants, If I shoot them isn't that murder? If he's 300 yards away I have a lot of time to get away or put any on my things in hiding again just my way of thinking
  4. meddle2243

    Scope for Ruger 10-22

    Mine has a Bushnell scope. I'll get it out and get the numbers off if. But it is a click able scope. Clicks at 25, 50, 75, 100 all the way up to 1000 yards. Mine is set up to 100 yards. Anything between 25 and 100 yards doesn't stand a Chance
  5. meddle2243

    Common Pitfalls of new preppers

    I think one big mistake made by a lot of new preppers is they get their BOB out ready and then take their time on getting other things ready. It's like if their is the least little thing happens their leaving and hitting their BOL. I'm bugging in where I have my shelter, all my food, and all my guns, and then if it gets so bad that they are rounding up people or something like that I will bug out. I'm old and don't really want to spend the rest of my life sleeping under a tarp in the woods and having to eat bugs to stay alive. Low key is the way to go for as long as you can
  6. I watch Dave Canterbury a lot and he has a serise on useing a 20 ga single shot as a black powder. It works well for him.
  7. meddle2243

    healthy eats.

    juzcallmesnake, I was talking about what I typed in the first post. But as we are saying The food last and last. I can take 6 bags of frozen veggies and dehydrate them and then later when needed the wide takes out what she needs and then reseal the bag, soaks them for about 30 minuets in tap water and their just like the day I dehydrated them. If she is going to cook them she puts them in boiling water and it only takes about 5 minuets to rehydrate them.
  8. meddle2243

    healthy eats.

    sorry that should have said " Their might not be as many" their are still plenty
  9. meddle2243

    healthy eats.

    I'm with juzcallmesnake, If I don't eat it right then , then it get's dehydrated. I guess their are some things that can not be dehydrated but I haven't found them yet. I buy the veggies and dry them and put them in mylar bags. If needed I can keep them for about 30 years. Add them to water for about 30 minuets and their just like the day I dried them. Their might not be as vitamins and minerals but you can't tell the difference. I'm setting up a Aquaponic garden this year and hope to grow all my own food. and with the fish in the tank a lot of the meat will be supplied to, now if I could only keep a cow or to in the back yard I would be set
  10. meddle2243

    The Mayans were right!

    Well I guess they were right after all:D
  11. meddle2243

    odds and ends

    Yep, use to play with my grandmothers peddle sewing machine when I was a kid and just loved the way they worked with all the little attachments so I ended up collecting them. Their are hundreds of antique attachments out their and I had to see them work. So I learned to sew. Not making clothes but I can repair them and Can make a pretty mean quilt. Not so much extra boots, I have a couple of different ones I where, Work boots and everyday where and that's about it
  12. That just isn't right Rod.
  13. meddle2243

    Fully Armored H1 Hummer

    Now that's a BOV
  14. meddle2243

    So what would you do?????

    Go back to sleep for another 2 hours
  15. meddle2243

    Gun show today and tomorrow in Atlanta Ga

    Scored at the gun show today, WALTHERS SP22 , going to be a GHB gun