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  1. Has anyone actually read this thing !!! They are now labeling anything with a detachable magazine under this new ban. They specifically name the ruger 10/22 !! I'm sorry if I missed a post where this was discussed already but I am outraged by this . I've spent most of my morning writing emails to congress and elected officials(not sure if that even matters nowadays) and finding different petitions to sign , all I can say is please do the same , we can't let them succeed !
  2. bigmike811

    1911 kit

    all the parts and build it yourself(sorry ishould have explained)
  3. bigmike811

    1911 kit

    has anyone used one of these kits ?
  4. bigmike811

    Long island on fire!!!

    not much to say, for anyone whos heard, a large part of LI is burning out of control, a few miles from my home, i can stand outside and see the smoke pouring into the air...all i can say is this IS NOT THE SCENARIO IVE PREPARED FOR !!
  5. bigmike811

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    mossberg maverick 88 ruger 10-22 9mm high point rifle machete ...............these are my weapons for any scenario, espescially when im goin for zombie kill of the week, lol
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    IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE i would love to list tons of facts of everthing the gov't does that is wrong and unjust to get ppl pumped up and ready to go, give a motivating speach,something....when it comes down to it we all kno theres something wrong happening here,now in front of our faces. what do we do,how do we do it, LITERALLY im asking . I sit back and feel helpless...Gov't controls everything, and for the sheeple the media can tell the masses anything make them think they feel a certain way...this is not an attack on country, I LOVE my country, i fear for it...i wish i had more to say, wish i knew how to do more. ... La resistance;) i had to add some humor in there! i beleive that was a previous post on here,yes
  7. bigmike811

    Freedom and liberty where are you?

    they can and will do whatever they want! its totally F*ed ! ...ever1 agrees but no1 will lead the fight against it!...are we allowed to talk of revolution on here ? (new post idea)
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    my BOB

    i have a paracord bracelet, does the belt look like that ?
  9. bigmike811

    Dealing with Other People

    i hate to b the one but im sorry! i know im a good person, and i do nice things for ppl all the time but if SHTF i dunno , if food becomes scarce and ur not in my inner circle im not gonna b giving anything out !
  10. bigmike811

    my BOB thinkin of a henry for my next one, have u checked out ruger .22 LR, love mine
  11. bigmike811

    my BOB this is just my two cents...when i prepare my stuff /buy my stuff i think about how to not stand out, ex. plain color clothes/boots for my BOB and a plain color for my BOB itself(nothing saying hey look at that guy) if sh!t really went down and you come across some other ppl who happened to not be prepared and they see a guy with ropes and canteens and medical kits,etc. i know someone whos genius plan is to do just that(not a friend, i just know him) rob other ppl. far as ur bag goes looking good i mean u will always think of more stuff u may need, and again this was just food for thought on how not to stand out
  12. bigmike811

    The Mayans were right!

  13. bigmike811


    in my bag i have a nice pair of leather gloves with the kevlar lining inside....local militiary surplus store 10$
  14. bigmike811

    odds and ends

    i remember from home-ec, im always in boots cuz of my job but i always have a pair of waterproof boots for JIC
  15. i keep 00 buckshot loaded in my 12 gauge