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    Have always enjoyed the outdoors and am now educating my young daughter on all the fun that can be had in the woods.
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    Camping, Hiking, Biking, Prepping
  1. Baja Bum

    Best AXE for SHTF?

    Ditto on the Estwing, I have had mine for about a year and would recommend it. Holds a pretty good edge as well.
  2. Baja Bum

    Dealing with Other People

    Kinda like Halloween, when the bowl is empty, the porch light goes off. But seriously, in talking with my neighbors over the neighborhood watch program, I have an idea of who is going to make it, and who will not. I don't mean for that to sound cold and heartless, but that's the way it is. 101matt said it best, "People dont plan, people suffer. Its life and death. Simple and to the point, compassion to those who deserve it." I would rather barter and work together then to just give them provisions, which is only prolonging their eventual demise.
  3. Baja Bum

    Tent recommendations

    REI makes a great tent called the Passage 2 for $150 and the Passage 1 for $120. Full fly coverage on both and they are pretty light to pack.
  4. Baja Bum

    Meat in the freezer

    Ditto on the Food Saver Femvet, one of the best purchases I have made.
  5. Baja Bum

    water filters.

    I have had my MSR Miniworks for 10 years, and it is still pumping out clean water. What makes this filter user friendly is that you can attatch it directly to a Nalgene bottle or a MSR Dromedary bag. This pump also takes out odor and floatys, so if you are going to pump from heavy water (sediment), you will need to clean the filter often. Or just filter the water first thru a bandana or coffee filter if you have time. You will know when to clean it, as it becomes very hard to pump. Cleaning is very easy and maintaining it in the field is a breeze. Word of caution with this filter. If you are going to use it during the winter, be very careful as the ceramic filter/element can crack due to low temps, and they run 40 bucks a piece. Also, when storing it, break it down, clean it and make sure all is dry before putting it away. I would not hesitate a second to buy this filter again if needed.
  6. Baja Bum

    tv survivalist.

    Thanks, and good to hear.
  7. Baja Bum

    tv survivalist.

    I liked The Alaska Experiment as well. Did they cancel Dual Survival?
  8. Baja Bum

    tv survivalist.

    Dual Survival, due to the fact there are two different types of personalities accomplishing the same goal of getting it done. I like Mantracker as well, as I can play along in my mind on how to ditch the horesbacks. Ricksconnected; The show, Mantracker, takes two people and has them work together to get from point A to point B, without getting caught. They get a head start, and try to outsmart the Mantracker and his sidekick, who are on horseback, to get to point B. Very interesting to watch on how some folks, and what they do, to beat the tracker.
  9. Baja Bum

    Solar Flare

    Just wondering if anyone is noticing and disturbance due to the solar flare? I am watching the bowl games and have noticed outages on Direct TV. Not sure about cell interference, haven't used the phone. Could be my slight paranoia, but thought I would ask everyone outside my little corner of the world.
  10. Baja Bum

    Camping Backpack Needed.

    All great advice here. I use a Lowe Alpine Mountain Guide, (internal frame) a top loader similar to Swooopdudes setup. When I use a top loader, I module pack my items making it easier to locate what I need, as there is access from both top and bottom. I have added accessory pouches to the hip belt and there are plenty of lashing points around the pack. I have schlepped 50+ pounds at times (normally about 35-40 pounds) and with the majority of weight resting on my hips, makes it very comfortable for long days on the trail or in the woods.
  11. Baja Bum


    I believe McCain and Carl Levin drafted this bill behind closed doors, with no hearing.
  12. Baja Bum

    Tent Cities

    I have heard of tent cities, and with the economy the way it is, displaced citizens are growing by the day. But with the recent uprising of the occupy protests, tent cities are popping up in metro areas as they attract the homeless and the newly displaced.
  13. Baja Bum

    Ron Paul

    Ron Paul for sure....lobbyist know they can't buy him off.
  14. Baja Bum

    Hello from Minnesota

    Hello everyone. I am currently living in Minnesota and fairly new to the site. In just vistiting, I have obtained some great information and decided to join in hope of passing along some useful tips in return. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the site.