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    pine resins

    Lighter pine or fatwood is abundant where I live. I have 2 stumps approximately 4 foot long and a little more than a foot wide, however we still collect all we find and pit it.on the pile. I have asmall piece.of it.on every vehicle I have for those just incase moments.
  2. the sheep dog

    stuff to take on short term field outings (1-2 days)

    In the area I live in and would most likely be in should such an event taked place we picked up.some.books on local eatables and located several natural springs. Packs contain several common camping items and hennessy hamocks. We go on several weekend kayak trips and a week.long trip in the area every year just enjoying the time and honning skills. The kids never even know.they are learning LOL!
  3. the sheep dog

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    I carry everything in a small tin that I use for making charcloth. Inside is a 3/8 firesteel, Flint and steel, a small pack of welding flints, jute string, fatwood,small BIC lighter, magnifying glass, piece of magnesium , charcloth in a bag, and 4 cotton balls with PJ on them. The kit is small but very effective and has been in use for a couple years. It fits perfectly inside a waterproof Turkey call holder.
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    sup yall from La

    Sup y'all? Been looking and reading the forums and the site in general and decided to noon up. My interstate are vast and ekelptic in nature. Looking forward to learning and passing on useful information.