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  1. MikeE


    Hunker down again Brother. This part of KY is just partly sunny and cold
  2. MikeE

    War with Iran

    Look for it in October, as in "October Surprise". Unless of course O'a-hole can come up with something better
  3. Harvested the first redskin potatoes last weekend. Sugar Peas are all gone but they did pretty well. Just hate to see them die off so soon. They're my favorite. Have been getting cherry tomatoes for a few weeks. Beefsteaks are a couple weeks away. Already cleaned out my romaine lettuces. F'n chipmunks harvested my spring lettuce. Carrots are a week or two away. Have been eating (perpetual bloomer) strawberries off and on for a month. Onions have been about 1/2 consumed. Got my cukes in late and have lost a couple plants to the deer. Laid down some blood meal and haven't had any more losses from deer and poison peanuts have helped with the chipmunks....while I was able to shoot one last year, that must have been a lucky shot. 0 for 2 this year. Little shats are fast. lol
  4. MikeE

    shtf music

    OC: check out this version of Shankill Butchers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIF9U4KDdWg
  5. Agreed JCMS. The history of unions is not indicative of what they have become. One grandfather was a foreman in the Ky and Va coal mines. The other was a railroader. Back in the day they were necessary. Today, not so much. My beef is not so much with the private unions, tho I think they all breed a loosers mentality to some extent. My disgust is with the public unions. Almost all the women in my family are/were teachers, including my wife. While she refused to join the union (Ky is a right to work state) I've been to enough family gatherings and teacher parties to be exposed to their attitude of entitlement. I'd take pleasure in firing the whole damn lot of those worthless folks. ( of course, that would be difficult due to tenuring, which is just another layer of horseshat). IMO, giving any group of people the right to collectively bargin, on the backs of the taxpayers, is immoral. Hell, one of our earlier progressive presidents, FDR, and one of the original union thugs, Jimmy Hofffa, didn't even beliieve in the right of public unions to exist. (of course Hoffa just didn't want the competition)
  6. And the spin on PMSNBC last night was that " it's good for Obama". These "lean forward" progressives are delusional. I can't wait to watch those losers on election night in November. Some of the best entertainment on TV.
  7. Yeah, I've got the M.House singles in the BOBs. I tried a few of them before buying enough for our two 72 hour BOBs. They weren't bad. I'd like to stay as "grey" as possible when buying. Don't want the govt to consider me a hoarder, ya know. LOL. I always use cash when possible but I assume that the Sam's stores don't keep this stuff on hand, forcing one to order on line. I guess I'll add a few more shelves in the basement, and get this project done. Thanks for the info I found a 25 page Augason Foods preparedness manual on the Sam's site and printed it out. I'll be reading that tonight. Hopefully it's general enough with some suggestions (and not just a sales pitch).
  8. And the ironic thing is that everything Scott Walker said he would do, he has done AND IT HAS WORKED! Keep it going Wisconsin. Maybe the rest of the states will learn something. The Public Employee Unions (read: THUGS) must die.
  9. Hi Desert Rat: I just read your post above and I'm curious about the Augason Farms foods. Have you tried them before? I'm wondering how they compare to Mountain House or others. I looked them up on Sam's site and it does seem like they have a good and reasonably priced assortment of products. I need to get off the pot and get some long-term food stored.
  10. MikeE


    The real number, when one adds the unemployed that have stopped looking, is at 10.9%
  11. MikeE

    Crisis in Europe

    Damn Yankees. Hell no, it ain't over. Problem is, now we got bigger fish to fry. But, I'm glad to see that our wonderful edu system here hasn't perverted everyone's view of the war of northern aggression.
  12. Hey Snake and Matt: I have 7 old kitty litter plastic buckets in which I've planted redskins. So far they have done real well but in the last week, the leaves have been under assault. I've been trying to avoid insecticides but I'm starting to wonder if I need to dust them with sevin or something. You guys have any success with anything in particular?
  13. MikeE

    Game on!

    Matt, I have a home that's 5 miles from the NC coast and ICW and a smal river 2 blocks from my house that will take you there. I can provide you a base from which to get started when you make the move. One of these days we'll have to meet up. I drive through your neck of the woods 3-4 times a year on my way down to the coast. If SHTF over the next 3 years, I'm not sure if I'll be in KY or NC when it occurs. After that my wife can retire so we'll be in Carolina for sure. I'll be "looking for" some like-minded folks in the meantime
  14. MikeE

    DIY Tick Repellent

    Thanks Snake. Lost the top layer of skin, about the size of a nickel. Using an antibacterial goo on the 2nd layer of skin, topped by a butterfly. There is still some infection in there, so I'm gonna give it one more day before going to the ER. Taking an oral antibiotic too. Hasn't kicked in much