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  1. Floyd

    Fully Armored H1 Hummer

    X2 I used to work for HUMMER, as far as a BOV, nah. Especially a miltary issue. most GM dealers cannot get H1 parts and forget getting military parts. The GM dealer I was at, every now and the Governer Arnold's would come in, and the only reason he got parts for his HMMVM is he had a "government account" :/ Plus you better be pretty good at wrenchin and have some $ AND spare parts set aside. Most of your parts will have to come direct from AM General in Indianna too, IF they will sell to you as an individual.
  2. Floyd

    self fulfilling prophecy

    Alot of people think because that the end of the Myan calandar happens on 12/21/12 that it's the TEOTWAWKI. My opinion, they just ran out rock to carv and never got around to publishing the next years calandar. Besides, if they were such great fortellers of the future, where did the mention the end of thier race?? Bet they didn't see that comin....
  3. Floyd

    What emergency scenario are you prepping for?!?

    Prepping for the following: Weather related issues ie. tornados, snowed in etc. Short term power failures ( see weather since it's usually the reason power is out in rural TN ) The roaming hoard of lost and scared people ( I guess that loosely qualifies as zombies ) If it's financial collapse, Donald Trump won't have enough $ to survive, therefore I have no chance of having enough $ on hand. If the poles shift, Yellowstone blows it's top, major earthquake, or nuclear assalut / fallout comes my way, my meager bunker ( if I had one ) probably won't be able to survive neather.
  4. Floyd

    dooms day prepers tonight

    Last night was the 1st time I brought myself to watch the show, and, ummm, wow? I saw a few good ideas out there, but overall, about 2 hours was all I could stomach. The lady and her husband with 7 YEARS of food stored?!?! Her quote, "when the SHTF, I'll be the only one who needs to loose 100 pounds" NEWSFLASH! You need to loose 100 # NOW. The lady and her neighbors that are "relying on the good nature of people" and the guy w/ them who thinks he'll be able to slit the marauders throats while they sleep. I appreciate her "moral objections" to firearms, because her house will be the 1st place to go for easy food. And lets not get into "Mrs. Clean" and her Utah sanitarium..... Overall I think the show gives preppers a bad name and trivializes the need to get your stuff together before whatever may come. I doubt I'll be watching next Tuesdays new episodes, but then again, Nat Geo is doing all my easy target recon for me, soooooo. LOL (Just kiddin there folks)
  5. Floyd

    Dealing with the dead

    Glad to be able to brighten your life a little VT... LOL
  6. Floyd

    Dealing with the dead

    Opening the lid to a concrete body dump sounds less apealing than opening up the lid of a septic tank. I nominate Viciostom to open the lid of the body vault. All in favor? AYE! opposed? _____ The Ayes have it. I am sure glad you volunteered for the job Vicioustom.
  7. Floyd

    Back to Basics

    I especially found it interesting what foliage and how close to the home and from what direction the wind blows. Also how they were putting roof beams up. Spending 1 night a week reading the book could commit alot of that info to memory.
  8. Floyd

    Back to Basics

    That is it. My version is vintage 1992 and has a mustard yellow cover w/ hand-drawn pics, but the same book.
  9. Floyd

    The Dream!

    Why do all of these sound like the same plans some movie character evil genius would come up with? ah hell.....all of us are on par with James Bond villians and 'Cobra Commander'....dammit :/ LOL
  10. There is a great Reader's Digest publication called "Back to Basics". I have an older version but looking at the more recent releases the information has not changed much, just a prettier binding. The book is chocked full of just about everything from picking a homesite, how to build a home, fireplaces, heating, wind and solar power, wells, natural refrigeration via spring house, gardening, sanitation, year round harvest, weaving, making rope, metal work, soap and candle making, tanning leather, weaving, even recreational things like simple instuments. Though this book is not the be all - end all of self suffeciency, the information it contains is just what you need to get re-started. If I have to bug out, this book and the Bible are coming with me, in that order...
  11. Floyd

    The Dream!

    An island with 50 cal machine gun turrets at 150 yard intervals, cave entrances on 4 sides, and good soil to grow on. Maybe 200 - 300 people who know thier way around a garden and farm...... aaaaannnnnnnd I call bullstuff on myself. Unlimited funds would mean a few diiferent well stocked locations that would include people who live and farm the surrounding acreage. The last thing I would want to do is to bug out to a unmaintained hole that is overgrown and unliveable.
  12. I have been very fortunate in my ability to wear contacts. My eyes do not fatigue easily by prolonged wearing and even in the dirtiest of enviroments (used to work in a steel fabrication shop) I don't have alot of problems. I am a minority in the contact lens wearer segmant I'm sure. I do however keep a few things in my GHB / BOB: an extra 1 or 2 pairs of lenses w/ solution and overnight case, a pair of glasses (cheap but effective) ,and a pair of non-persription saftey glasses. 1 thing I always remember w/ contacts is this; if I get something in my eye, there are now 2 things in there. 1 I want out and 1 that I want to leave in. A plain jane clear or smoke wrap around style pair of safety glasses are very effective and comfortable. Even if you don't need corrective eye wear, I would suggest getting a pair of saftey glasses in your gear. When the SHTF, is usually flies everywhere....keep it out of your eyes.
  13. Floyd

    Gray or Gone

    When people are asking for my info. I always give bogus phone #'s and email adresses. My favorite phone number to give out, the great 867-5309 and say ask for Jenny. That and there is a gag # one of your buddies probably sent you saying call me at this #, or some spin to make you dial a 603-sumpthin- sumpthin-sumpthin which when dialed goes to a recording that tells you that your name has been added to a venerial disease list. It's just a gag but I think it's great when the guy from the sleep number display at the mall tries to call me up.
  14. Floyd

    when/where are you most vulnerable?

    Most vulnerable; in a crowd. When a crowd spooks it becomes a free for all. You can't stop it or control it. No one is rational and become as scared sheep breaking ranks when running from the wolf. I really don't like large gatherings of people anyways, it's even worse when they panic or get excited ( rock concert, mobbing the field after a big game, going after the last ****** pokemon before Christmas, etc...)
  15. Floyd

    What's your Go-To machete?

    VERY FUNNY! LOL. Guilty as charged. lol dozens of pocket knifes, I carry 1 or 2. Same with my machete. always tempted to get a different one, but just never bring myself to do it. I feel like I'd be cheating on my machete ( is that even possible??? ) LOL