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  1. SEAN

    Hunting the quiet way!

    Regulator - Do you use broadheads or mechanical heads? I would think broadheads are best because you can sharpen them yourself. Do you shoot with a cross bow at all? They shot at 175 pounds...! Some of them are sick. Im already married to my matthews.
  2. SEAN

    Multi-purpose Forge

    Much appreciated guys. Josh did you watch that video I posted about the Brooklyn knives. Its fresh.
  3. SEAN

    My Knife Making Adventures

    How do you harden them?
  4. SEAN

    Multi-purpose Forge

    Josh how do I subscribe to certain postings? So i organize my time better?
  5. SEAN

    Hunting the quiet way!

    Yooooo Regulator good article that came out today. Good Job man... Good Job.
  6. Hey Ricksconnected happy holidays!!! DId you ever find a bag? That website you told me about I got the best first aid kit from it. La Police Gear. Now all I need is a suture kit and im ready for a backwoods hospital. LDS Book is great thanks for reminding me of it. I have it downloaded on my laptop Im going to go tomo to have it printed and bound. Be safe man. Happy Almost New Years...!
  7. I wish someone with some extensive research and knowledge would make a list. 1.) What foods? 2.) Longest Shelf Life. Canned Salmon Spam 3.) How to store. 5 Gallon Buckets w/gamma seal lids Mylar bags Oxygen absorbers 4.) ETC. Please someone make a good list. this is probably the most important part of survival I think. this, bullets and brains...!
  8. SEAN

    Long term food storage

    Living Grey - Is it possible you can make a video? Im sure everyone would appreciate it. Juzcallmesnake - You always have some good shit to say. I would like to see a quick video for the paracord method, Im not an idiot I can figure it out, but I enjoy the idiots how to guides. Ive seen the videos for the melding mylar bags.
  9. SEAN

    Hunting the quiet way!

    Snake - Awesome post man. Thanks. Did you get the name from Escape from NY?
  10. SEAN


    one game in my bob is mancala. houuuuuuuuuuurs of fun. pick up sticks, marbles. my bug out location has a whole closet full of board games.
  11. SEAN

    Hunting the quiet way!

    Holy liver batman... Regulator, thats fucked up man, im sorry your going threw this. I wish you the best of luck. Ive had gator & I love it. Ostrich sucks. Kangaroo sucks as well. Dont coons have rabies?
  12. SEAN


    I love my sling shot. My daughter loves shooting it aswell. Shes really good for 7 year old. We try to shot the crows. I cant remember the brand I have but its a good one, but Ive snapped the tube a few times. I cant buy new pieces and have they wont ship to NYC, and usually have to wait to find one at a gun show in PA. sucks.
  13. SEAN

    Hunting the quiet way!

    Tinderwolf - Im making my sure my dogs come with me on the road incase I need to eat one of them.
  14. SEAN

    Hunting the quiet way!

    I was never into hunting till I bought my bow. But now I have the urge to go hunting for something big. Bear or Caribou. Tuning a bow like the one I have requires some skill set. I haven't been taught how to do everything but I plan on learning. Like Regulator said I rather shop and spend time at a local shop, When I went to Gander mountain its a huge franchise to buy the bow, I told them why I wanted it, ( to prepare for end of times ) they wouldnt sell it to me. They didnt take me serious. Im going to check out Warriors posts. I want to try squirrel. Im a real NYC boy. We have plenty of squirrel.
  15. SEAN

    Hunting the quiet way!

    You were eating squirrel?