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  1. Hoplite3

    Planning the GHB

    Hey Alethia. First let me say...I like the name. The "truth" will set you free. I looked over your list and it's great. Seems to be very lightweight and that's good. Since you're a runner, what do think of ultramarathon packs. They're lightweight and really hug your body, so you can run fast without it moving. You should check it out. I know the area you speak of, and I know it will be very crowded trying to get back home. You will have to be light and fast on your feet.
  2. Hoplite3

    Post your best on-line deals for ammo

    I found a site called SGAmmo.com. They have the 7.62x54R surplus ammo pretty cheap (at least I think so). 880 rounds for $137.00. I haven't found too many places with that price.
  3. Hoplite3

    Best Places to Survive

    I live in northeast FLA. Not my ideal location, but anyway. I'm near 2 Naval bases, an ocean and a river. My only saving grace is that I'm close to the Georgia border, which puts me in southern GA with one tank of gas and northern GA with two. If I get hit by a hurricane, then GA is no problem. Same with EMP or solar flare. Now for more serious scenarios, I've figured that I would want to get as far away from the eastern seaboard as I could. My reasoning is that the population is very high, it's close to the Atlantic and (from what I was able to research online) it has a high concentration of nuclear facilities. I think this reasoning is correct, but am not sure. That would mean a lot of travel which may not be possible. But I guess I would have no choice. My question would be: 1. Is it possible to travel a long distance to a BOL? Also I never really see any postings on waterways for travel. This leads me to my other question: 2. Is it wise to travel my waterway (river) to a BOL if possible? I'm new to the site and am still learning, so please don't get too technical.
  4. Hoplite3

    Survival kit for EDC

    Hey guys. Can you tell me why both the white and black garbage bag? I'm not being critical, I am actually curious. Thanks.
  5. Hoplite3

    Antibiotics, antiseptics, etc.

    I found a good article pertaining to this matter. I don't know if I can post this, but here it is: http://goldismoney2.com/showthread.php?14035-Seven-Antibiotics-to-Stockpile-and-Why It narrows down some good abx. The ones that are listed cover a great deal of bugs (Gram + and -). The great thing is that the author also narrows it down from 7 to 3. It's a very good article and explains a lot. I would like to point out, that just because you have an antibiotic, doesn't mean you know how and when to use them. There is a lot of knowledge behind using abx (that's why there are Infectious Disease doctors). Be safe and research not only your abx, but the microbiology that goes with it. Know which bugs are which and what type of abx is most likely going to fight those bugs. Concerning honey. It's an excellent wound care product. I've used it a lot to care for many nasty wounds. Question for Nurse Amy... What is the benefit of using sugar in the betadine solution? Is betadine by itself enough? This is a great thread!