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  1. Today I completed inventoring my food preps. I designed an Excel spreadsheet in which I entered all of my items. Each item has a size, quantity, and most importantly a "use by" date. Now I can easily sort the database by the use date and see what needs to be replaced or used soon. When you have a larder that can sustain you and your family for many, many months it is quite possible to loose track of everything.
  2. 1. Put away another 25 lbs. each of pinto beans and rice - there was a sale at Krogers. 2. Put away 10 cans of mixed fruit. 3. Put away 5 cans of spam – wife won’t touch it now but I’m betting she'll scarf it down if faced with starvation. 4. Put away 5 pounds of dry pasta - another Krogers sale. 5. Continued conversion of one of my horse run-ins to a chicken coop. Plan to move 4 week old chicks from brooder box I built into new coop in a week. 6. Planned out the garden for planting - but still have to wait that final frost.
  3. Partsman: Excellent recommendation. Have done a little research and believe that a portable propane infrared heater will soon become part of my back-up home heating solution. The heat pump remains my primary source with the propane heater supplemented with the wood fireplace (or stove) would be my secondary/emergency sources. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Capt Rob

    You Tube

    Some of my favorites that I subscribe to are the following: Wranglerstar Yankeeprepper southernprepper1 sigma3survivalschool wildernessoutfitters Bushcraft412 engineer775 homesteadprepper
  5. Capt Rob

    rain water collection

    I have 3 55gallon rain barrels positioned on a platform about 4 feet off the ground. Rainwater from the metal roof fills these barrels. I then pipe the water to a Berkey Imperial Water Purifier. The Berkey has two Black Berkey filters and two PF-2 Flouride filters and can purify up to 5.5 gallons/hour. I've been doing this for nearly four years now and have never had any problems. Here in Central KY there hasn't been a shortage of rain. Plan B to to pull water directly from a fast flowing creek on the property using a hand pump and double Berkey filter the water. In my opinion the Berkey water is much better tasting than the County water and probably safer too.
  6. Last night, while the Mrs and I were enjoying the warmth of the crackling of the wood in the fireplace, I had to go outside and bring in enough wood for a few more hours of blissful comfort. Unfortunately, it was snowing and miserably cold. After getting another adult beverage and resituated in my easy chair I started thinking that it sure would be nice to have a propane gas stove where, with just a push of a button, I get instant enjoyment. I've got a 1000 lb tank out back so hooking up a gas stove shouldn't be difficult. Then the prepper in me came out. If some sort of catastophic event occurred and I couldn't get propane tank refills I would be up the creek. I've got many, many acres of trees so I've got a sustainable fuel source for heating. It just isn't convenient and I'm not getting any younger. So I was thinking maybe someone makes a gas stove insert (or free-standing) that can be easily converted to wood burning. That way I can have my convenience now and still be able to burn wood if the unimaginable happened and civilization as we know it can to an end. Has anyone out there on the Forum heard of a gas stove insert that can also support wood burning? Appreciate any leads.
  7. I've looked everywhere here in central KY and am unable to find anything other than shotgun ammo. I'm trying to find 22 LR and 9mm ammo (any manufacturer) and there is nothing available. I'm getting concerned that something really big is brewing.
  8. When the government starts spouting about removing or curtailing freedoms for the sake of the "children" remember this: "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation. " -Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, Publ. Houghton Miflin, 1943, Page 403
  9. I just finished reviewing the President's plan to reduce gun-related incidents. Whether or not you agree with any part of his plan it concerns me that central to his plan is the protection of children. When the federal government starts spouting about removing or curtailing freedoms for the sake of the "children" it is import to remember this: "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation. " -Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, Publ. Houghton Miflin, 1943, Page 403 Draw your own conclusions.
  10. oregonchick: I just checked and I have 287 books of fiction, 114 reference books, and 36 PDF files (titles, CCL, deeds, passports, etc.) on my Kindle Touch. From the looks of it I think I still have enough memory to just about double that amount.
  11. Texas Bill: Your list of books is great. I've added every one of them to my reading list. These add'l books should keep me occupied for a while. I've been out of touch 'cause Uncle Sam had me out "practicing" many of my survival skills far, far from home. When I upgraded my Kindle to the Kindle Fire I took my older Kindle Touch and put it into a specially built Faraday Cage. The Kindle Touch has copies all of my fiction, non-fiction, and important papers in PDF format. Although I do have hard-copies of many of my books, there are just too many of them to keep as hard-copy. I pray that I never have to confirm that the Faraday Cage worked. And yes, I also have a way to charge it that is also protected in a separate cage. workquick (Terry): Thoughly enjoyed Tough Man, Annie Higgins and A Bunker Christmas. Look forward to reading Oddities. Look forward to a full length novel (600+ pages) some day.
  12. Capt Rob

    Prepper Communities

    jerry: You may want to visit APN's site at Although I haven't checked personally it appears that a majority of the States are covered. Who knows -- your State and local area may be covered.
  13. Capt Rob

    Doomsday Toilet

    Wolfe: Excellent points. I actually learned something today. I'm really glad that I have a septic system on my farm.Thanks a lot.
  14. Capt Rob

    Prepper Communities

    Exit: Although not a prepper community I belong to and participate with the Kentucky Preppers Network (zone 6). KPN is part of the American Preppers Network. We are a bunch of like-minded individuals interested in prepping, survivalism, minimalism, and homesteading. We meet at a public location (normally a restaurant) once a week to discuss various topics. We try to stay gray. None of us are on a first name basis with one another that I'm aware of (we use our avatar names - e.g., Capt Rob, USMC93, Big John); none of us know where the others live; none of us know to what level we are actually prepped. It's a good way for us to exchange information, experiences, ideas and learn about what's happening in our area related to prepper-topics. For example, at the last get-together I learned of a beef farmer who was culling part of his herd due to rising grain prices and was selling beef at $2.80/pound. That was a good deal and it helped me to learn more about canning meat as I "beefed" up my prepper pantry. I'm sure there are risks with meeting face-to-face with one another but the benefits seem to have outweighed the risks so far.
  15. Capt Rob

    Doomsday Toilet

    Dangerwolf: I assume when you refer to being "holed up in a suburban setting" you mean being holed up in a house or office. If that is the case, then I believe that the majority of sewage systems providing sanitary waste removal capability in the US are gravity fed systems. That includes city sewage systems, septic systems, and outhouses. Modern toilets are activated by pouring water (flushing) down them. Therefore, it seems to me that if you have an existing water flushing toilet in your BOL then in a SHTF scenario where you are unable to leave your home or facility all you need to do is manually pour about 2 gallons of water into the bowl and activate the flush. Actually any kind of fluid (rain water, gray water, urine) could be used to flush a toilet. If your suburban setting is more of a rural setting and you have to hole up in a primitive cabin or cave then you may have to depend upon a similar system that NavyVet_77 refers to or the classic 5 gallon bucket and plastic sealable bags.